Honest review time: The VapX Meteor mod

Here’s a look at a new mod from VapX. A fairly new company, you might remember them from some recent reviews of their pod system the Geyser S and later Geyser v1.5. Recently I received a new device from them, a 510 based mod with at least one seldom seen feature. The new mod ships without an atomizer so this should be relatively short and sweet. Here are my honest thoughts on the new VapX Meteor Mod.

Package contents:

1 xMeteor Mod
1 xUSB Type-C cable

Listed features and specs:

Output watt:5-80W
Output voltage:0.5-8V
Resistance range:0.08-3ohm
Input voltage:3.2-4.2V
Device measurement:29 x 42 x 80mm
Output current:1A-40A

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a black cardboard box with nothing really on the box aside from the name on the front and some basic company info on the back. In the kit all I got was the device and a USB Type-C cable, no manual, warranty card or any extras of any kind. I’m pretty sure the final version will at the very least include a manual but this is what came in the box for me. I also received a second box which was likewise lightly labelled and in it was a USB-C charging base to go with the mod. Again no manual or anything but I don’t really think it’d be needed for the base.

The mod:

The Meteor is a well built device and like many in the industry seems to take a few design queues from the likes of Geekvape and their Aegis line. It’s even IP68 dust, water and shockproof and can survive in up to 8m of water. It’s mostly made of some type of alloy with a portion covered in grippy rubber and a somewhat familiar leather backing. Some orange threads and the name Meteor are stamped into the leather for good measure. On one side it has a decent sized 0.96″ colour screen and on the other it’s just got an embedded VapX logo.

At the top it has a protruding stainless steel 510 connection plate with what looks like a gold plated spring loaded 510 center pin however it’s this raised 510 that is likely my only significant complaint with the device. On mine at least, it sits proud of the top of the device leaving a slight gap with pretty much any atomizer and to top it off it’s tilted, just slightly. I didn’t drop it or anything but that’s exactly what it looks like and I know some people are real picky about their devices looking, you know not broken. I can’t say this will be the case with all of them or the final version if there is one, so take that with a grain of salt.

A fairly large hexagonal plastic fire button adorns the side opposite the leather backing while the adjustment buttons live on the face with the screen. Also located on the side with the fire button are some sort of arrow marks stamped in the rubber but also a silicone plug which hides and protects a USB Type-C port which allows you to charge the devices internal 2000mAh battery. Not sure how I feel about the arrow marks but the USB Type-C is always welcome. One of the key things that sets the Meteor apart from so many others, is the charging base. On the bottom of the device are a row of contacts which line up with the fast charge base and some hidden magnets help make the connection. I will note you can’t just pick the device straight up or the base which isn’t that heavy will come with you but a slight tip in any direction will allow you to pick it up without also picking up the base. The charging base lets you charge up to a whopping 45W bringing charge time down to just 10 mins. However if you don’t have a 45W compatible charging block it will also charge up in 15mins using 30W, 16mins at 27w and 27mins at 18w so regardless of your power supply a full charge isn’t far away.

The device can fire up to 80W but also does temp control and power curves for the more advanced users. Using the device is simple and straightforward and like most devices out there uses the usual five clicks to turn it on and off, three clicks highlights the mode letting you cycle through POWER, TC-Ni, TC-SS, TC-Ti, TCR, VPC and BYPASS using the adjustment buttons while pressing Fire will cycle through the onscreen options like resistance, puff count or wattage if in one of the TC modes. Pressing both adjustment buttons locks the device while pressing fire and up or down will adjust the brightness of the screen. Super easy to navigate and intuitive to anyone who’s used a regulated mod in the past few years.


The Meteor just launched this week and isn’t yet available at most retailers so pricing is still up in the air but like I stated above I really have almost nothing at all to complain about with the Meteor. Aside from the slightly wonky 510 which to be fair hardly bothers me, it’s well built, easy to use, has all the modern features we look for in a device and then some. The 45w fast charge base which is sold separately is a nice touch but not necessary and if these are priced similar to the Geysers they’re going to give the competition a serious run for their money.

How it adds up
IP68 durability ratingSolid constructionEase of useInternal 2000mAhUSB-C fast chargeUp to 45W fast charge baseBright colour screenFull featured
Raised 510Arrow marks(aesthetic)
Build Quality8.5