Honest review time: The Vaporesso Xtra

Here’s a look at a handy little pod device recently released by vaporesso.com. Arguably one of my favorite companies they produce some top quality gear but at an affordable price. This latest pod system is no exception. It’s called the Xtra and I picked mine up from Heavengifts.com one of my preferred vape retailers out of China. There’s not a lot to it so it this should be short and sweet. Here are my honest thoughts on the Vaporesso Xtra Pod system.

Package contents:

1 xMESHED UNIPOD (2ml, 0.8Ω, Pre-installed)
1 xUNIPOD (2ml, 1.2Ω, In Box)
1 xUSB Cable
1 xUser Manual
1 xWarranty Card
1 xReminder Card

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:73.9 x 16.7 x 38.2mm
Display:Single 3-color LED Indicator
Battery:900mAh Built-in
Charging current:5V/1A
Pod capacity:2ml
Resistance: Unipod 1.2Ohm, Meshed Unipod 0.8Ohm
Output:Unipod: 11W
Meshed Unipod: 16W

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a small blue cardboard box. On the front is an image of the device while on the back it lists the contents, specs and some company info. In the kit you get the Xtra device with a pod pre-installed, a spare pod, a micro USB charge cable, a user manual, warranty card and a warning card. Modestly packed but about what you’d expect with a kit like this.

The Xtra mod:

The Xtra mod is a super compact pod device with a built-in 900mAh battery. It’s rectangular in shape but rounded on both sides with one side bulging out creating a sort of keyhole shape to the device. The whole thing is hardly bigger than a Zippo lighter and weighs about the same. It’s got a shiny metal exterior but appears to be mostly made of plastic with a soft somewhat squishy inlay sticker to give it a bit of colour. The shiny metal parts are decorated with little dots and it’s got the words ‘Vaporesso Xtra’ printed on as well. Like most pod devices it’s got an open slot on top for the pod to slide into which is held in place with magnets.

Down one of the sides is a micro USB port for charging the device which it does at a rate of 5V/1A so it’s not exactly quick charge but with only 900mAh it tends to charge up pretty quickly. Right next to the charge port is tri-colour LED which indicates when it’s firing, renaming battery as well as when it’s charging. On the very bottom there’s some little vent holes should anything go amiss with the battery as well as a button which lets you turn the device on and off with the usual five clicks. It’s got the usual safety protections built-in and it uses draw to fire activation meaning you just put it to your lips, take a hit and it fires. It appears to have regulated output and depending on the coil/pod you are using it will output at either 11W for the 1.2ohm coil or 16W for the 0.8ohm coil.

The Xtra pods:

The pods that come with the kit are made of plastic and hold 2ml of liquid. Like many others there’s a little silicone tab on the side that you can pop open to fill them. The fill hole is decently sized and so far I haven’t had any issues filling them. They have built-in coils with one being a mesh coil rated 0.8ohm and 16W while the other is rated 1.2ohm and 11W. It’s pretty obvious that one is meant for lower nic concentrations while the other would work better with higher nic or a sort of DL versus MTL but they both have the exact same draw to them. The device nor the pods have any form of airflow control so regardless of which pod you use you get a sort of loose MTL hit or rather tight direct lung hit. It’s an attempt at a best of both worlds sort of thing but in reality most die hard MTL fans are going to want a tighter draw while most DL vapers will want a more open draw. Lots of devices seem to do this these days but I’m all for picking one and doing it well, either that or offer pods with different amounts of airflow for the two major kinds of vapers or some rudimentary airflow control.

Flavour and vapour production from both pods was really enjoyable. The 0.8ohm mesh coil drank the juice a bit quicker and obviously produces slightly bigger clouds but flavour from both was well defined with little to no break in. I’ve been using the kit for well over a week now swapping between the two pods using some 3mg 70vg standard liquid in the 0.8ohm and some 15mg salt 50/50 in the 1.2ohm pod and both are still going strong after several top ups each. Longevity always depends on what you’re vaping, how much and personal vaping habits but I’d imagine these should last just as long as other pods and coils in their range. I did get a tiny bit of leaking but it mainly occurred when the pods were nearly empty and a quick wipe with a tissue seemed to keep everything in working order.


My only real gripes with the Xtra were around the airflow and the tiny bit of leaking but even those are minor complaints as so many other pod systems have a similar setup. Also I can’t really fault it for the small liquid and battery capacity as it is meant to be a super compact on the go device and not really an all day banger. It does tend to last quite a while though, especially if you’re using the lower powered 1.2ohm coil and pair it with some salts. The flavour I get from it is really solid and the overall experience vaping on it is quite satisfying so I wouldn’t have any real issues giving it a thumbs up.

How it adds up
Build qualityCompactEase of useAestheticsRegulated outputDraw to fireDedicated on/off buttonGood performance from both coilsMesh coil included
Not quite MTL not quite DLBit of leaking from pod
Build Quality8