Honest review time: Nut Ejuice from VapeLocal

Here’s a look at a new line from a company called VapeLocal who I was fortunate enough to meet within Edmonton, however it wasn’t until CVE Toronto that I actually picked any up to review. A gentleman by the name of Sean Rankin who I believe is the man behind the line kindly set me up with a set to review. The entire line is based on nutty flavours so this one will be for the nuts out there. Here are my honest thoughts on Nut Ejuice from VapeLocal.


The juice comes in clear 60ml chubby gorilla style bottles with bright yellow and orange labels. Each one has what looks like tartan or a tablecloth in the background with an image of the flavour dead centre. One thing to note however is they don’t list the flavour or even the name of the flavour, just the pic which works but takes a moment to get used to. All the usual good stuff we like to see in fine print around the sides but not sure they’re entirely compliant with those images on the front. The line comes in an 80vg blend and the set I got was in 3mg. Here’s a shot of the bottles I received:

Nut Ejuice


Testing was done mostly in a Hadaly clone with a three core alien(3×28/36ni80) build from the Canadian Coil makers SaddleHorse Blues, 4/5 wraps on a 2.5mm coming out to 0.28 ohms and running between 35-45w. Using Puff cotton, rda rinsed and rewicked in between. Here’s a shot of a fresh build:

Remember taste is subjective and results will vary! Click titles for links to products!!

Pistachio Cream

Site description: If Pistachios had nipples.

My Thoughts: One thing I’ll note with not just this flavour but the entire line is for a nut based lineup they’re all light enough that you could vape them all day. Pistachio Cream is exactly like what it’s named for a sweet creamy mix of pistachio nuts and cream. Pistachio being an immensely popular flavour this past year I’ve tried quite a few pistachio nut inspired juices and with Pistachio Cream I find I don’t get that slight dusty feel that pistachio flavours can often have. Very smooth without any dryness or anything. Instead I just get a light, sweet mix of delicate pistachio nuts with an equally light and sweet mix of cream. I find I get an almost maraschino cherry kind of sweet taste from it at times, sort of like the cream that accompanies a cherry inside of a chocolate covered cherry which I found really pleasant.  All around super smooth, creamy and tasty, something I’d have no trouble getting down with all day long.

Pistachio Sugar Cookie

Site description: If Pistachios with nipples…ate Sugar cookies.

My Thoughts: So their descriptions are interesting but essentially spot on. Pistachio Sugar Cookie takes that same comforting taste of pistachio and blends it with a nice warm Italian sugar cookie. It’s similar to Pistachio Cream in that it shares the same sweet pistachio nuttiness but loses that sweet almost fruity cream taste in exchange for a warmer spicier back drop. It’s not sharp, dry or biting even despite that little kick of cinnamon cookie as the cream seems to take any sharp edges off. It’s actually very gentle but still full flavoured and with a little more depth then Pistachio Cream with it’s added touch of spice from the cookie. This one is really nice and would do well with folks who enjoy nutty dessert flavours.

Almond Shortbread

Site description: If Mom was an Almond and made shortbread cookies for you.

My Thoughts: This one is really nice and smooth, at least a bit lighter and smoother then the other two if that’s at all possible. It’s got just a very very light nuttiness from the almond and a very light sweetness from the shortbread. It’s a sort of creamy mix of almond and buttery shortbread. Both elements however are light, delicate even but they intertwine really nicely to the point it’s often hard to distinguish the two main elements. Imagine a shortbread that’s sprinkled with toasted slivers of almond and you might get an idea of what this tastes like. I find I mostly get a sweet creamy taste from it with little notes of almond and shortbread really coming through on the tail end. This one is probably the most innocuous of the bunch and would be a great one to try if you’re not sure if you enjoy nutty vapes. Despite being on the mild side it’s still full flavoured and delicious and another one I’d have no trouble vaping all day!!


I really can’t say enough good things about this lineup. If you spend time online at all you’ve probably seen them posted all over social media as they’ve been quite a hit since they’re launch and it’s easy to see why. I was already a fan of nutty dessert flavours and this set just became one of my new favs. If you like nice nutty dessert type flavours like I do then this is the line to check out!! So huge thanks to Sean Rankin and crew for setting me up with these delights, you guys are Nuts!!!