Honest review time: Pico Squeeze 2 with Coral 2

Here’s a new squonk mod recently released from Eleaf that’s a follow up to their Pico Squeeze from two years ago. It’s a very robust little kit that I’ve been having fun with over the past few weeks. There’s some definite improvements over the original with the biggest being that it’s now a regulated device and not just protected. Here are my honest thoughts on the Pico Squeeze 2 from Eleaf.

Package contents:

Pico Squeeze1
Clapton 0.2ohm Coils2
Battery Sleeve1
QC USB Cable1
Spare Parts1
User Manuals2
Avatar AVB 21700 Battery (Optional)1

Listed features and specs:

  • Size: 56mm*28mm*97mm
  • Weight: 227g (without cell)
  • 304g (with Avatar 21700)
  • E-liquid capacity: 8ml
  • Battery type: 21700 / 18650
  • Output wattage: 100W max
  • Output voltage: 0.5V-9V
  • Charging current: 2A max
  • Resistance range:0.05Ω-3.0Ω (VW/Bypass mode)
  • 0.05Ω-1.5Ω (TC-Ni/Ti/SS/M1/M2/M3 mode)
  • Colors: red, black, purple, dazzling, silver

The Pico Squeeze 2 Mod:

The Pico Squeeze 2 shares the same form factor as previous Pico implementations with the offset battery and exposed battery cap. It fires up to 100W with a max output voltage of 9V. The caps threads are nice and smooth and haven’t given me any trouble as of yet. Although it’s not listed I believe it’s mostly made of stainless steel and feels robust even a bit heavy in the hand once the battery is installed. On the left side of the device there’s a metal cover that protects the squeeze bottle and helps keep it in place. It comes with two 8ml silicone bottles(1.5ml more then the original) but only one of them is equipped with a cap so it’s only a replacement and not a spare bottle that you can tote around. It’s easy enough to squeeze through the exposed hole on the protective plate and I can pretty much get two fingers on it without adjusting my grip. One thing about their implementation of the bottle is they use the dip stick method in which a metal tube projects out from the mod and goes in to the bottle instead of the classic rubber tube that’s affixed to the bottle that most others use. We’ve seen it on other devices like the recent Luxotic from Wismec and the GBOX from Geekvape. It does make it super convenient to re-fill since you don’t need to remove the cap but I know a lot of people out there prefer the old rubber tube type setups. Personally it doesn’t bother me in the least. Another thing to note is the bottle has a cap that is offset to help it fit in close against the mod.

It’s available in a multitude of colours like red, black, purple, dazzling and silver. I got the black version which I think looks quite sharp. It has a nice glossy finish but does tend to pickup fingerprints quite easily. At the top as I mentioned it’s got the knurled exposed battery cap that classically made the device a little bit shorter. Now however like the Pico 21700 or the Pico S it supports 21700 batteries as well as 18650s(with the included adapter) which does add a bit of bulk. Also at the top of the device is a 510 connection with what looks like a gold plated center squonk pin, it’s not quite spring loaded but has a bit of springiness/squishiness to it. It’s a bit shallow but the included beauty ring helps hide the gap that even the Coral 2 RDA leaves. I’d like to see a bit more travel with the pin but with the beauty ring and the Coral 2 it works fine, other RDAS could potentially be an issue though. The threads on the 510 connection are nice and smooth and the device will support atomizers up to 25mm without overhang. On the bottom there are the usual CE markings and some vent holes should anything go wrong with the battery.

On the front of the device is the fairly small 0.49″ display but Eleaf doesn’t specify the type on their site, my guess would be OLED. It’s fairly bright but in direct sunlight it does seem a bit dim. Just below the screen is the adjustment button, it’s shaped like a circle with little indents around the edges with the upper half being the + button and the lower being the – and works in a rocker style. It feels sturdy with a nice click to it but I noticed it does sort of rattle if I touch it or shake it. People with bigger fingers might struggle a bit with size of the adjustment button but it works well for me. On the other side of the device it’s pretty much bare save the fire button and micro USB port. The fire button has drastically changed as well as they’ve now relocated it to the back opposite the screen where it used to live on one of the sides. It pretty much makes it thumb fire only which takes a bit of adjusting to but once you’ve get the hang of it it becomes second nature. The mod does have a bit of girth to it so folks with smaller hands may have trouble wrapping their hands around it. Absolutely no rattle with the fire button and it shares the sames round shape as the +/- button with little indents around the edges. Very comfortable on the thumb and I didn’t have any complaints with the fire button myself. The micro USB port supports 2A quick charging but also firmware updates. At last check there weren’t any updates available for the device.

Using the Pico squeeze will feel familiar to anyone who’s used a Pico device in recent times. The screen and menu options are virtually the same as previous Pico devices and even includes a similar light feature that we seen on the Pico S where you can chose a coloured light to shine though the bottle of the device. I tend to turn the lights off on any device but will admit I’ve left the light set to red on this one and it looks pretty cool and it helps see how much liquid is left when it’s a bit dark. Performance wise, I ran it through my basic set of tests and found it to perform quite well in both power mode and using temp control but will leave the in depth testing for the pros out there.

To turn the device on and off it uses 5 clicks of the fire button. To cycle through the various modes you click the fire button 3 times. On the main screen it displays the current resistance, voltage and wattage set as well as a little battery bar. If in TC Mod it displays resistance, wattage, the set temperature, the material selected, C or F as well as the battery bar. The mod includes modes for Power or wattage mode, Bypass mode which just uses power directly from your battery without regulation, TC support for Ni, Ti, SS and 3 mem slots for TCR. If you’re in a TC mode 4 clicks of the fire button allows you to adjust the wattage instead of temperature. From any mode pressing and holding + and fire brings you in to the sub-menu. The options will vary slightly depending on the mode you are in.

  • If you’re in power mode, the sub-menu options include SubParams(what I’m calling it), Stealth mode, Preheat, Logo, LED, Version and Battery.
  • If in a TC mode, the sub-menu will include Lock/unlock resistance, SubParams, Stealth mode, Logo, LED, Version and Battery.
  • If in TCR mode the sub-menu will include Lock/unlock resistance, SubParams, M1-3 settings, Stealth mode, Logo, LED, Version and Battery.

The SubParams menu keeps track of your puff count, puff time and Volts only on the live screen. Whatever is selected last will display on the main screen to the right of your resistance. Stealth mode lets you keep the screen off while firing. Preheat lets you set a power level and duration for a preheat before firing at the set wattage. You can set a power level and a max of 2 seconds duration for the pre-heat. M1-3 lets you setup your TCR values. Logo will let you turn on and off a logo that can be manually loaded using the firmware updated software. LED let’s you select the colour of the LED that shines through the back or shut it off completely. Version shows the current hardware and firmware versions while battery gives a more precise reading of the battery then the bar on the live screen does.

The RDA:

The kit comes with the Coral 2 RDA a completely redesigned squonk ready dripper. It’s a 24mm stainless steel squonking atomizer that was designed to accompany the Pico Squeeze 2 and comes with a knurled beauty ring to match up with the knurling on the battery cap and fill out the top of the device. A chunky resin 810 wide bore drip tip tops it off. The original Coral RDA was a two post dual coil RDA but the new Coral 2 is a fairly unique single coil RDA, still two post but completely different from it’s predecessor. The posts on it are offset to one side and are angled upward facing the single airflow slot which cuts right through a chunky rounded metal block which occupies a good portion of the chamber. Ideally it should assist with reducing space in the chamber and concentrating flavour as well as helping to prevent any leaking even when tilted down toward the single airflow slot. You mount your coil on an angle which juts out towards the slot. The airflow is adjustable by turning the top cap to adjust the size of the wide cyclops style slot. It’s super easy to build on and they even leave a bit of space behind the posts so you can easily snip off your extra leads. It’s also got a slightly raised center pin which makes the juice well even deeper and there are little indents in the rim of the RDA to use as a guide for your driver when mounting your coils. Should you decide to use it on a regular mod the kit also includes a regular non-squonk center pin.

The issue I found with it was you have to mount your coil quite high for the airflow to come out underneath it, higher then the indents in the rim will actually accommodate. This isn’t usually a big deal but it means the coil sits really high in the chamber leaving quite a bit of space below it but also making the length of your wicks equally long. I suppose having a deep juice well will help prevent oversquonking but the really lengthy wicks means it’s that much more difficult for your juice to wick up to the coil. It hasn’t really caused any issues but I’d still prefer the coil placement to be much lower in the atty. That said it’s actually a pretty decent performer once you get your coil situated and so far I haven’t felt the need to swap atomizers. I of course dropped in an alien coil from Saddlehorse Blues to test it out and I wasn’t let down in the least. Flavour was really good and vapour of course will depend on the setup but even that was quite productive. I’ve been rocking the airflow closed about one third for a nice slightly restricted direct lung hit.


  • Build quality
  • Form factor
  • 8ml silicone squonk bottle
  • Performance
  • Simple menu
  • Light up bottle
  • Leak resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to build on RDA


  • Fingerprint magnet
  • Shallow not spring loaded 510/slight gap without beauty ring
  • Coil sits a bit high
  • Screen a bit small and dim
  • Slight button rattle with +/- button


The Pico Squeeze 2 along with the Coral 2 are a big improvement over the original Pico Squeeze especially considering it’s now regulated, supports bigger batteries, holds more liquid, comes with a flavour-centric atomizer and is built like a tank. None of the cons I listed are deal breakers for me and in fact I’ve quite enjoyed using it over the past few weeks. It might be better suited to those with slightly larger hands but really would be a great kit for almost anyone looking for a solid, well built squonk mod that uses 21700 batteries. It does come in a little bit more expensive then some other squonk kits out there at around $110CAD or $80USD depending on where you’re able to find it but for the quality of the device and the amount of stuff included in the kit I think it’s a fair price.