Honest review time: The Envii Fitt

There seems no end to the number of pod devices to hit the market lately and I’ve definitely had my fair share sent over for review. This latest one comes from a new company to me called Buybest.com, not to be mistaken with Bestbuy they’re a company out of China with warehouses in Russia, Hong Kong and mainland China. They’re similar to companies like Fasttech and Gearbest with a wide selection of not only vaping products but electronics, toys, gadgets and various other gear. The Pod device is called The Envii Fitt which I believe has actually been around since early last year but this is the first time I’ve gotten my hands on one. So far I’ve got to say I’ve been quite impressed with it’s array of features and quality construction but I’ll save all that for the review. Here are my honest thoughts on the Envii Fitt from Envii.

Package contents:

FP Mission Body1
USB Cable1
Replacement Cartridge2
User Manual1

Listed features and specs:

  • Compact AIO design
  • Internal 650mah battery & 3.2ml/2ml empty tank
  • Two fire modes – fires with puff sensor/ fires with button
  • Micro USB charging
  • Size: 75mm x 43mm x 20mm
  • Battery: Built-in 650mAh
  • Capacity: 3.2ml (US Edition)/2ml (EU Edition)
  • Color: Black

The Envii Fitt Mod:

The Envii Fitt is a very unique looking device. It’s small, compact and has an interesting shape. It looks a bit like a little penguin and is shaped like a stone found on the bottom of the lake all smooth and rounded all over aside from the mouth piece jutting out of the top. It’s mostly made of plastic with half of it bearing that smooth grippy texture that we’ve felt on some other premium devices. The kit sells for about $31US and change from Buybest but prices vary depending on the site.

In the kit it comes with two ‘drip tips’ which are more or less proprietary rubber tips that will only work with the Envii Fitt but also help to secure the removable cover where you insert the re-fillable pods. They do tend to collect a bit more lip gunk then a delrin or plastic tip but they’re definitely comfortable on the lips. The back of the device comes off to reveal the refillable pod which can be removed and replaced with another. I believe the kit can also come with pre-filled pods but the one I received came with an empty one. Buybest were also kind enough to send along a pack of three empty pods so I was able to swap flavours without emptying the original pod.

The Envii Fitt has a built in 650mAh battery and although it seems small with the 1.2ohm coils it uses I’m able to easily get a full day or more vaping on it. There’s a built in LED light that shines through both sides of the device to indicate when it’s firing as well as when it’s charging but can also show the remaining battery life. It’s got a surprising number of functions for such a simple device and can switch between two firing modes, draw activated and button activated with three clicks of the button, when selecting button activated mode it will flash blue and for draw activated it will flash purple. In Draw activated mode you just take a pull and it fires. Four clicks lets you turn the LED ON or OFF for a stealth mode experience, blue indicating LED mode and white to indicate STEALTH mode. Two clicks will flash the LED to indicate remaining battery power with green showing a full battery, yellow half power and red for low charge. Of course when in button activated mode one click of the button will fire the device but I happened to notice that if you let go of the button but continue to draw the device will continue to fire, sort of a button activated draw to fire mode. However another thing I noted was a rather short draw time of approximately six seconds. For me personally it’s more then enough especially considering it’s primarily a mouth to lung device but I know some people like to take long deep pulls and this device will cut out after only six seconds. All in all it’s very easy to use with a nice variety of functions.

On the bottom of the device it’s got a micro USB port for charging as well as a little hole drilled through it to attach a lanyard or string it on your key chain. It’s small enough you could probably keep it on your key chain but my keys take up enough room in my pockets already. No indication if it’s fast charge but with a 650mAh battery it doesn’t take long to fully charge it.

The Coils/Pods:

The pods themselves aren’t truly re-fillable as once you clip in the coil portion to the empty pod it gets locked in with some little plastic tabs. You can of course use a little screwdriver or something to pop it back out but I don’t think the company intended for them to be re-used more than once. The pods are also pretty unique and are a bit smaller then a stick of chapstick but with a triangular sort of shape. The pods hold a comfortable 3.2ml of liquid(2ml for TPD) and sport 1.2ohm pre-built coils. Looking around the web it appears many people have rebuilt and re-wicked them so the more handy folks out there will be able to wrestle a bit more life out of them. I found filling them when empty was pretty straightforward but once they’ve been filled up the first time, opening them up again and refilling can be a real  messy challenge which is again why I suspect the company didn’t intend for them to be refilled. A three pack of empty pods goes for about $10US which seems pretty reasonable.

I found the Pods in conjunction with the Envii Fitt mod worked quite well and produced a decent amount of vapour for a pod device which also meant a bit better than average flavour for such a small unit. Partnered up with some salt nicotine the device has been a real treat. I’ve been running it with some 20mg 50/50 nic salts and have been enjoying it immensely. I did experience a tiny bit of leaking but it stayed contained within the mod and on the pod itself and I only discovered it when I went to replace/refill the pod.


  • Sleek and compact
  • Build quality
  • Draw and button activated
  • Good capacity for pod mod
  • Pods are rebuildable/rewickable
  • Good flavour and respectable vapour
  • Good battery life
  • Multiple functions(stealth, fire modes, check battery)


  • Pods can leak a little bit
  • Refilling pods can be a challenge
  • Short draw time
  • Tips collect lip gunk


While the Envii Fitt is small and compact it still manages to pack in quite a few features and in my time with it I’ve actually quite enjoyed it. Dealing with the pods is probably the biggest complaint but even then the issues I encountered were minor at best. The fact that it can easily fit in the pocket, provide a full day of vaping and produce a decent amount of vapour with good flavour I’d say it’s an all around win. It’s a sleek but rugged little device that I’d have no trouble recommending especially for someone looking for some options with their pod device.