Honest review time: The nexMesh Pro from Wotofo

As some of you probably know OFRF was bought up by Wotofo a little while back. OFRF if you weren’t familiar with them before the merger skyrocketed into the mainstream with their incredible nexMesh based coils and tanks. Since the acquisition, Wotofo has continued their quest to create incredible mesh based products and their latest release is called the nexMesh Pro tank, an evolution of the original nexMesh subohm tank. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one and wanted to share my thoughts on it so here’s a close look at the nexMesh Pro tank from Wotofo.

Package contents:

1 xnexMESH Pro Tank
1 xH15 Mesh & Parallel Coil Combo Head (pre-installed)
1 xH12 Clapton Mesh Coil Head
1 xBubble Glass Tube
1 xAccessory Bag
1 xUser Manual

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:24 x 42.84mm
Tank capacity:4.5ml PCTG/ 6ml Bubble glass(with single coils)
3.5ml/5ml(with dual coils)
Drip tip:810 Delrin Drip tip
Wattage range:50-80W
Filling method:Top fill
Airflow type:bottom adjustable airflow
Colours:Black, SS, Gunmetal, Gold, Blue, Rainbow

Packaging and contents:

The tank comes packed in Wotofos typical black and green packaging with a clear plastic cover over top so you can see the tank inside. In the kit you get the nexMesh Pro tank, a spare bubble glass, a spare coil(one already installed), a user manual and an accessory packet containing a couple of extra o-rings. Not much in the kit but enough to get you started. Wotofo also sent along a couple of packs of coils as well as an RBA unit for the tank so there are lots of accessories available for the tank.

The tank:

The tank really hasn’t departed all that much from the original. I searched around but I couldn’t actually find mine to do a side by side but from the pics I took it’s very near identical. Primarily made of stainless steel it’s listed as 24mm in diameter but there’s a taper around the base so it’s more like 25mm at least with the straight glass it comes equipped with. Attaching the bubble glass which would also increase the capacity from 4.5ml to 6ml would bring the outer diameter to roughly 28mm. The capacity however is also affected by the choice of coil you use with single coils giving you the full 4.5 or 6ml but switching to a dual coil will reduce it to 3.5 and 5ml depending on which glass you have equipped. It stands about the same height at 42.84mm not including the delrin 810 drip tip or the 510 connection.

The 810 delrin drip tip looks very similar to the original with maybe slightly less of a tapered edge. It’s nice and comfortable on the lips and sits above the slide to open top fill port. A small dot on the top edge indicates which side to push on and sliding it open reveals a silicone diaphragm covered fill hole. Just push your tip through the slit and squeeze. It works well with any needle or unicorn tips but blunt tips and glue bottles if anyone still uses them will likely have issues.

Just like it’s predecessor it uses plug and play coils and to access them you simply unscrew the base. It also uses a similar airflow control with three cyclops style slots surrounding the base. I should mention at this point this tank is primarily for the direct lung crowd and cloud chasers, as pretty much all of the coils available for it lean towards such. Even the RBA base which comes as a complete tank base with afc and everything still has the three slots. Maybe they will release an MTL version with graduated airflow but I highly doubt it. So if the tank really hasn’t changed much from the original what does the Pro really have to offer!?

Coils and RBA:

If you haven’t figured it out already the biggest change to the nexMesh Pro tank is the coils. It won’t be compatible with the old coils but the new ones have quite a bit to offer. The new coils are a bit beefier and as mentioned depending on whether you are using a single or dual coil you may lose a bit of capacity but what you can potentially gain could arguably be worth it depending on your preferences of course. The kit comes packed with an H15 single mesh & parallel coil with a resistance of 0.15ohms and a recommended range of 65-80w, that’s essentially two coils in one, a mesh coil and a parallel straight wire coil in one to give the best of both worlds. The other H12 0.2ohm Clapton mesh coil ditches the traditional mesh completely and uses A1 inner wire wrapped in ni80, like a row of little mini claptons. It has a resistance of 0.2ohms and a recommended range of 55-75W.

I normally don’t go into great detail on coil performance as it’s generally a hard thing to quantify and experiences can vastly vary depending on juices used, wattage settings, airflow settings and probably a host of other reasons. I’ve got to say though, with either of these out of the box coils I was absolutely blown away by the output in terms of both flavour and vapour production and I’d have a real hard time picking a winner among the two. I was also fortunate enough to receive a couple extra packs of coils which were the H11 and H13. The H11 are rated at 0.15ohms with a range of 65-78W and the H13s clock in at 0.2ohms with a range of 60-70W. Both use their conical mesh configuration much like the last version of the tank and just as I was last time, I was more than satisfied with the performance of these somewhat mundane coils, at least in comparison to the new ones in the box.

The RBA was also sent along which will let you mount your own single coil in an offset two post rebuildable base. As mentioned above because it uses the same sort of three holed airflow base so it’s not going to be ideal for mouth to lung but you can build a decent single coil direct lung coil for it or use the included dual clapton that comes in the kit. It’s super easy to build but in comparison to the mesh coils the tank comes with unless you’re really adept at building you aren’t going to get nearly the performance from the tank that it does with the disposable coils.


While there wasn’t really a significant update to the tank itself, it’s a pretty well proven design and it still looks sleek and modern. The fact that it supports a whole host of direct lung mesh coils should entice quite a few and a few more with the available RBA section. I was and still am a big fan of the nexMesh coils and this update is just a bit more to love. My only real complaint with the original was a tight top fill slider and with this maybe you could say the fill hole is a bit tight but aside from that the NexMesh Pro tank is a solid all around great performing subohm mesh tank. I’d have no trouble recommending it to direct lung vapers and cloud chasers alike!

How it adds up
Clean lookBuild qualityPerformanceTop fillPlug and play coilsVariety of nexMesh coilsRBA availableIncredible flavourVapour production
Fill hole a bit small
Build Quality9