Honest review time: The Precisio MTL RTA by BDVape

I’m primarily a mouth to lung vaper these days so I’m always on the lookout for a solid MTL setup. Just recently I picked up a new MTL RTA from Heavengifts made by a company Fumytech, more specifically it’s made by BDVape Fumytechs high end division. They make some rather interesting and generally more high end gear that so far have been well received by the community. Their latest RTA is called the Precisio and after spending some time with it I’ve become something of a fan. Here are my honest thoughts on the Precisio MTL RTA from BDVape.

Package contents:

1 x Precisio RTA
7 xO-ring
3 xScrews
1 xScrewdriver
1 xJapanese Cotton
2 xDIY Coil

Listed features and specs:

Size:22.0 x 54.0mm
Type:2.7ml Standard Edition
Drip tip:510
Resistance:DIY MTL Coil

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a neat cardboard tube with an image of the tank on the front. Sliding off the top the Precisio RTA is nicely presented in a sponge insert. Underneath is hidden all of the extras including a rather comical yet handy coil guide, a t-shaped multi-tool and a bag of extras. In the bag you get a full set of o-rings, two replacement deck screws, a replacement 510 pin, a pad of Japanese organic cotton and two pre-made coils. One is a straight wire coil while the other appears to be a tiny fused clapton. They don’t specify the material used or the specs of the coils which is always a shame. Still it’s a neatly packed kit and you get everything you’d need to get started.

The tank:

The Precisio tank in my opinion is gorgeous and exactly the sort of thing I gravitate to. It’s a 24mm diameter tank that stands roughly 54mm tall and is primarily made of SS304 stainless steel. Starting at the top it’s got a very nice two part ultem and steel 510 drip tip that’s finned around the base of the tip. It’s pretty much ideal for MTL vaping and is very comfortable on the lips. Just below the tip is the top fill cap. It’s a standard threaded cap that’s easy to unscrew thanks to the fine knurling running around the caps edge. The upper two thirds of the tank are metal but there’s an ultem tank around the base which also acts as the window letting you see how much liquid remains in the tank. To access the deck you simply unscrew the base from the tank which is also aided by matching knurling around the airflow control ring. The ultem tank is threaded and stays securely attached so you can remove the deck without having to empty the tank.

The airflow control ring allows you to adjust the airflow and you’ve got the option of a series of seven small holes which you can open and close to your liking or you can slide it all the way over to the other side for a wide open cyclops style slot which you can also adjust to your liking. The fine knurling again adding a bit of grip to help get things apart. It’s also got stops at either end so it won’t endlessly spin around and around. On the base there’s a bit of basic branding and a gold plated non-adjustable center pin.

With the tank unscrewed from the base we can see the two post central airflow deck. Nice chunky flat head screws sit in recessed posts which help to trap the wire when building. Dead center on the deck are two slots which feed the airflow up to the coil, no inserts or any gimmicky bits to deal with on this deck as all the airflow is controlled by the exterior ring. On either side of the deck are nice deeply set wick channels for your cotton with each having three holes leading out to the tank to feed liquid to your wicks. Overall a fairly simple design but one that’s obviously mature and well thought out.

Build, wick and Performance:

Building on this thing is very straightforward and is reminiscent of building on an RTA like the Kayfun. Once you’ve got your coil wrapped just loosen off the screws, slide in your coil and tighten it down. Trim any excess and you’re ready to dry fire and work out any hot spots. Wicking it too is a straightforward affair and you only need to use enough cotton to reach the deck and fill the wick channels. So far I haven’t had any leaking or any issues with dry hits and performance overall has been spectacular. I particularly enjoy the airflow and it’s ability to provide a nice tight MTL hit by closing it off to a single hole. At full open you can kind of get a tight direct lung hit but this thing is definitely more for mouth to lung. Even though they didn’t specify the material used I opted to try out the included fused clapton and so far flavour and performance has been spot on. This one will definitely make it in to the regular rotation and since it’s arrived I’ve hardly set it down.


If you enjoy a good tight mouth to lung hit on an easy to use but well built RTA the Precisio is precisely for you. I tend to be pretty picky about the tightness of the draw on MTL tanks and the Precisio I must say is one of the better ones I’ve tried this past year. It’s already made it in to the regular rotation and I’m thinking it will end up as one of my favorites from 2019. Though I’m not all that familiar with BDVape I can definitely appreciate what they’ve done with this tank and if you’re into MTL RTAs this one easily gets my recommendation.

How it adds up
Build qualityEase of useAestheticsLiquid capacityTight MTL drawFlavour
Build Quality9.5