Honest review time: Tobac No7 from The Juice Punk

If you’ve followed my reviews you probably know I’m a big fan of real tobacco flavours. It’s probably the fact that I spent 26 years of my life smoking that I still appreciate the smell and taste of tobacco in all of it’s numerous forms even after having given up smoking for vaping well over four years ago now. At CVE Edmonton I was fortunate enough to stop by The Juice Punk booth where they were introducing a new line of authentic tobacco flavours. They’re an incredible bunch of folks and I’ve done at least one review for them in the past so when I saw they had a new tobacco line I was definitely intrigued. This one will be for the tobacco lovers out there. Here are my honest thoughts on Tobac No7 from Juice Punk


The Juice Punk have a truly unique style and their packaging and presentation always reflects their incredible attention to detail. All of the sample packages that I’ve received from them have contained all sorts of cool and curious things all in line with their unique aesthetic. Their bottles are packaged in brown paper stamped with their logo and hand wrapped in twine. A gorgeous hard cover notepad, some stickers and juice cards tend to make up the awesome little boxes they deliver. The juices in the line come in clear 60ml chubby gorilla style bottles with a classy looking old timey motif. The labels are essentially the same but vary in colour depending on the flavour. They’re all 60vg blends with the ones I got being 3mg. Here’s a shot of the beautiful bottles:


Testing was done mostly in a Hadaly clone with a three core alien(3×28/36ni80) build from the Canadian Coil makers SaddleHorse Blues, 4/5 wraps on a 2.5mm coming out to 0.28 ohms and running between 35-45w. Using Puff cotton, rda rinsed and rewicked in between. Here’s a shot of a fresh build:

Remember taste is subjective and results will vary! Click titles for links to the products.

Tobac No7 Fine Rolling Tobacco

Site description: The Fine Rolling Tobacco blend offers the dark and smokey flavor of fire-cured Virginia tobacco.

My thoughts: This one is probably the boldest of the three. It’s a really rich Virginia type of blend, more of a sweeter darker fire cured American then your typical blond flue-cured Canadian cigarette mixes. It has a nice funk to it but doesn’t push it, think Camel Filters or maybe Marlboro lights and you’ll get an idea of what to expect with this one. I personally loved American cigarettes back when I smoked and would always load up when making a trip to the States so this one was a pleasant surprise. They’ve also added a very slight burnt ash taste to it to try and emulate a smoked cigarette. I’m not usually a fan of it myself but The Juice Punk has kept it mild enough that it’s actually kind of enjoyable compared to others that I’ve tried with it. It’s almost like it adds a touch more realism to the flavour.

This one will definitely be for folks who enjoyed a stronger cigarette when they smoked and like I said more of an American blend then Canadian. It’s rich almost musky and dare I say it sort of manly with slight hints of smoke and leather. It’s a bit strong so it might not be ideal for and ADV for some but those who liked a strong dart will probably dig it.

Tobac No7 Cigar Blend

Site description: Our Cigar Blend features full-bodied, robust tobacco flavor with subtle notes of chocolate.

My thoughts: Where Fine Rolling Tobacco was more of a cigarette blend, Cigar Blend if you can’t guess is a rich sweet cigar tobacco type of blend. It’s sweet, rich, fresh and dark like the wrap of a nice Cuban cigar. Subtle hints of chocolate add to the dark depth of the flavour adding sweetness and complexity. I got to say though it’s not really a standout character in the flavour and is really more of a complimentary note on the bottom end if at all. This one too has a hint of that ashy burnt tobacco taste which almost adds a bit of burn to it, much like a re-lit cigar. Again it’s not overbearing and seems to help with the realistic nature of the flavour but obviously needs to be mentioned.

It tends to come on very sweet at first but then calms down as you vape it letting the taste of cigar come through. It kind of reminds me of those chocolate cigarillos they used to sell before the flavoured tobacco ban, darn kids ruin everything. This one too might be a bit to sharp to be an ADV for some but I had it out with a glass of Rye on the deck and it was a glorious combination.

Tobac No7 Pipe Blend

Site description: If you’re looking for the classic flavor profiles of traditional pipe tobacco, our Pipe Blend is the eJuice for you. Spicy, bright, and lightly aromatic, it’s the ideal tobacco flavor for an all day vape.

My thoughts: Never having been much of a pipe smoker this one was my surprise favorite from the line and like the site description suggests the ideal flavour for an all day vape. Compared to the other two it’s much more mellow, softer, not quite as sweet but with a hint of spice that’s just incredible. It also doesn’t seem to have that burnt ashy taste the other two incorporated which might be why it nudged it’s way ahead of the other two for me. It has a smooth, delicate, almost creamy feel to it but it’s still full rich and delicious.

It’s not like your Grandpa’s Captain Black either, it’s more of a gentler Burley or maybe a sweet spicy Turkish blend. Something a bit more chill that you can vape on without getting overwhelmed. Sweet, spicy but really soft and smooth. Exactly the kind of thing I can get down with all day long.


I’ve got to hand it to The Juice Punk for the Tobac No7 line. Not many can pull off realistic and good tasting tobacco flavours without falling back on things like vanilla, nuts and caramel to make them actually taste good. Each flavour in the line is a beautiful tribute to the three main categories of smoking tobaccos, cigarettes, cigars and pipes. I almost had to remind myself that I was still vaping and not smoking as I tested them out, they’re that realistic. Anyone looking for a good tobacco flavour without all the extra stuff would do well to check these out. I personally enjoyed the entire line and even found a new favorite among them!!!