Svoëmesto – Kayfun (lite) 2019 – 24mm Version
Svoëmesto Kayfun Lite 2019
Pros:Excellent General ConstructionExcellent Flavor RenditionShould be some options for customization coming
Cons:Wicking can be tricky - been noted that leaking and condensation could be an issue. Bottom FillThough low priced for a KF, cost is high
8.1Better for seasoned builders.
Fit & Finish7.8
Vape Quality9.2
Ease of Use7.5
Reader Rating 2 Votes

by @vaperscanada

2014 was the year I got my first Svoëmesto KFL. I paired it with my Provari Mini and I was off enjoying the complexities of e-liquids you’d never experience with a clearomizer.

With the recent revival of MTL vaping, Svoëmesto comes to us with a new version of the Kayfun (lite). The KFL 2019 is a rebuildable atomiser – a re-styled version of the original 2013 version. The KFL 2019 is available in two versions, 22 and 24mm in diameter. Both share the same height of 33mm – making it much shorter than the original. The reduced height means a shorter chimney and theoretically, better flavor – let’s take a look:

Capacity: 24mm version has 3.5mL capacity

Dimensions: 24mm x 33mm (without the tip) 38mm with the stock drip-tip

Style: Two post – single coil design.

316L Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel drip tip

Bottom filling

PEI Window

PEEK Insulator

External Airflow control (stage-less, up to 1.8mm)

Standard 510 connector

Disclosure: None – product was purchased for review.


The KFL comes nicely boxed. Nothing fussy – the KFL held securely in a foam cut-out and a small envelope containing an instruction booklet and a bag of spare parts. Taken out of it’s slot, the KFL looks solid.

Fit and finish:

The 316ss finish is spotless. Everything fit together tightly. Unscrewing the body pieces revealed smooth threading – no crunch or grind, though a bit stiff initially. Untightening the post screws – one side was perfect – the other side was very stiff. This became better with a few “back and forths” loosening and tightening.


If you’ve ever used this style of atomizer, coil installation wicking and filling will be familiar. Coil installation is simple – two fairly beefy posts will even hold smaller Clapton builds, though that style of coil is not necessary. Wicking is also very simple – I thin out the tails by cutting at a 45 degree angle – then poke the ends down into the channels and fluff. Do not under or over stuff cotton – the wicks should fit snuggly in the channels. For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend using bigger than 2.5mm diameter coils.

The KFL remains bottom fill. That means you must invert the KFL and unscrew the cap from the base to fill it. A lot of people commented bottom-fill is antiquated in 2019 – but bottom-fill keeps the parts and complexity to a minimum – it’s not a deal breaker for me.

Air control is done with a nylon screw right in the 510. I wish a metal screw had been used to prevent premature wear but the nylon screw has been used in previous versions, generally without issue. With the screw, you can adjust for fairly tight MTL right up to a restricted lung hit. Single air enters from the side on the atty and goes to the middle of the base and up. The airflow is very smooth and quiet.

I’ve put 4 builds in 3 weeks testing out heat vs vape quality. I’ve used 28 gauge K1, 26 gauge K1 and 2 small Clapton builds. I’m currently settled on a 6 wrap 28/38 K1 Clapton build with a inside 2.5mm diameter and using only short draws. There is minor ramp-up, but the heat generated makes for a satisfying vape – again, using a fairly short draw. Simple builds still shine and you could even build a 1.0+ ohm build and vape nicotine salts.

Vape quality is excellent. With a slightly more complex build and short draws, I don’t get excessive heat buildup, though I’ve heard people that take long draws complain of residual heat. Replace the metal drip-tip to a non-metal one and you should be fine.



I think I gravitated to this more out of nostalgia. I wasn’t expecting “game changing” so with somewhat tempered expectations, I was pleasantly surprised. Other than the nylon air adjustment screw, I have no complaints. I can live with bottom-fill as a trade-off for simplicity as compared to say, the KF Prime. The KF Lite 2019 is very good at rendering flavor – just like the original.

I’ve read posts claiming the 510 leaked. The 510 issue is probably a wicking issue – to me, user error. I haven’t experienced any leaking anywhere in 3 weeks of solid use – but condensation and seepage are not exclusive to this atomizer, atomizer style or company. Constant maintenance may be necessary, but that should be something one does with wick changes anyways. For this reason, I’m not going to recommend this for new vapers – if you’re new to building and wicking this style of atomizer, you may encounter problems you never had with atomizers that use stock coils.

Note that there have been reported problems with the grub screws and that there were sharp edges on some 510 pins as well.

The review rating would be higher for “Old School” – seasoned vapers. Those already familiar with the “ins and outs” of KF wicking will enjoy – at just over half the cost of the Prime.

This Lite 2019 Edition is reasonably priced for a Svoëmesto. The 24mm version is currently retailing under $100 CND but still seems to be in limited supply.

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