Honest review time: The Veiik Cracker

Here’s a quick look at a new pod device from a company called Veiik. It’s a new company for me but it looks like they’ve been in the pod game at least for a little while now with several other pod devices already on offer. I picked mine up from Heavengifts.com a Chinese retailer that’s specializes in vape related products. The device is called the Veiik Cracker and this is what I think of it.

Package contents:

1 xVEIIK Cracker Battery Device
2 x2ml Replacement Pods
1 xUSB Cable
1 xUser Manual
1 xLanyard

Listed features and specs:

Dimenstions:54 x 45 x 13.2mm
Battery capacity:500mAh
Coil resistance:Ceramic 1.2ohm
Pod material:PCTG
Device material:Zinc Alloy
Colours:PU version: Plain Black, Elegant Brown, Emerald Green, Vitality Orange
Glass Version: Dazzling Black, Ocean Blue, Color Ink, Fantasy Gold, Idyllic White, Aurora Gunmetal

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a nice white cardboard box with an image of the device on the front and a listing of the contents as well some info on the kit and the company on the back. In the kit you get the Veiik Cracker device, two refillable 2ml pods, a micro USB cable for charging, a user manual, a warranty card and a lanyard. It’s a pretty modest kit but to be fair it’s a pretty modest device.

The device:

The Veiik Cracker is a colourful and shiny little piece of kit. The body of the device is made of zinc-alloy so it feels solid in hand and it’s finished with a glossy durable paint. On either side it has inlaid panels and it’s available in a wide variety of colours and patterns but is also available with a PU or glass finish. PU I’m guessing would be polyurethane. I got the Dazzling black version which comes with the glass finish and I got to say it’s a pretty attractive little device. Though they don’t state what kind of glass so far I haven’t gotten any scratches or nicks. The thing measure roughly 54mm by 45mm and is only about 13mm thick making it just a bit bigger than an average pack of matches or a bit smaller than a Zippo lighter. It fits perfectly in the little watch pocket of my jeans which is where I tend to keep it. Off to one side at the top it comes with a pod already installed which is held in place with magnets. It’s held quite firmly and there’s little to no movement between the pod and the device.

On the same side as the pod on the outer edge there’s an LED indicator to show when it’s firing, when it’s charging and remaining battery life. When the battery is above 50% it shines white, when it’s between 30-50% it shines blue and when it’s below 30% it shines red. On the side opposite the pod is a small lanyard hole to attach it to the included lanyard and on the very bottom of the device is the micro USB port for charging the 500mAh internal battery. When tested it only appeared to charge at about 5V/0.4A so it doesn’t have any kind of quick charge included. Also they don’t list any safety features on their site or in the manual but I’d imagine it still has at least the most basic protections in place. There’s no button or anything on the device and it’s draw to fire meaning you just hold it to your lips, take a pull and the device fires. I’ve found it to be quite responsive and so far in the time I’ve been using it I haven’t had any issues with the draw to fire activation.

The Veiik Cracker Pods:

The kit comes packed with two refillable 2ml PCTG pods. They have built-in tips that jut out on the corner. It’s comfortable on the lips and holding it on an angle feels pretty natural. Like pretty much every pod device out there the plastic is smoked so you have to hold it up to the light to see how much liquid is remaining. The pods have little silicone plugs on the side for refilling which if you’re in a hurry can get a bit messy but for the most part is pretty common place. The pods have built-in ceramic 1.2ohm coils which work best with high nic liquids like nic salts. The coils aren’t replaceable so once they’ve burnt out you have to replace the whole thing. I’ve been using the same two pods interchangeably for nearly two weeks and so far they’ve both been holding up. Obviously longevity will really depend on the juices used and how much you vape but with a clean liquid you should be able to get some pretty decent life out of them.

The pods are bottom airflow and depend solely on the coils for airflow restriction. They give a pretty decent mouth to lung hit that’s not too tight and not too loose. Also in the time I’ve been using them, neither one has leaked a drop and condensation build up in the device has been at a minimal. The device also looks like it’s lined with silicone in case it does leak but so far so good.


Now vapour production with these little pods is pretty modest but the kit is meant for mouth to lung vaping and paired with the right liquid it’s a pretty decent experience. No it doesn’t pump out mad clouds but the flavour I get from the little 1.2ohm ceramic coils is actually pretty good. I’ve been enjoying it with one of my favorite tobacco flavours and it’s been a nice little companion for quick outings or as a secondary device. It’s super simple to use and operate and I would think it would make a good option for a lot of new vapers who just want a hassle free and simple device to get started with or for seasoned vapers just looking for a discrete, pocket friendly pod device with a touch of style.

How it adds up
Super compactFeels solid in handDraw to fireAestheticsFlavour from ceramic coils
Small battery capacityNo airflow adjustmentSlow charge rate
Build Quality7.5