Honest review time: The Marsupod by Uwell

Here’s a look at a two-in-one kit that includes a pod device and it’s own charging case. It’s called the Uwell Marsupod which I picked up from Sourcemore.com, one of my go to online retailers for vape products. Though it’s a fairly simple device it has some very handy features which I for one have been enjoying. Here are my honest thoughts on the Marsupod from Uwell.

Package contents:

1 xMarsupod kit
1 xMicro USB cable
1 xUser manual

Listed features and specs:

Material:Case: Polycarbonate, PC + ABS, POM
Pod: PCTG, Polycarbonate, Silicone
Size:Case: 25.2mm x 43.0mm x 76.5mm
Pod: 10.6mm x 18.4mm x 65.4mm
Battery Capacity:Case: 1000mAh
Pod: 150mAh
Liquid capacity:1.3ml
Max wattage:11W
Coil resistance:1.2Ohm
Features:1. The sliding mechanism helps the pod system to slide out smoothly
2. The dust cover ensures a clean and hygienic mouthpiece
3. 1000 mAh capacity offers a whole day of vaping
4. The draw-activated mechanism gives you instant satisfaction
5. The Pro-FOCS flavor testing technology gives you an unparalleled vape experience

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a very simple white cardboard box with an image of the kit on the front and a listing of the contents, some details on the specs, some warnings and some basic company info on the back. In the kit, you get the Uwell Marsupod charging case and pod system, a micro USB cable and a user manual. Absolutely no extras in the kit, not even a spare pod so basically what you see on the front is what you get. I would have like to see an extra pod at the very least but what can you do.

The Uwell Marsupod charging case:

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this pod device is the fact that it comes with it’s own charging case. It’s definitely not the first device to try this and in many ways it reminds me a lot of the Suorin iShare crossed with a JustFog Minifit. The charging case has an internal 1000mAh battery and charges via micro USB with four embedded LEDs on the top top indicate charging and remaining battery life. The case itself is rectangular in shape and mostly made of plastic, a combination of polycarbonate, ABS and POM. It’s super lightweight which doesn’t exactly give it a robust feel but it doesn’t exactly feel cheap either.

On one side it’s got an open slot which gives access to the pod. The other somewhat hidden feature of this combination is the fact that the pod has two different seating positions. You can slide it all the way down into the device to charge it or you can slide it up about 1/4 of it’s length to expose the mouthpiece which will then let you vape from the pod without actually removing it from the case. Another really handy feature is when fully seated hidden dust cover slides out to protect the pod from dust and lint while also reducing the overall footprint of the device which helps make it all the more pocket friendly.

The Uwell Marsupod pod:

The pod device that the kit is based around is smaller than the LostFog minifit I mentioned above but does have a similar contoured shape to it. There’s no button on it as it’s a draw to fire device so just put it to your lips, take a pull and it fires. A little LED light on either side indicates when it’s firing. It’s got a very modest 150mAh internal battery and with the included pod it holds 1.3ml of liquid. Again rather modest but it’s meant to be compact and lightweight. To fill the pod you pull it out of the minuscule pod device and there’s a little silicone rubber plug that you can pop out to fill it. It’s fairly tight quarters and if you’re not careful it’s quite easy to make a mess but it’s not really much different from most other pod systems out there. I’ts a very simple device that uses a proprietary connection so it can only be charged via the charging case but of course it also includes the usual safety protections just to be safe.

It uses a 1.2ohm Pro-Focs coil and the vape that I get from it is surprisingly good. I looked everywhere but I can’t really figure out what the Pro-Focs means and found some mixed responses online when I searched. It’s supposed to mean better flavour and longer life and so far I can’t really argue the claim. It’s a fierce little vape that puts out a good amount of vapour with some surprisingly decent flavour. It’s maybe a tiny bit tighter than it’s older brother the Caliburn but I’m not sure how it compares to the later Yearn that Uwell recently released. Flavour wise it’s pretty much on par with the Caliburn or some other similarly spec’s pod devices and works best with 50/50 liquids, especially salts. Because it does have a bit of kick to it, I preferred to use it with some 20mg salts as anything higher than that might be a bit too much. Longevity wise, I’ve been using it for a few weeks now with countless refills and it’s still going strong but obviously results may vary depending on what you’re vaping and how much.


The Uwell Marsupod is a handy little piece of kit. You could just take the little Marsupod device out on it’s own for a super compact, super discrete setup for say a quick trip out but if you need the battery power it’s got it in spades with the accompanying charging case. Overall performance is quite satisfying and so far in my time with it I have hardly anything to complain about. Of course I wouldn’t mind the kit including an extra pod but that’s a fairly minor a con against it.

How it adds up
Compact1000mAh Charging caseSlide out dust coverNeat sliding featureTiny pod deviceGreat performance from podsGood mtl drawGood draw activation
Small liquid capacitySmall pod device capacity 150mAhOnly one pod in the kit
Build Quality8