Vandy Vape Simple Ex Review: Wonderful little pod alternative

I’ve been using the Vandy Vape Pulse Ex daily for several weeks now. It was sent to me by Sourcemore for the purposes of a review.

It’s a tiny little MTL squonk kit that’s just a touch bigger than your typical pod system. You’ll love this if you like pod systems but don’t want to keep buying pods.

I haven’t been a regular MTL vaper since 2014, but this thing got me right back on that horse!

What it is

Imagine if someone shrunk a squonker down to the size of a pod system!

The mod is a variable voltage device that goes up to 20 watts. Using the two adjustment buttons you can choose a voltage between 3.3v to 4.5v, in increments of 0.3v. Delivers the same constant voltage right down to 0 bars!

It comes with a BF RDA with a wide range of airflow settings. Since it’s a standard 510 RDA you can replace it with any other BF RDAs.


The old timey screen on the mod shows the battery level in the form of 5 bars. It also shows you the currently selected voltage. It doesn’t display the atomizer resistance, so you have to build the RDA on something else.


The included silicone squonk bottle holds 4ml of juice. The top cap of the bottle has fantastic knurling, filling this thing is a breeze. Vandy Vape sells them separately, but you can use any 16mm bottle provided it fits.


It’s got an 800 mAh built in battery. It takes about an hour to charge. It lasts me an entire day and pretty much exactly one tank fill at the full 20 watts using the third smallest airflow setting

Weight & Size

This thing is incredibly light, weighing just 105 grams with a full bottle and the RDA. The mod itself is just 58.5mm tall. It absolutely weighs and feels like a pod system in my hands.

vandy vape

Build Quality

It’s made of metal and plastic. It doesn’t feel super solid in the hands but it’s far from flimsy. It’s definitely not something you wanna drop a few times. I’ve already chipped the paint around the edges. Standard wear and tear considering how much I’ve been using it.

The 510 feels decent enough but I would be careful pulling the top caps out.. The buttons are 1010.

Squonk bottle is excellent as mentioned above. The squonk door has only one magnet but it’s also press fit. Honestly it’s perfect. It fits flush and doesn’t wobble at all. Requires the perfect amount of force to take out and offers a satisfying click when you put it back on.

This kit isn’t exactly cheap but I think it’s worth it.


The kit comes with a bottom airflow RDA. You can have a draw ranging from a super tight MTL to a pretty decent restricted lung hit. The outer edge of the deck has 6 airflow intake holes of varying sizes that feed into the airflow inside the deck. You can further adjust it with the top cap.

The deck is a PITA to build on. Thin claptons work the best because of power and MTL restrictions, but they’re such a pain to trap under the screw. I wish the sides were blocked off, only leaving a tiny slit to slide the legs through. Wrapping coils counter clockwise helps A LOT as you don’t have to bend them vertically as much.

The MTL cap takes 510 drip tips. The two included with the kit are both fantastic but they fit way too tight. I had to take one of the two orings off the drip tips. The top cap is 20mm in diameter. Using the narrow bore 510 tip and the smallest airflow setting you can get a super tight draw out of this thing.

The translucent RLH cap has a built in drip tip. With the airflow wide open you can really decent hits that produce a good amount of vapor. Unfortunately condensation builds up inside the cap pretty fast and it looks a little disgusting. Until then it’s the best looking cap for the atty.

Flavor is excellent no matter which cap you use. It’s on par with, if not better than most of the pod systems out. The two included Ni80 coils are fantastic. I got a spool of 28g + 40g Ni80 and it’s pretty great too. 6 wraps, 2.5mm ID comes out just under 1.0 ohms, which is pretty much the highest you can build and still reach 20 watts on this thing.

Why this is one of my favorite setups of 2018

This has all the portability advantages of a pod system. I can take this thing anywhere, in the pockets of the skinniest of jeans because how small and light this is. The size and the MTL feature makes this a very stealthy vape too, for the times when you don’t want to stand out.

And I do take this everywhere. Quick trip to the grocery store or to the takeout place? I leave the mod + juice bottles behind and take just the Simpl Ex with me. Even when I take the big ones out I still carry this with me.

After years of using rebuildables I find it hard to shell out the cash for coil heads. I’ve also grown accustomed to vaping on fresh cotton and coil all the time because they cost pennies to replace, something that’s not that viable when you’re buying coil heads. The amount of juice I’ve vaped with this thing, I would have gone through several pods and tens of dollars if it wasn’t a rebuildable. My only cost so far is $5 for 5 feet of ni80 MTL claptons that’ll last me several more months.

A full battery and a full bottle lasts me all day when it’s supplemented with other, DTL setups. 20 watts is enough for a satisfying, flavorful hit. I can adjust the power and airflow to tweak it as I wish. Hits are as strong at 0 bars as they are at 5 bars.

There’s no flaw in this kit other than the PITA build deck, which I’m willing to put up with once a week. I absolutely fucking love this thing.

Well done Vandy Vape! Thank you Sourcemore, this would have flown under my radar if it weren’t for you guys.



  • Width: 40.5mm
  • Height: 58.5mm
  • Thickness: 23mm
  • Weight: 78 grams with a full bottle
  • Batteries: Built in 800mAh


  • Height: 26mm – 36.5mm depending on the top cap and drip tip
  • Diameter: 20mm with the MTL cap, 21mm with the RLH cap
  • Weight: 16g – 27g depending on the top cap and drip tip.
  • Included coils: 2 Ni80 32g x 2 + 38g superfine MTL claptons.


  • Height: 35.5mm bottle, 40.5mm with the straw
  • Diameter: 16mm
  • Material: Silicone
  • Juice capacity: 4ml

Kit w/ MTL cap and narrow bore tip

  • Height: 95mm
  • Weight: 106g

You can find the kit in all five colors at Sourcemore

I’m on Instagram now as well. I post daily photos of my stuff and gear that are in the review queue. I’d appreciate it if you guys checked it out!

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