Honest review time: The Target Mini II from Vaporesso

Anyone who follows my reviews knows I covet compact gear with one of my all time favorite mini mods being made by a company named Vaporesso. It was called the Target Mini and several years later despite being in rough shape I’ve still been using it. Recently the company released a refresh of my all time favorite mini mod called The Target Mini II so of course I had to get my hands on one. I got mine from Carrack vape an awesome company out of Concord Ontario with a wide selection of vape products both regular and high end and since it’s arrived it’s gone pretty much everywhere with me. These are my honest thoughts on the new Target Mini II from Vaporesso.

Package contents:

1 xTarget Mini II Mod
1 xMicro USB cable
1 xUser Manual
1 xUser Guide

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:63 x 37.2 x 25.7mm
Display:0.66" OLED
Power Range:5-50W
Battery capacity:2000mAh(Internal)
Pin compatibility:510
Resistance Range:0.03-5Ohm
Charge current:5V/2A Quick charge
Colours:Black, Silver, Red & Teal

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a mostly black cardboard box with the words ‘It’s back’ on the front referring to the return of the Target Mini and a full listing of the contents, specs and features on the back as well as a handy authenticity check sticker. In the kit you get the Target Mini II, a micro USB cable for charging it, a user manual and a user guide. It’s a modestly packed kit but it’s just the mod only so it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect to get.

The Target Mini II mod:

The mod is super compact at only 63mm tall, 37.2mm wide and 25.7mm thick, just a couple millimeters bigger than the original. It shares a very similar shape to it’s predecessor with a sort of swept back top and grip that’s shaped to match the hand. It kind of looks like the grip of a gun but much much smaller. Compared to the original it’s also lost a bit of extra styling with the original sporting some carbon fiber inlay and a nice sort of finger grip on the back but it doesn’t look any worse for it. In fact it looks much slicker and more refined compared to the first one with the carbon fiber being replaced by a textured grip and the whole thing having a more uniform scheme. At the top it comes equipped with a stainless steel 510 connection with what is likely a gold plated spring loaded 510 center pin. The threads are nice and smooth and so far everything I’ve tried on it has sat flush. However, like many devices the 510 connection does sit proud of the device by just a hair to prevent scratching up the top of the mod which does unfortunately leave just a hairline gap. Not enough to bother me but I know some people can’t abide it. The mod supports atomizers up to 24mm in diameter but with that slightly tapered rim anything beyond that will likely overhang.

Down the working face of the mod is the sort of trigger style button which is quite similar to the original. It has a nice click to it and so far no rattle from any of the buttons. Just below the trigger button is the 0.66″ black and white OLED screen. It’s quite bright and easy to read and the brightness can be adjusted in the settings. Just below the screen are three buttons. The top one is the mode button which can be used to change the mode while the two other buttons are the adjustment(+/-) buttons. On one side of the device is the micro USB port for charging which it does at a rate of 5V/2A so it supports quick charging and it can top up the internal 2000mAh battery usually in less than an hour, one of the more considerable improvements over the original. On the very bottom it’s got a series of small vent holes should anything go amiss with the battery but it’s also got the usual safety features built-in like low resistance, short-circuit, overtime, low power etc. so the device should remain safe in nearly any circumstance.

Usage and Performance:

Powered by the Omni Board 4.2 this little device packs some serious punch. It fires super fast(approx 0.001s) up to 50W and for a compact mod it doesn’t skimp on the functions and features. It actually includes several modes and function that the original didn’t have. Pressing the mode button prompts the user to click it three more times to enter the mode selection screen where it has options for VW-N(Variable wattage normal), VW-H(Hard), VW-S(Soft), CCW(Custom Curve Wattage), SP(Super Player Mode), VV(Variable Voltage), CCV(Custom Curve Voltage), SS(Stainless Steel), Ni(Nickel 200), Ti(Titanium), M1-2(Mem slot 1-2), BP(ByPass) and Set(Settings).

VW-N is ‘variable wattage – normal’ which is just regular wattage mode, VW-H and VW-S basically bump the power up or down respectively by about 30%. You can also set your own curves using either CCW or CCV to set either wattage or voltage based curves. SP or Super Player mode allows the device to fire at a lower resistance range which I believe is from 0.03-5ohm to accommodate low resistance coils and tanks. For TC options it’s got a default setting for SS, Ni and TI but also has two mem slots to set your own TCR values. With BP or bypass mode it just draws directly from the battery like a mechanical mod but still has the benefit of the safety protections in place.

Basically it has every feature and function you could ever need and plenty that I’m sure you will never use. Under Settings you can also reset the device to defaults, set the time/date, adjust the brightness, reset the puff counter, enable/disable smart mode, set the auto on/off, adjust screen brightness as well as check the version. I for one am mainly a variable wattage user and very seldom do I use TC or custom curves but it’s still really nice to have the options especially in such a compact little device like the Target Mini II.


I think it’s finally time to retire my original battle worn Target Mini and the new Target Mini II is definitely a most worthy successor. From an increased battery capacity to much improved features and functions the Target Mini II easily takes the spot for my new favorite mini mod of all time. If you’re like me and appreciate keeping your gear compact but also appreciate a device with lots of features and functions the Target Mini II would be hard to beat. I think this device would be well suited to either new or seasoned vapers alike who don’t like to lug around giant mods but still want the advanced features the bigger mods usually include. Absolutely no hesitation on this one. Fantastic little device Vaporesso!

How it adds up
Super compactBuild qualityFeature richBattery lifeAesthetics
Hairline gap from 510
Build Quality9.5