Honest review time: Phoenix and Choco Berry Cow from Sub-Ohm Sauz

Here’s a look at an incredible set of liquids I picked up at the recent CVE from a gentleman named Nick Rauscher. Nick runs a company called Sub-Ohm Sauz out of Edmonton and after trying out his juice at the expo he was kind enough to hook me up with a set to review. The lineup is called Phoenix but he also tossed in a new separate release called Choco Berry Cow so I’ll add that as a little bonus. Here are my honest thoughts on Phoenix and Choco Berry Cow from Sub-Ohm Sauz.


The juices all come in clear 60ml authentic Chubby Gorilla bottles. I believe they are the new v3 bottles which drastically cuts back on the mess so many of us get annoyed with. The labels all have the image of a phoenix on the front all fiery red and yellow with the name of the flavour just below it across the front. All of the usual good stuff we like to see in fine print around the sides and bottom. They’re all 75vg blends and the ones I got were in 3mg. Here’s a shot of the bottles I got:

Phoenix and Choco Berry Cow from Sub-Ohm Sauz


Testing was done mostly in a Hadaly clone with a three core alien(3×28/36ni80) build from the Canadian Coil makers SaddleHorse Blues, 4/5 wraps on a 2.5mm coming out to 0.28 ohms and running between 35-45w. Using Puff cotton, rda rinsed and rewicked in between. Here’s a shot of a fresh build:

Remember taste is subjective and results will vary! Click the titles for links to the products!!

Phoenix Kickass custard

Site description: An incredibly smooth vanilla custard topped with a crunchy layer of pistachios.

My thoughts: This one will definitely appeal to the custard lovers out there. It’s a rich creamy classic vanilla custard that’s warm and comforting but with an extra little dash of pistachio nuts on top. The custard has a fairly strong deep vanilla note to it but it’s super smooth and works well with the hint of pistachio it adds. Pistachio was a hugely popular flavour last year and I’ve tried it in all kinds of blends but I think it works really well in dessert flavours like this. It adds a nice complexity to what would otherwise be a simple and straightforward flavour. The pistachio doesn’t take over though, it just sidles up to the custard and makes friends sort of lingering in the background. It’s a little bit sweet but not sugary or cloying but wicks tend to brown up fast. I’ve always been a fan of custards so this one was a pretty easy win for me. If you like custards and you like nutty flavours then this one would well be worth checking out. It also pairs wonderfully with a morning coffee but I’ve got no trouble with it as an all day vape as well.

Phoenix Bitchin Brulee

Site description: An incredibly smooth vanilla custard covered with a crunchy layer of caramelized sugar.

My thoughts: Here’s another custard from the same line but with a slightly different focus. Rather then a rich creamy vanilla custard with pistachio nuts, this one is more of a light Creme Brulee custard with a nice caramelized brown sugar on top. It somehow comes off just a tad lighter then Kickass despite the often darker deeper notes of brown sugar it adds. It also comes off just a touch smoother without the edge that pistachio can often impart, not that Kickass was really sharp or anything Bitchin Brulee is just lighter and smoother somehow. This one is probably the more traditional of the two, fairly simple in it’s profile but incredibly rich, creamy and delicious. It also might be better suited to custard fans who don’t really like nuts or prefer a slightly lighter profiled custard. Not too thick or eggy and the caramelized sugar doesn’t make it too sweet either. Another fantastic custard that pairs beautifully with my morning coffee and another one I had no trouble keeping on with all day long.

Phoenix Sticky Sinners

Site description: A freshly baked sticky cinnamon roll heaped with cream cheese icing and a little butter.

My thoughts: This one was my surprise favorite of the bunch. As much as I love custards I also enjoy cinnamon sugar flavours which is exactly what Sticky Sinners is. I’m sure by this point I’ve tried dozens of them and can say with confidence that there is a lot of variety to be had with these types of flavours but with Sticky Sinners they manage to tweak it just a bit to be just a little  bit different from the masses. With Sticky Sinners I get the classic sweet and spicy cinnamon roll flavour but I also get a really interesting hint of sweet creamy cream cheese icing. It’s not a super strong cream cheese flavour but I definitely get something on the tail end that reminds me of cream cheese icing melted over the top of some fresh baked cinnamon rolls all doused in butter. It’s one of the best cinnamon roll flavours I’ve tried recently. The balance between the cinnamon and sugar is perfect, it’s not too sweet, not too spicy and just perfect by my standards. The cinnamon which often comes off as dry is nice and smooth with an almost round flavour thanks to the sweet almost syrupy brown sugar this one has. No potpourri dry cinnamon stick flavour with this one, just a nice hint of the classic spice with a dollop of cream cheese icing to kick these rolls up a notch. Any fan of cinnamon sugar flavours would do well to check this one out!!

Choco Berry Cow

Site description: It’s a fantastic chocolate strawberry milk and it will change your mind about vaping chocolate.

My thoughts: I won’t deny it, this one is kind of weird but that’s not to say it isn’t good, just different. It’s a rather odd mix of a thick sweet strawberry milk paired with a smooth creamy chocolate milk. For me the strawberry milk is the more dominant of the two flavours and for the most part it’s what comes out on top in this strawberry chocolate battle for attention. The strawberry milk is nice and thick tasting, a bit sweet and reminds me of that childhood favorite strawberry Nesquik. It’s super smooth and milky with that familiar artificial strawberry flavour. It doesn’t taste like a mouthful of chemicals, it just tastes like that classic treat so many of us would come home to after a long day of school. The chocolate as I mentioned is the lighter of the two elements but still manages to poke through letting you know it’s there. It’s definitely more of a milk chocolate or chocolate milk kind of taste and not a dark chocolate which I appreciate. When I first cracked it open I definitely had some mixed feelings about this one but the more I vaped it the more I came around to it. While it might not make it in to the rotation I appreciated how different this one was and could imagine fans of strawberry or chocolate milk flavours will gulp this one up!


I’ve got to hand it to Nick and Sub-Ohm Sauz for this set. All four of them are incredibly well done and for the most part are exactly the kind of thing I enjoy vaping and reviewing. The Phoenix line in particular won me over and won’t last me much longer! I think any fans of dessert flavours will appreciate this line up as I most certainly did. So huge thanks to Nick for setting me up with some of his fantastic juice!!!