Honest review time: The Voopoo Vinci VW Mod Pod

Here’s a look at the latest pod system to drop from Voopoo. Probably best known for their extremely popular Voopoo Drag mod and Drag Mini, they’ve been around for quite some time now and though it’s not their first attempt at a pod device but I believe it is their fully first regulated pod system to hit the market. I got mine from Heavengifts.com and there are actually two versions available one with and one without a screen. I got the VW version that comes with a screen which is the one we’ll be taking a look at. Here are my honest thoughts on the Voopoo Vinci VW Mod Pod.

Package contents:

1 xVinci device
1 xVinci Replacement pod(5.5ml)
1 xPnP-VM1 0.3ohm coil
1 xPnP-R1 0.8ohm coil
1 xUSB cable
1 xUser manual
1 xWarranty card
1 xChip card
1 xGift card

Listed features and specs:

Material:Zinc alloy
Output power:5-40W
Output voltage:3.2-4.2V
Battery capacity:1500mAh
Size:104 x 25.3 x 25.3mm
Pod capacity:5.5ml(2ml TPD)

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed a cardboard box with a sleeve over top to protect the contents within. The box doesn’t actually have a lid just the sleeve so it could potentially get a little smushed in transit like mine did. In the kit you get the Voopoo Vinci device with pod already attached, two coils, a micro USB cable, a user manual, a warranty card and a little Gene Chip card. Everything you’d need to get started and while everything still arrived safe it would have been nice for it to arrive in a slightly more reassuring box.

The vinci mod:

The Voopoo Vinci is definitely an eye-catcher with it’s fairly standout cuboid shape, it’s big bright 0.96″ color screen and it’s colourful patterned side inlays it most certainly doesn’t look like your typical pod device. It’s available in several styles including Carbon Fiber, Opal, Space Gray, Ink, Aurora, Scarlet, Dazzling Green, Peacock, Hill Yellow and Jade Green. I got the Aurora version which I think looks great.

The Vinci also feels solid, being mostly made of aluminum alloy it weighs in at about 115g. I imagine a lot of that weight is thanks in part to it’s 1500mAh internal battery which is charged via micro USB located on the bottom of the device. It charges at a rate of 5V/1A and a full charge takes about an hour and a half though it also seems to support pass-through vaping.

It has a max output of 40W which can be adjusted via the rocker style adjustment button located on the face of the device towards the bottom of the screen. Towards the top of the screen you’ll find the round metallic looking fire button which can be used to turn the device on and off via five clicks, lock the wattage with fire and up, reset the puff count with fire and down, change the mode via three clicks or simply fire the device with a single press.

The Vinci is powered by Voopoos Gene Ai chip which includes a number of other useful features allowing users to switch between a manual(P), auto(A) or a dual mode A+P which allows users to either manually fire the device or use it’s built-in auto draw feature or both. I found the auto draw feature worked well enough but on a few occasions did manage to stutter a bit on me so I switched it to A+P mode so I could manually fire if/when it stuttered. The chip also puts the device to sleep when not using it so if it’s been sitting for a while you still need to press a button to wake it up before the auto draw feature will even work. A bit annoying at times but not a huge deal considering it’s trying to save your battery.

The Gene Ai chip will also auto adjust the wattage when first attaching a new coil to ensure you don’t accidentally burn it out with too much power. The other notable feature of the Vinci is the visible puff counter which will actually track your total daily puff counts over the course of two weeks. I believe it does it based only on the time of day but doesn’t actually display a clock of any sort.

To adjust the system time you can Press fire and the up/down buttons at the same time. To access the puff counter screen you just hold the up/down button for a couple seconds at which point it will show a two week graph with puff counts for each day that you can cycle through with the up/down buttons, you can reset the current days puff count by holding fire and down but there’s doesn’t seem to be anyway of resetting the entire two weeks short of actually waiting two weeks.

Of course it also has all of the usual safety protections built-in like a 10 second overtime protection, short-circuit, overcharge, over-current, over discharge, over-temp and the intelligent match for auto adjusting a new coils wattage. In all it’s a fairly simple chip but one that does quite a lot for what it is and I for one appreciate all the little innovations that Voopoo includes and I’m sure any new vaper will appreciate them as well.

The Pod and coils:

Now at the top of the device it comes with a beefy 5.5ml pod that inserts in the top like most other pod devices. It’s held in place with four very strong magnets and sits very firmly with no play or jiggle to it at all. The mouthpiece is integrated into the pod like many others these days and has a wide duckbill shape to it. I find it a bit on the big side but it was a quick adjustment getting used to it. The pod like most modern systems these days uses handy plug and play coils and is apparently compatible with all of Voopoos other PnP style coils so you can technically mix and match to your liking.

To fill the tank you have to remove it from the device and locate a black silicone plug on the side of the pod. Popping it open reveals a fairly big oval shaped hole which does a great job letting air escape when topping up keeping it relatively mess free. I should note however because of a rather short chimney you pretty much have to drain the tank before swapping coils. Another thing to note while the pod is out is Voopoo were smart in creating a low spot around the airflow sensor and the contacts to prevent any liquid build up creating issues but so far in the two weeks or so that I’ve been using it I’ve barely had any build up whatsoever, like just the faintest hint of condensation.

Another handy feature is the dual airflow system which allows you to somewhat adjust the airflow by flipping the orientation of the pod. With the pod inserted in one direction the draw is fairly loose but when flipped in the other direction it becomes a little bit tighter. Which coil you are using will also affect the airflow and if you have the PmP-VM1 0.3ohm mesh coil installed it goes from a fairly loose direct lung hit to a slightly tighter but still direct lung hit. With the PnP-R1 0.8ohm coil installed it’s a much tighter hit but for me in either orientation I found it was still a fairly loose mouth to lung hit.

Performance wise the Vinci is no slouch and with the 0.3ohm mesh coils installed I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this thing. Flavour is well defined and clouds are plentiful. The auto draw function works fairly well but I tend to use the button out of habit. With the PnP-R1 coil it’s a much tighter draw that will be better suited to higher nic juices or salt based liquids. Flavour is still good but obviously not as full as with the mesh coil. Either one seems to handle up to 70vg liquids without any issues but I’ve mainly used the 0.8ohm with salts and the 0.3ohm with standard liquids. Coil life will ultimately depend on juices used and personal vaping habits but from my experience with them they should last just as long as most average coils.


I’ve really been enjoying the Vinci. With it’s dual airflow, regulated output, big capacity but small size it’s been a great companion going to work. It’s made with the same level of quality I’ve come to expect from Voopoo and from my time with it I have almost nothing to complain about. I wouldn’t have minded seeing an RBA for it but that doesn’t seem a common option these days especially with plug and play type devices. I’d say it’s well suited to both new and seasoned vapers alike looking for a solid regulated pod device but more so for folks who like a slightly looser draw.

How it adds up
Unique lookBuild qualityDual airflowBattery capacityLiquid capacityAuto-draw or manualRegulated outputInteresting puff counterPlug and play coilsPerformance of both coils
No lid on boxAuto-draw occasional stutter
Build Quality9