Honest review time: The Geyser v1.5 from VapX

Just recently I reviewed a pod system from a newish company called VapX. It was called the Geyser S, a follow up to their initial product launch the Geyser. Now it seems they’ve released an updated version of the original called the Geyser v1.5 which I’m assuming corrects some issues the original may have had. Unfortunately I never got to test out the original so I can’t make this a comparison review and instead will take a fresh look at the new Geyser v1.5 from VapX.

Package contents:

1 xGeyserV1.5Mod
1 xDualAFCPod
1 x1.2mType-CCable
1 xHexagon(Allen)Key
1 xXCoil Model15s
1 xXCoil Model15d
1 x18650 Sleeve
1 xProduct Manual
1 xCoil tool

Listed features and specs:

Output watt:5W-100W
Output voltage:0.5V-8V
Resistance range:0.1Ω-3Ω
Input voltage:3.2V-4.2V
Full charged voltage:4.0-4.25V
Device measurement:87.7*30.9*53.5mm
Sleeping mode:3min

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a fairly large box with a sleeve over it. The sleeve sports all the usual stuff like an image of the kit on the front and product details, the kits contents and some company info on the back. In the kit you get the Geyser v1.5, a dual AFC pod, a USB Type-C cable, a hex key, a coil tool, an XCoil Model 15s, an XCoil Model 15d, an 18650 sleeve and a product manual. You also get a set of o-rings which aren’t listed on the site. A pretty standard set of stuff but I’m not exactly sure what the hex key tool is for.

The mod:

The Geyser v1.5 is a pretty sizable device. Standing around 88mm tall, 53mm wide and about 31mm thick it’s one of the bulkier pod systems I’ve had the pleasure of using. It’s understandable as it’s powered by an external 21700 or 20700 but can also use 18650s with the included silicone sleeve. At the top it’s got a slot for the pod to slide in as well as a little locking clip. It uses a sort of rail system to slide it in and the clip ensures it stays put. A bit different from most others and so far it works very reliably. Right next to the locking switch there’s a lanyard hole in case you wanted to hang it from a lanyard but they don’t include one in the kit. The body of the device is mostly made of magnesium alloy and plastic which feels really light and maybe a bit cheap until you get a battery in, then the extra weight makes it feel a little more substantial.

To insert a battery you slide off the back cover, it sort of clicks into place which works fine for now but could eventually wear out after repeated use. Inside the battery compartment both terminals are well marked and there’s a little ribbon to help remove your batteries when swapping them out. On one side of the device there’s a USB Type-C port for charging which as far as I can tell it does at a rate of 5V/0.5A so it might still be wiser to charge them externally. On the other side there’s a little branding sticker with the name VapX and around front there’s a big bright colour screen. A chunky square plastic fire button and two square plastic adjustment buttons fill out the rest.

Much like the Geyser S, the Geyser v1.5 is super simple to use and operate and uses the standard five clicks to turn it on and off while three clicks highlights the mode while subsequent clicks cycles through the on screen elements like resistance and the puff counter. Highlighting the mode lets you cycle through Power, TC-Ni, TC-SS, TC-Ti, TC-TCR, VPC(variable power curves), Bypass and back to power. Standard stuff and super easy to pick up and use. It’s nice that they include the other functions but considering it ships with two non TC coils it also seems unnecessary. The device can fire up to 100W and also seems to fire pretty quickly. I think most users will be readily able to pick it up and get into it as it works like most other devices on the market.

The tank:

The tank that comes with the kit as mentioned above slides into the device and locks into place with a little switch. At the top it comes equipped with a chunky 810 drip tip and on either side it sports some pretty significant airflow inlets. Both inlets have little flip out handles that you can pop out and turn to adjust the airflow, no stops or anything, they just endlessly spin. It’s dual intake and both sides have a sort of perforated grill which may help give it a smoother draw however it also makes it a bit difficult to see what you are adjusting. On their site they suggest you can go from a tight MTL to a full on DTL with RBA like performance but this one is definitely for the direct to lung crowd as I really wasn’t able to get a tight MTL hit even with both sides fully closed. Also with the coils it ships with, I’d suggest sticking with DTL only. I could also see those little handle snapping off eventually so I’d suggest a bit of caution when using them.

One other slight drawback to the slide in pod, is the fill port is located on the side so anytime you need to fill it you’ll need to pop it out of the device. A thin strip of silicone covers the fill hole and on the bottom of the pod there is a hole to insert the plug and play coils. The pod itself holds 5ml of liquid so you won’t have to fill it that often unless you’re really chuckin clouds. Aside from the awkwardly placed fill port I will also mention it is a challenge to see the liquid level so you may want to pop it out from time to time just to take a peak. Aside from a few minor quirks and despite looking like Xaviers wheelchair, it does work decently enough if you’re using it for DTL.

The two coils the kit ships with are both XCoil Model 15 but one is a 0.2ohm 15d(dual) rated from 60-70W while the 0.23ohm 15s(single) is rated from 55-75W. Both have a fairly similar range and for me both had a sweet spot above 60W, around 65W for the d and 70W for the s. The single coil could run a bit higher but the dual coil got just a bit too hot if I ran it all the way up. Absolutely no complaints with flavour or vapour production and as far as longevity goes they seem to be carrying on at least as long as their competitors. No word on compatibility just yet but I’ll update if I find anything.


I don’t see it listed anywhere for sale just yet but if it’s anything like the Geyser S it should be another affordable option once it is. After spending a couple weeks with it I really have nothing major to complain about, just a few minor quirks. Being made with super lightweight magnesium alloy it does have a slightly cheaper feel than some other mods but some folks may appreciate it’s lighter weight. Also despite being a 21700 mod it’s surprisingly compact and is hardly bigger than some of my 18650 mods and that’s not including a tank. Again though, this one is going to be just for the direct to lung crowd but nearly anyone new or experienced should be able to handle this one!

How it adds up
Easy to useTakes 18650, 20700 and 21700USB Type-C chargingBattery lifeBig 5ml liquid capacityLightweight and reasonably compactAffordableDual adjustable AFCSlide out podPlug and play coilsPerformance of mesh coils
Materials feel a bit cheapNo 2A chargingFill port accessLiquid level hard to seeNot for MTL
Build Quality7