Honest review time: The SPIN IT from Vaptio

Here’s a look at new device that’s just a little bit different than most others out there. It’s from Vaptio and is one of their latest pod systems to hit the market. It’s got at least one unique feature that I’ve yet to see on any other device. How useful people will find this new feature however is anybody’s guess. Here are my honest thoughts on the SPIN IT from Vaptio.

Package contents:

USB Cable1
User manual1
SPIN IT Tank(One piece pre-installed)2

Listed features and specs:

  • Size: 22 x 18 x 133mm
  • Capacity: 1.8ml
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh(built-in)
  • Output power: 15w
  • Resistance: 1.2ohm
  • Charging: 5V
  • Available colours: Red, Royal Purple, Navy Blue, Turquoise, Black & Mocha

The Mod:

Vaptio makes some interesting stuff and often it’s unlike anything else we see on the market. With the Spin It they once again go against the grain to create something that’s just a little bit different from the norm. It’s a pod style AIO or all in one device that has one very interesting if not unusual feature. The drip tip and pod portion of the device spins around to close up and protect the drip tip from dirt and dust as well as germs. Not only does it protect against dust and dirt but it also prevents the spin it from accidentally firing in your pocket or purse. The drip tip which is proprietary is non-replaceable but fairly comfortable with a sort of duck-bill shape to it.¬†There also isn’t any airflow adjustment and the draw from the device is a sort of loose mouth to lung.

At 122mm tall, 22mm wide and 18mm deep the device is actually quite large and when the tip is extended it stands taller than nearly all of my other devices even with tanks attached, mech mods included. I believe it’s currently the tallest device I own. The size and shape of it kind of reminds me of a travel toothbrush, especially when it’s closed up. Surprisingly despite being so big it still feels relatively compact and does fit in the pocket without any problems. I suppose if you have those super shallow pockets it might be an issue but in a regular pair of jeans it fits fine. It’s rounded on each side but flat on the faces and the only real features are the fire button and the LED indicator. The LED indicator isn’t very useful and only shows when firing or charging but doesn’t indicate remaining battery life so when it’s done it just sort of stops.

On the very bottom it’s got a micro USB port for charging the 650mAh internal battery. On their site they state it’s got a 15W output but it’s not clear if it’s regulated or direct output. I didn’t notice any significant drop off when using it so it’s possible it’s regulated at 15w but I don’t have any means of confirming. With such a large device you’d figure they would cram in a bit more battery but it’s pretty much comparable to most other pod devices on the market, at least with the 1.2ohm coils in the pods it tends to last all day. Unfortunately there’s no fast-charge included but it really doesn’t take too long to fully charge the device. There’s just a tiny bit of branding with a Vaptio imprinted badge on each side up top where the tank connects. The tank can actually be removed by sort of un-clipping it from the device but it isn’t necessary for changing the pods or anything like that. When the top part is closed you can slide the tank out of the top to refill or replace it.

Using the device is simple, after filling up the tank and letting it prime you just click the fire button five times to turn it on and press the fire button again to fire the device. It’s got all of the usual protections built-in like short-circuit protection, low-voltage and over-charge so it should be quite safe to use and with the added safety of the spinning top this thing will be very unlikely to go off on it’s own. The kit with two pods goes for around $40 USD which is a bit on the high side for pod devices but if you look around you can generally find it for cheaper.

The Spin It Pods:

The kit comes with two empty pods with one already installed. They each hold 1.8ml of liquid which again considering the size of this device is a bit on the small side but with 1.2ohm coils it’s not like it’s ripping through juice. They’re pretty standard tanks for a pod device and have built in coils wicked with organic cotton. So when the coil is spent so is the pod. I would have preferred the pods take replaceable coils like we’re starting to see on other device so as not have to throw the entire pod in the landfill but at least they’re quite small. A pack of four goes for around $23 US I believe. They have a little silicone plug that’s tethered to the pod that you pop out to fill up. The fill hole is sort of oval shaped and big enough to fit most tips and allow a bit of air movement. Old school blunt tip bottles and large droppers might be an issue but I didn’t have any trouble with the standard needle tip bottles I was using. I’ve been using the initial pod for about a month now and it’s still going strong. It does get a tiny bit flooded if left to sit for a while but a few pulls will usually get it going again just fine.

Performance wise this spin it does pretty well. I get good flavour from the pods and the amount of vapour they produce is very respectable. It handles 50/50 40mg salt based liquids very well with just a mild bit of throat hit. As I mentioned the pods tend to last a long time but ultimately that will depend on juices used, personal vaping habits and QC on the pods themselves.


  • Ease of use
  • Decent coil life
  • Good battery life
  • Interesting design(Spinning top)
  • Protected mouth piece
  • Good flavour
  • Decent vapour production


  • Proprietary drip tip
  • No airflow adjustment
  • Size
  • Low capacity
  • Disposable pods
  • No fast-charge


I think it’s a decent little kit. It performs well and has some convenient features and for the most part my complaints are minimal. I’d think it would probably be best geared towards newer vapers just starting out or for seasoned vapers looking for a pod style device that will fit the pocket. It won’t however be for those looking for a super stealthy compact device as the size of it will definitely be a factor. Still it’s an interesting concept and I’m definitely curious to see what Vaptio comes out with next!!