Honest one shot: Cherrazz from Vapour Artisans

Here’s a look at a brand new flavour from Vapour Artisans. VA if you’ve never heard of them are a personal favorite of mine. Some of you that have been around long enough might remember the owner from Reddit or his former online shop JGVapes. I’ve been a fan for years and they still make my all time favorite tobacco flavour called NX. This new flavour is the latest addition to their signature line and an entirely different take on one of the industries most popular flavours, one that I admittedly often struggle to enjoy. Here are my thoughts on Cherrazz from Vapour Artisans.

Bottles: The juice come in clear 30ml authentic Chubby Gorilla or 100ml chubby gorilla style bottles and is available in two different formulations. The standard liquid comes in the 100ml while the salt nicotine version comes in the 30ml. The standard liquid is a 70vg blend while the salt version comes in a 60vg blend. I got the standard in 3mg and the salt in 15mg. The label on the standard liquid is colourful with a bunch of berries and suspiciously blue leaves decorating the background while the salt version is much more subdued with a simple blue and white design. They’ve got all the important information on there and I think the design looks rather elegant and classy.


Setup: The standard version was tested in a DAYWON from MissionXV with a little spaced fused clapton(2×30/40ni80), 6 wraps on a 2.5mm coming out to 0.97 ohms and running between 15-20w. Using Puff cotton, rda rinsed and rewicked in between while the salt version was tested in a berserker MTL rda with a 1.8ohm regular wire build. Here’s a shot of a fresh DAYWON build:

Remember taste is subjective and results will vary! Click the title for a link to the product!


Site description: Cherrazz is a sweet and succulent fusion of Cherry and Raspberry topped with exotic Lychee that finishes with a light cooling sensation for the perfect all day vape.

My thoughts: So even though it isn’t stated in the description I’m pretty sure Cherrazz has some blue raspberry in it and even the imagery on the bottle sort of hints at it. I almost feel like I need to preface every review of a blue raspberry flavour with the fact that it’s one of my least favorite flavours to vape. I’ve come around to it quite a bit over the past couple years as it seems every vendor out there has one in their lineup and some are definitely better than others but what tends to distinguish them for me is what they are mixed with as a straight blue raspberry can get pretty boring. VA decided to use one of the more challenging flavours out there in their mix adding a shot of cherry to the old blue razz. Cherry itself however has the unfortunate connotation with medicine resulting in many cherry based flavours tasting like cough syrup. Luckily with Cherrazz it doesn’t taste at all like your typical blue raspberry flavour nor does it in fact taste like medicine.

From Cherrazz I don’t really get that typical thick almost syrupy artificial blue raspberry flavour that reminds me of a melted Freezie or a freshly poured Slushee, instead I get a much more natural blend of ripe raspberries and sweet red cherries along with a little something else. Ok so it’s not entirely devoid of that blue raspberry taste but it’s distinctly less artificial tasting in Cherrazz. There’s something very crisp about it, especially in a subohm setup. There’s a natural sort of botanical taste that comes through, at times it’s a touch floral borderline perfumey which I’m pretty sure is coming from the lychee in the mix. The lychee gives it a slight tartness, a sort of bitterness that anyone who’s ever enjoyed the fruit irl will understand. For me it adds even more of a natural taste to the mix something that cherry and raspberry tend to lack on their own. I tend to get the lychee upfront followed by the sweet raspberry with the cherry kind of coming in on the finish. The raspberry is a bit more sweet than it is tart but the lychee sort of takes care of that.

The flavour overall is a bit on the sweet side and despite tasting slightly of blue razz it’s not cloying, even for me. It’s not quite sugar lips sweet but there is a candy like taste to it like maybe it’s got a hint of cotton candy in there to help sweeten it up. The cherry when I taste it kind of hits me in the back of the mouth and lingers a bit on the lips. It’s sweet but delicate, subtle even but definitely doesn’t make me think medicine in anyway. Paired up with the lychee it almost comes across like Sakura cherry blossoms with the light floral qualities it imparts. Now the description also mentioned a light cooling sensation and when they say light they mean light as most of the time it just barely registers so folks looking for that shocking blast of cool won’t find it with this. Personally I think it’s just enough to brighten up the flavour but not so much it will scare off those who can’t handle a strong cooling sensation. It’s sort of like a grown up blue raspberry flavour without being completely estranged from the blue raspberry most people know and love.


I’ve got to hand it to Vapour Artisans for this one as I quite enjoy Cherrazz with it’s complex blend of raspberry, cherry and lychee. It’s not an easy feat winning me over with a blue raspberry flavour of any sort but Jason and crew managed to do just that. I do find in the standard version on a subohm setup that the lychee is a bit more forward while on the salt version I get more of the raspberry which might help folks decide which one they want to try. Either way if you’re a fan of raspberry flavours I don’t think you can go wrong. So huge thanks to Jason and the wonderful folks at Vapour Artisans for this beautiful juice, I think you nailed it with this one!!