Honest review time: The Flave Tank 24 from Alliancetech Vapor

At CVE Toronto The Vaporists booth was being shared with a gentleman named Miguel who some of you may be familiar with because of his juice line called Miguel’s Finest. I’m a big fan of his liquids and have even reviewed several of them in the past. However at this particular expo he wasn’t there representing his juice line, instead he has teamed up with Alliancetech Vapor out of France to help distribute some of their well renowned wares. Some of you may even recall the original Flave being touted as one of The Vaporists favorite flavour RDAs and it might even be why he agreed to share his booth. Well Miguel was kind enough to set me up with the Flave Tank 24 for review, an RDTA style tank that uses the same style deck as the original Flave 22. I was already impressed by the original Flave and the Tank 24 hasn’t changed my opinion. Here are my honest thoughts on the Flave Tank 24 from Alliancetech Vapor.

Package contents:

Flave Tank 241
Spares bag1

Listed features and specs:

  • 2ml juice capacity
  • Dual post build deck for single coil
  • Adjustable side airflow
  • Large tank to store e-juice for 30 puffs
  • Gold plated 510 threading connection
  • Comes with bottom feeder pin
  • 510 threading connection
  • 24mm overall diameter

Packaging and Contents:

The Flave Tank 24 comes packed in a tiny little black box with the name of the company on the front and a big white sticker to indicate what’s actually in the box as well as the batch number and the serial of the product inside. In the box you get the Flave Tank 24 and a bag of spares. It’s well protected by a black sponge insert so should arrive safe no matter what. In the spares bag you get a set of extra orings, a BF pin, two spare flat head deck screws and two extra plastic plugs for the tank. Very minimal but you get what you need without any extra junk.

The tank:

The Flave Tank is a 24mm diameter stainless steel RDTA or rebuildable dripping tank atomizer. On their site Alliancetech states “The Flave Tank is an RDA with a buffer BF tank” which makes sense when you take in to account that this thing only holds 2ml of liquid and if using it as a standard RDTA you’re going to be topping it up often. However once you pair it up with a squonk mod the smaller capacity starts to make sense and it provides a nice little buffer in between squonks.

Starting at the top it’s got a proprietary drip tip which I believe is made of ultem. I’m not really a fan of proprietary drip tips and it doesn’t seem swappable with any others I’ve got but at least it’s comfortable and does a good job dissipating heat. Below the tip on the top cap it’s got two holes for airflow which are adjustable by turning the top cap clockwise. It’s dual airflow and can be adjusted down to a fairly tight draw but it’s primarily meant for direct lung vaping and I personally have been keeping it closed off about a third for a nice slightly restricted direct lung hit.

Towards the bottom of the tank is the ultem 2ml tank. On any RDTA I like to be able to unscrew the tank for cleaning without having to remove a pin or screw and with the Flave I was able to unscrew it but the center pin came out with it which meant it needed to be screwed back in. Not a big deal but it means you need a screwdriver handy if you want to clean out the tank. Speaking of center pins, the one that comes with the kit is gold plated and uses a flat head but the kit also includes a BF pin or bottom feed pin so you can turn it in to a squonkable atomizer which I’d definitely recommend unless you like constantly refilling your tank. The BF pin also uses a flat head in case you were wondering. The holes on the BF pin meet up with holes in the central shaft that runs through the tank. When you squonk the juice comes out of those holes to fill up the lower tank portion and doesn’t actually make it up to the deck, unless you really really over-squonk.

The Deck:

The deck on this thing is a treat to work with. It’s a two post single coil deck with big chunky flat head screws to secure your leads. It’s nicely finished and the company logo and serial number of the tank are inscribed on the top of the deck on the positive post. On the other post there is only a little black plastic plug that’s used for refilling. Just pop it out, fill it up and pop it back in. It’s pretty tiny and I’m sure will be easily lost, luckily they include two spares in the extras bag. I would prefer to not have a plug to lose and just use the cap to seal the tank but it’s a minor complaint. Airflow comes from either side and travels through a metal block which is part of the two posts. Not only do these blocks help direct the airflow but they also help reduce the size of the chamber which can only lead to better flavour. The airflow slots sit fairly low so when you build it using the driver guides on each side of the deck the airflow should come out right underneath your coils. The driver guides are huge to help accommodate some pretty beefy builds and can easily fit a 4mm driver. In the bottom of the deck are two quatrefoil shaped holes. I’m not really sure what you call that shape but quatrefoil is the closest I could think of. Those two holes are for you wicks to dip down in to the tank. The not quite round shapes of the holes should allow for some airflow which should help prevent any liquid locking and allow it to wick more easily.

Build, Wick and Performance:

Building on The Flave Tank is a breeze, with the two chunky flat head screws it’s really easy to drop in a new build and tighten things down. They’ve even left a tiny bit of space behind the posts to help clip your leads which is always nice to see. I opted to start with a 3mm fused clapton coil 2×26/38g ni80 with 4/5 wraps which comes out to 0.37ohms and it was incredibly easy to get it installed. Once coiled I found wicking it to be just as simple. With any RDTA I like to cut my wicks at an angle and then just pick up the tips and drop them in the holes, I did the same thing with the Flave Tank and it’s been working an absolute treat. The flavour and vapour I get from it running around 45 watts is fantastic and the tank is easily able to keep up without getting too warm.


  • Looks
  • Build quality
  • Ease of use
  • Machining and finish
  • Incredible flavour and vapour with the right build
  • Flat head screws all around
  • 2ml BF buffer tank


  • Proprietary drip tip
  • Removing tank requires removing center pin
  • Fill plug


I was already a fan of the original Flave 22 and the Flave Tank 24 just brings more of what I already enjoyed. It’s easy to work with, performs like a champ and offers some interesting features like the 2ml BF buffer tank. I’ve paired mine up with a squonk mod and have really come to appreciate that BF buffer as little as it is. Flavour is well defined but of course will depend heavily on your build but considering it’s such a pleasure to work on it won’t be a problem fiddling around and finding the ideal build that works best for you. I’d say it’s definitely geared more towards folks who like to squonk but even if you don’t own a squonk mod it’s still a great option as a standard RDTA.