Vaperz Cloud – The new Asgard Mini RDA Review
Vaperz Cloud Asgard Mini Review
Pros:Good looksExcellent flavorExcellent cloud production
Cons:Diffuser limits build size and locationBoth included tips are short
9Stubby Little Cloud Chucker
Build Quality9

Vaperz Cloud has many familiar vape products. The Dreadnaught RTA, the Hammer of God mod, and a whole series of RDA’s including the Buddha, the Valhalla, the DeathTrap and Asgard 30mm. In this review – we’ll take a look at the Asgard’s little brother – the Asgard Mini RDA.

The Asgard Mini is 25mm in diameter. The Mini comes with a 28mm matching beauty ring to streamline the look on box mods. Available in Black, Polished SS and Naval Brass – here are the specs:

  • 25mm with 28mm beauty ring – 23mm height
  • 24k gold plated positive pin and post
  • Quick release squonk pin with spare screws set in deck
  • Semi-postless deck
  • 6mm juice well
  • Four 2.5mm X 3mm post holes
  • Ultem heat sink
  • Ultem airflow diffuser
  • Ultem chamber reducer
  • Locking top cap and rail system

Disclosure: None. Item was purchased for review and I have no affiliation with the seller or manufacturer.

Fit and Finish:

The Mini is a smaller version of the 30mm. Fit and finish was excellent, especially considering the pricing. I opted for the SS version and it’s currently sitting on my Vicious Ant Knight. The overall appearance is great! The Asgard name is engraved on the cap and again on the base – and Vaperz Cloud is on the bottom of the base. The top cap comes with two tips. They are standard 810 but both are relatively low-profile – you can opt to use your own standard 810 tip if you choose. Inside the cap is the airflow diffuser/ chamber reducer. The reducer moves freely on a rail inside the cap, but there are tabs on the base that line-up with the reducer to lock it into place. The airflow is then changed by spinning the top cap – while the base remains stationary.  

The base itself is well done. A pin screws via Allen Key into the centre post to block the squonk hole. once removed, that pin has a hole tapped for storage in the base (there’s actually two holes for pin storage). The base is decently machined and features a 6mm deep juice well.  Coils are trapped with a semi-postless deck – so that does cut into well space. The postless deck was obviously meant to handle Clapton-type builds so the post holes are each 2.5 x 3mm and use slotted grub screws.

Vape Quality/Usage:

The reducer does two things. It acts as an actual reducer to make the chamber smaller. It also angles incoming air on a 30-degree angle down to cut under the coil. The result is a combo of airflow and pressure that does give off a warm, dense, flavorful vape.

In day to day use – you’ll be happy to note the cap doesn’t really move around accidently. Once set, the airflow can only be adjusted by forcefully turning the entire cap. Squonking is doable, though I’d suggest using a VW capable mod as you may want the extra juice to power some beefy coils. Also, note there are 48 small holes in the cap for airflow. That does make it possible to leak if you over-squonk or over drip.  

I have it set up with a fairly conservative dual coil using Definitive Sticks. They are 26/36 N80 Fused Claptons that together ohm out at 0.37. The deck and construction also allows you to use a beefy single coil – I originally set it up with a single coil Clapton that ohmed out to 0.15.

Vaperz Cloud Asgard Mini

I prefer the dual as the build does also act to further reduce the chamber size and help with the overall flavor. Draw is smooth wide open. I actually preferred it just a bit closed, and there is some extra draw noise but with the design, that’s to be expected.

Asgard Mini
Vaperz Cloud Asgard Mini

When building, look inside the cap first. The Ultem has a rectangular cut-out and you’ll have to keep your coils inside those dimensions. You’ll want to keep your dual build more centered to avoid coming in contact with the Ultem.


I really enjoyed using this. The Asgard Mini will probably go into fairly regular rotation as an atty I can use for testing. If you use the stock tips, the atty sits low and looks good on almost everything. The Asgard Mini comes complete with 28mm beauty ring, spare screws and o-rings.

I like most Vaperz Cloud products! The Mini RDA is no exception. With the reduced chamber, I’ll give it a slight flavour edge over the Kali V2, but the Kali V2 is more flexible with what you can build in it – and the Kali has the different colored caps already in the kit. Regardless, the Asgard Mini is excellent value for a 25mm RDA/RSA. MSRP is around $50 USD. I’ve seen it here for sale around $65 CND.


All of Vaperz Cloud products can be found on their website: