The Yocan Trio

Here’s a look at another new cross-over product created by Yocan. Yocan who are probably best known for their dry-herb and concentrates devices have been expanding their coverage to also include e-cigarettes or at least products that cross-over allowing users ever more functionality from their pocket friendly vape devices. This latest one is called the Trio and if you haven’t guessed it supports three different kinds of vaping, e-liquids, oils and concentrates. These are my honest thoughts on the Trio from Yocan.

Package contents:

1 xTrio Battery
1 xOil Pod
1 xJuice Pod
1 xConcentrate Pod
1 xMicro USB cable
1 xUser manual

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:81.5 x 25.3 x 14.3mm
Colours:Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Gun Metal & Stainless
3 in 1Ejuice, Oil & Concentrates
Material:Zinc alloy + PCTG
Pod capacity:1ml
Coil resistance:1.4/0.75ohm
Voltage output:Low, med & high
Connection:Magnetic/Micro USB

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a grey cardboard box with an image of the kit on the front and a very thorough listing of the contents on the back. There’s also a bit of company info as well as an authenticity check sticker located on the back in case you had any concerns where it came from. Inside the mod is protected by a thick black sponge and in the kit you get the Yocan Trio with a pre-installed concentrates pod, a micro USB cable, a user manual and a blister pack containing the two other pods it comes with, one for e-liquids and one for oils. It’s a very modest kit but you do get what you’d need to get started. I would have liked to see some included tools myself but that’s hardly a complaint.

The trio mod:

The Yocan Trio is extremely lightweight device, mostly made of zinc-alloy with an anodized kind of finish it’s a pretty slick looking little unit. It’s about the same size as a Bic lighter and weighs roughly 40g without a pod. It sports a 500mAh internal battery which for a device this size is pretty average. It’s got a micro USB port for charging but doesn’t include any fast or quick charge capability and will charge at a rate of about 0.7A. What it does include are several features that aren’t very common on pod devices. The first being a 10-second pre-heat function which is meant to be used with thick oils that need to be warmed up. The second key feature are it’s three power levels. Though they don’t specify the levels it basically comes with a low, medium and high setting which can be used for any of the three types of vaping it supports. Finally the third key feature is it’s ability to support the three types vaping via the pods it comes with.

Using the device will feel very familiar to most vapers with five clicks to turn it on and off, three clicks to cycle through the various power levels and two clicks to initiate the 10-second pre-heat. Another two clicks will turn off the pre-heat if you decide it’s not needed. The fire button is back-lit and when cycling through the power settings it goes from white, to blue to green with green representing the strongest of the power levels. I’m pretty sure the device also includes the usual safety protections but they weren’t listed on their site. The LED lit button is also used to indicate remaining battery life, when it’s charging and any error status it might encounter.

The pods:

The kit comes with three types of pods. All three pods use magnets to hold them in place but I found they can still wiggle around a bit in the mod. The one that comes installed is for concentrates and it uses Yocans now infamous dual quartz coil setup. Basically it’s two little pieces of quartz rod wrapped in wire to form coils. They actually work surprisingly well but in conjunction with this kit I almost found it a bit underpowered with the concentrates pod. It does work but there’s some considerable ramp up so I was clicking the pre-heat on for a few seconds to help mitigate it.

The second pod it comes with is for oils. It’s the one that will benefit most from the preheat function. It uses a ceramic based coil to avoid burning but I haven’t dissected mine as of yet to see it’s inner workings. Without the pre-heat function unless you’re running really thin distillate or oils it’s going to struggle a bit even on the highest power setting.

The final pod that the kit comes packed with is for standard e-liquids. It’s probably the most straight forward of the set, just fill it up with e-liquid and away you go. I mainly tested it with thinner salt nic based liquids and it seemed to keep up with 60vg blends just fine but did have a bit of ramp up. I’d recommend using it with no higher than 70vg blends as the wick holes on the coil seem fairly small. It too uses a ceramic based coil which should help with longevity but individual results may vary.

With all three pods I found them to be quite airy. They use a dual intake system with little holes on either side letting air in to the coil. You can cover one or both of the holes for a slightly tighter draw but it doesn’t seem to make much difference to performance. Having the airflow out the sides like this is great for preventing juice getting in to the mod as many other pod system have the airflow directly out the bottom of the pod but for me it’s just a bit too airy, I think just one little hole would have been enough.

To fill the two liquid based pods you remove the mouthpiece and underneath is a silicone plug with two holes in it for you to fill the pod with. For the concentrates pod you just pull the mouthpiece cap off and drop in your concentrates. Removing the caps however is a bit of a challenge with the concentrates cap being one of the hardest to remove. Ramp up was another issue I faced and using the pre-heat helped mitigate it somewhat but it seemed even with the e-liquid pod there was still some ramp up time required.


I really enjoyed the versatility of this little trio but the performance of the pods did leave a bit to be desired. Don’t get me wrong they all worked I just felt I needed a bit more out of them. I think this trio puts versatility and convenience slightly ahead of the performance and for an out and about type kit it should work just fine but as a dedicated device, you may want something a bit more focused. You can find it online here.

The Yocan Trio
LooksCompact sizeVersatilityThree power levelsPre-heat function
Pods sit a bit looseCaps are difficult to removeAirflow is a bit looseSlow ramp up
7.7Overall Score
Build Quality8