Moonshiner – Bondurant 
Moonshiner - Bondurant 
9.5Moonshiner Industries Bondurant Review
Flavor Accuracy9.4
Vape Experience9.6
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Bondurant is one of those e-liquids that really sets itself apart from the regular crowd. This is a finely crafted flavour. Let’s see if we can find out a little more from Yan Laflèche from Moonshiner Industries before we review:

60mL Chubby Gorilla V3 – 3mg salt nicotine

Ratio: 75VG / 25PG

Yan, Bondurant is delicious. Congratulations on creating a stellar flavour.

Can you tell us where you got the name?

I got the name from a Moonshiners family’s from the Prohibition era , the Bondurant.

What was your inspiration for this flavour?

My inspiration was the most sold alcohol in the Prohibition era, bourbon and whiskey, but I had to put my personal touch regarding the creamy side of the recipe.

Is the eliquid or flavoring actually steeped in oak barrels?

Regarding the process of the oak barrel, I use a base flavor made by a well-known company, who made the oak barrels aroma themselves. We did not actually use oak barrel ourselves.

That’s a long and complicated process. How do you make sure the steeping creates the same profile every time?

It’s always the same profile every time, since I’m using an already “infused in oak barrel” flavor from the flavor company directly.

Given the required time and effort, is this a limited flavour?

Is it a limited edition or not? I was checking to see the public response over my first subohm salt, The Bondurant and see if I’ll do another batch – or if I’ll go back to the original freebase nicotine as the public demands it. I usually do all my juice in a freebase nicotine, salt subohm is a first for Moonshiner industries. I also launched the salt edition of Stugats and Don Pistacchio for those high Nic lovers.

Will you be at CVE Edmonton?

I hope Ill be in Edmonton vape expo but I’m not sure I’ll can due to personal matters, so I’m really not sure I’ll be able to make it this year sadly. If everything’s ok , I’ll take the plane and I’ll be there.

What’s in the future for Moonshiner Industries?

There is a lot of limited edition planned to come out in 2k19. I’m working on a new “fruity” summer recipe, and y’all know I’m not into fruits but customers are asking for it , so Moonshiner gonna try is best to provide it. Also Some tobacco edition maybe? Who knows?


Moonshiner Industries Bondurant

Disclosure: None, eliquid was purchased for review.

Test Setups: MTL in the Dvarw with an 8 wrap 30 gauge K1 contact coil ohming out to 2.0 ohms – also test DL on a 5 wrap Ni80 fused clapton on a 3mm bit in the KRMA.

Bondurant is stellar e-liquid. The flavor profile is different – refined. Yan’s take on this adult beverage  will definitely catch your attention. In the direct taste, you catch that malted “bite”. It finishes with a soft, creamy back end.

In the vape, you’ll notice the soft sweetness that typifies bourbon. It’s smooth, yet has that prominent corn note. Slight hints of vanilla that sometimes almost switches to caramel. The backend finishes with a creamy, slightly eggy note. Vape it hotter, you’ll get notes of oak. Vape it cooler and the mix sweetens.

Vapor production excellent as it’s a 75/25. Throat hit is smooth with 3mg nic salt and creamy backend. Fairly clear liquid isn’t aggressive on coils or cotton. Lab produced with Canada compliant labels. Batch number, born on and best before dates are all there.

Worthwhile for a change from the norm and worthy of an individual review.

Also got Stugats: Caramel, peanuts and silky cream in salt nic – and Don Pistachio, which is a RY4 type tobacco accentuated by a pistachio cream in both traditional and high mg nic salt .

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