Honest review time: The Vladdin Vantage

You guys remember Vladdin!? They were the pocket friendly disposable pod system that came out just after the STLTH dropped and gave it a good run for it’s money by being one of the first to offer refillable pods. Recently they’ve launched an updated system which aims to bring the Vladdin up to modern times with some newer features the original lacked. It’s called the Vladdin Vantage, I got mine from Heavengifts.com one of my go to online retail sites out of China and after using it for a couple weeks, here’s what I make of it.

Package contents:

1 xVantage Device
1 xDL Pod (0.8ohm, light blue)
1 xMTL Pod (1.2ohm, transparent)
1 xType-C Charging Cable
1 xUser Manual
1 xCarry Case

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:116 x 21.8 x 12.6mm
MTL Power:11W
DL Power:15W
Pod capacity:1.6ml
Charging:USB Type-C 5V/2A

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a sleek plastic hard shell case. It’s not just a package that you’ll throw away as they tout it as being a handy portable case for your device when not in use and even include a little space for a 10ml bottle of liquid in there. In the kit you get the Vladding Vantage, two empty pods, a USB Type-C charging cable and a user manual. Everything is neatly packed and if you’re traveling around the case could be quite handy.

The Vladdin Vantage:

Like most others the Vantage has a slot on the top where you insert a pod which also doubles as the mouth piece. Though still incredibly pocket friendly and discrete the Vladdin Vantage is now significantly thicker than it’s earlier counterpart, but that thickness comes with some extra benefits. It now sports twice the power of the original with an internal 700mAh battery and what’s more the device is outfitted with a USB Type-C port which allows you to charge the device at a blistering 5V/2A. I’m pretty sure it’s the first pod system like this that I’ve seen with 2A fast charging and considering it’s only 700mAh it tops up in no time at all. I know that 700mAh doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s a pod system that uses very little power so it tends to last all day long as well. A series of LEDs hidden under the dark plastic inlay lets you know how much battery remains.

One of the other features I always look for in a pod system is a regulated output and with the Vantage it has two set regulated outputs depending on the type of pod you have attached. A regulated output means you get the same hit every time no matter the level of the battery. Yet another feature, the device offers both DL and MTL style pods with the DL pod running at 15W and the MTL pod consuming just 11W. Just like the original the device is draw activated meaning you just put it to your lips take a pull and it fires but it also includes a button. The button not only allows you to turn it on and off for safety reasons but it gives you the choice between draw activating and button firing. Unfortunately for some reason the auto draw doesn’t seem to work with the DL pod but I found if I press the button for the first second it will let me finish the draw without holding it down. Not sure if it’s an issue with the pod or if it’s meant to be that way but the MTL pod works fine every time.

The Vantage Pods:

If I haven’t mentioned it already the pods that come with the kit are refillable and come in two basic flavours. One uses a 0.8ohm DL coil where the other is a 1.2ohm MTL. They are colour coded to make it easy to distinguish them at a glance with the MTL pod being clear and the DL pod being a clear blue. The clear pod being ideal for high nic liquids like salts where the blue pod would be better suited to lower nic liquids. This is also where my first and really only significant complaint comes in. The DL pod is awfully tight and the MTL is rather loose. I’m sure it will suit some folks but it sort of misses the mark on both by just the tiniest margin for me. It’s still fully usable and actually quite enjoyable but I know a lot of folks are quite picky on the tightness of their draw, especially in regards to MTL.

The pods hold 1.6ml of liquid and are top filled by removing the mouth piece portion of the pod to reveal two open holes for filling. Vladdin after their initial release were one of the first to offer refillable pods and these are oddly reminiscent of the originals. Much like the originals the new pods also use ceramic based coils so they should last quite a while and the flavour production from both of them has been very respectable but ultimately it will depend on what you vape and how much. I will say that the DL coil doesn’t seem to produce quite as much flavour but overall I’ve been enjoying the performance of both coils.


So quite a lot has changed with the Vladdin Vantage and it’s now a very modern and feature packed device. Auto draw, fast charge and a regulated output always tend to do well by me and my only real complaint was a minor one with the airflow of the pods being just a bit off. I will also mention that the edges are a bit on the sharp side but not uncomfortably so and the paint doesn’t seem the most durable as it’s already chipped or rubbed off in a few spots but that’s been with me carrying it in a pocket with keys. Overall though I found it a very enjoyable device to use and wouldn’t have any trouble recommending it. Unlikely as it is if anyone out there is still using the original I’d say the Vantage would be a worthy upgrade but it would also be a good choice for anyone just getting into vaping looking for an easy to use and pocket friendly pod device with plenty of modern features.

Honest review time: The Vladdin Vantage
Looks sharpRegulated outputEase of useAuto draw and buttonGood battery lifeType-C 5V 2A chargingComes with two refillable podsCeramic coilsGood flavour
No auto draw with DL podMTL a bit loose/DL a bit tightPaint doesn't seem the most durableEdges a bit sharp
7.7Overall Score
Build Quality7.5
Reader Rating 2 Votes