Voopoo Drag Nano Pod System Review
Voopoo Drag Nano Pod System Review
Pros:Mini Drag form factorTighter drawExcellent flavour rendition
Cons:The chainFilling can be challenging. The fill hole is too small. FIX THIS VOOPOO!No viewing window for juice levelNo adjustability
Fit and Finish7.8
Vape Quality9.1
Reader Rating 7 Votes

Based on the popularity of the Drag series of mods, Voopoo seemed to have some built-up anticipation for the release of their pod system, the Drag Nano. The Drag Nano mini-sizes the Drag form factor into a draw-activated little pod device. The Drag Nano is available in 7 colorways. Is it the best pod system available right now? Let’s take a closer look.

 Voopoo Drag Nano Pod
Voopoo Drag Nano Pod

Disclosure: None – item was purchased for review.

Fit and Finish:

The Drag Nano features a zinc alloy and aluminum alloy body. One side has a fitted resin panel accent. The resin is securely attached and sits flush to the body. The other side has the Drag name. As always, my complaint is going to be that the shiny surfaces are finger print magnets. The body is going to be susceptible to scuffing and scratches.

The bottom proudly labels the Nano as having the Gene chip and is where the micro USB port is located. There is an LED indicator on the side.

The pod is made of PCTG. Poly Cyclohexylenedimethylene Terephthalate glycol-modified is like PETG, but more chemical resistant. The 1mL capacity is small. 1.8 ohms is perfect for nic salts. There is no mention of the coil or wicking material.

There is some play with the pod when attached to the body. It appears to be friction fit, so that might be part of the issue.

The internal battery is 750 mAh. Decent for most of the day use, and even more so considering the chip – more about that further down. Micro USB charging will only take about an hour for full charge.

The GENE Chip:

The Drag Nano is draw activated – however, the Voopoo GENE chip is works hard in the background. The GENE chip has five protective functions: switch timeout protection, short circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, and output over-current protection.

The GENE chip features a “cold boot” mode. There is no ramp up to full wattage – the output is claimed to be constant from start to finish. Holds true in usage. There is no noticeable difference throughout the pull.


The Nano has one of the smallest overall form factors and is an easy carry, with or without the included chain. Draw activation works well and there are no adjustment buttons required. TBH, the Drag Nano seems to work best with a slow steady draw. Airflow is tight MTL – not Juul tight, but still restricted. The flavour rendition is very good. I’m testing with Mango from Lemon Drop in 20mg. Flavour is full with decent heat, all the nuances of the mango, lemon and orange are there.

Only usage niggle is with pod filling. Tilt the pod and fill it s-l-o-w. Single hole filling means an air bubble can back up filling and create a mess. Tilt the pod on a 45 degree angle, stick the bottle tip as far in as it will go and fill slow. If you have a bottle with a large tip, forget it – use a syringe – the fill hole is definitely too small. The manufacturer’s page says about 350 puffs of pod life.

Voopoo Drag Nano Pod

As with most pods, condensation and seepage will require some attention. Also note there is no viewing window to see your juice level. You’ll have to remove the pod to check it.


It’s still not perfect, and to me – the chain is a bit over-the-top – but the Voopoo Drag Nano has a nice, pocket friendly form factor that’s worth picking up. Vape quality is above that of many and the draw is on the tighter side. Even without adjustable wattage, I’ll probably get another to replace some clunkier early pod devices.

Price point is around $40 CND and a 4-pack of replacement pods is around $15 based on paid prices.


Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Packaging

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