Honest review time: The UPEN from Digiflavor

Here’s a look at a super simple new kit released from Digiflavor that’s geared toward high nicotine mouth to lung vapers and can be used with both regular eliquids and nicotine salt based liquids. It’s called the UPEN and it actually looks like a standard pen, like the kind you write with. There really isn’t much to it so this one will be quick and to the point. Here are my honest thoughts on the UPEN from Digiflavor.

Package contents:

Upen starter kit1
Coil Head Ni80 1.2ohm 3.3v-4.2v1
PCTG Tube1
USB Cable1
User Manual1
Spare Parts Polybag1

Listed features and specs:

Upen clearomizer:

  • 1.5ml juice capacity
  • PCTG tube
  • Convenient top refill system.
  • Comes with a cap to protect atomizer from dust and keep hygienic.
  • Nano vertical coils provide the perfect MTL vaping experience and produces outstanding flavor.
  • 14mm overall diameter
  • 510 threading connection

Upen mod:

  • Simply portable, you can either clip it on your shirt or simply place it on your pocket.
  • 650 mAh = roughly 400-500 puffs = roughly 1 pack of cigarettes
  • Micro-USB charging port

The Device:


The mod as I mentioned looks just like a pen with it’s clip on cap you can rock it in your pocket or simply clip it to your shirt and it will stay protected and lint free. The pen is 126.8mm long with a diameter of just 14mm. It’s slim enough to fool most in to thinking it’s just an innocuous pen but pop of the top cap and you’re greeted with a pretty standard looking pen style all in one mod with a convenient top fill cap, bottom non-adjustable airflow and micro USB charging. It’s got an internal 650mAh battery that should last approximately 400-500 puffs or roughly what Digiflavor considers a pack of cigarettes. Myself I was usually able to get a days worth of vaping from it before needing to recharge.

Starting at the top it’s got a pretty standard looking delrin 510 drip tip that matches nicely with the pen. You can of course use your own but I noticed most tips won’t allow the cap to go back on so I’ve stuck with the one it comes with. Just below that is the top fill cap which screws on to the top of the coil. The coil sits in a PCTG tank that holds only 1.5ml of liquid which doesn’t seem all that much but if using a high nicotine juice it’ll last a surprisingly long time with the included 1.2ohm coil. The tank affixes directly to the mod essentially making it an all in one device. The kit comes with a spare PCTG tank but since it’s plastic and not glass it should hold up quite well.

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It’s got a rectangular fire button with a translucent line in the middle which lights up green when fired or when charging the device. It doesn’t really have any indication of remaining battery it just flashes red and sort of stops when it reaches it’s minimum voltage level. They don’t specify the wattage anywhere nor do they specify the output of the device but I’m guessing it’s a direct output device meaning whatever the battery holds is what it will put out so as the battery depletes so will the experience. I didn’t notice a huge drop off or anything but it did feel a bit weaker the closer it got to empty and then like I said it would just stop working as the battery was spent. To use the device you turn it on and off with three clicks, the light will flash to indicate it’s turned on. Once the tank is filled and primed you just press the button and take a pull.

The Coils:

The kit comes packed with two Difiglavor Nano coils which are rated at 1.2ohms with a range of 3.3 to 4.2v. Assuming the device is direct output the wattage will vary with the level of the battery. Experience wise, they work well with a 50/50 salt nicotine liquid providing a smooth and flavourful experience which is pretty much ideal for mouth to lung. The draw through the coils is nice and tight and the accompanying drip tip works well with the tank and coils. The coils also seem to last a good while with my first coil going for well over two weeks before needing to be replaced. Break in time was minimal and although they’re not built for cloud chucking they do produce a respectable amount of vapour for such a modest device.


  • Build quality
  • Performance
  • Discreet appearance
  • Protective cap
  • Top fill
  • Good flavour
  • Great MTL experience


  • Most 510 drip tips won’t fit with the cap


The UPEN is a decent performer for what it is. I could definitely see this as a discreet carry for out on the town, easily stowed in a purse or pocket. From my experience with it I really had nothing complain about, it does what it advertises and it does it quite well. I realize a device like this won’t be for everyone but would make for a decent starting point for a new vaper or as a discreet secondary device for when you want to be a little stealthy.