Honest review time: Warped Vapors

A couple weeks back a new company reached out about a review. You probably already saw Hoseheads review of Warped Vapors but I also received a set and wanted to share my thoughts on the juice that was sent over from this new company out of Montreal. It’s run by a couple of guys named Laz and Adam and they were kind enough to set me up with their full line for review. I’m pretty sure a lot of what I say is just going to be echoing what Hosehead said because I can quite easily say that I was thoroughly impressed by both the line and the pricing. Not only are the flavours fantastic but they’re made with salt based nicotine so they’re also incredibly smooth and easy to vape. Here are my honest thoughts on Warped Vapors.


The juices come in clear 60ml authentic Chubby Gorilla bottles but they’re also available in 180ml bottles for an extremely reasonable price. The labels on the bottles are metallic and quite colourful with each label being a slightly different colour and bearing a swirly pattern dead center on the label. They’re all have a sort of space theme to them with the backgrounds looking kind of like scenes from outer space and the names of the flavours echo the theme on the bottles. The line comes in a 70vg blend and the set I got was in 3mg but 3mg Salt based nicotine and not. Here’s a shot of the very clean looking bottles that I received:

Warped Vapors


Testing was done mostly in a Hadaly clone with a three core alien(3×28/36ni80) build from the Canadian Coil makers SaddleHorse Blues, 4/5 wraps on a 2.5mm coming out to 0.28 ohms and running between 35-45w. Using Puff cotton, rda rinsed and rewicked in between. Here’s a shot of a fresh build:

Remember taste is subjective and results will vary! Click the titles for links to the products!!


Site description: Ripe, succulent  strawberries, chilled watermelon and the exotic tartness of juicy passionfruit. A sweet, sparkling vape nectar with the nuclear force of the sun!

My thoughts: Sol starts off as a somewhat common place blend of strawberry and watermelon. I’ve seen quite a few strawberry watermelon blends before with some being quite good while others fell flat for one reason or another. Watermelon itself is a strong note and tends to take over a flavour while strawberry can sometimes be overpoweringly sweet so balancing it out with other fruits is pretty key to a good mix. With Sol I get a nice refreshing mix of sweet strawberry and cool clean watermelon but the two flavours aren’t alone, they’re complimented with a little touch of passion fruit. That little addition makes a pretty considerable difference adding a touch of tartness but also giving the flavour considerably more body as both strawberry and watermelon tend to feel a bit thin on their own.

It’s still at it’s core mainly a watermelon flavour and despite being paired up with strawberry it doesn’t come off too sweet but it’s really that dash of passion fruit that makes this blend what it is. Passion fruit however can sometimes have a slight perfume to it or a slight floral quality but I don’t get any of that with Sol. For me it just adds a slight sort of tropical note to the mix giving the two normally light flavours a bit more body and depth. Definitely a clean and refreshing watermelon blend and one that any fan of watermelon flavours would likely enjoy!!


Site description: Do you dare enter the void? A world of mouth-watering blueberries and juicy raspberries, fresh picked acai berries and tart pomegranate awaits you…

My thoughts: With Void I get a deep dark berry mix of blueberry, raspberry and acai that’s brightened up with a touch of tart pomegranate. There’s something in it which gives me just the slightest hint of citrus and a very light touch of cool. At first I thought I hadn’t rinsed my RDA well enough but I kept picking up subtle notes of something not listed in the profile so it’s getting mentioned here. It has a very deep red taste to it from the raspberries and the pomegranate but the blueberry and acai give it that slightly darker berry vibe. I find all of the main components of this one to bes nicely balanced and while it is a touch sweet I don’t find it cloying in anyway.

Something about it reminds me a bit of chewing gum, like a berry flavoured Trident with that slight cool refreshing taste I get from it. Normally I’m not a huge fan of complicated berry mixes as they tend to taste a bit muddled but this one somehow hits the proverbial spot. A bit sweet, a bit tart and really clean tasting for such an interesting mix. Deep and delicious it’s a really nice blend of sweet summertime berries that almost anyone could appreciate.

Super Nova

Site description: Supernovae are truly an out of this world phenomenon, just like this explosively delicious blend of delectable mango drizzled in honey, fresh peach kissed with light ginger notes.

My thoughts: I love it when a company tries something new and Super Nova is definitely a new one for me. From Super Nova I get a really rich thick mix of mango and peach. I tend to get more of one on the inhale and more of the other on the exhale but they sort of flip flop being the two flavours are extremely similar and almost interchangeable. Both the peach and the mango come off very juicy and natural like fresh fruit that’s ripe and ready to eat. For a mango/peach mix it stays fairly light with a nice sweetness I imagine comes from the addition of the honey. I don’t pick up much of an actual honey taste and I was half expecting that slight floral sweetness I usually get from honey based flavours but in Super Nova it just sort of adds to the natural sweetness of the other things in the mix.

The most eye-opening addition to this flavour however is the ginger. It’s only the second flavour with ginger in it that I’ve tried recently and the other one was based on an alcoholic drink so the context is completely different. In Super Nova the ginger adds just a very slight hint of spice, I tend to pick it up towards the back of my tongue and it really livens this blend up. This past year I saw a slew of mango mixes hit the market many of them involving peach since the two flavours compliment each other so well but this is the first I’ve tried that’s involved a bit of spice, specifically ginger. I think it’s a fantastic combination and one that’s sure to raise a few eyebrows when trying it for the first time. A true standout in the field of mango flavours and one that deserves a bit of praise!!!


Site description: From the Pillars of Creation to your taste-buds; a perfectly smooth and irresistible iced limeade garnished with fresh lemon zest and infused with a blend of sweet mint leaves.

My thoughts: I was a little bit leery of Nebula but only cause I have a bit of an aversion to mint. For some reason eating anything with mint in it tends to give me a headache but I discovered a couple years back that I can actually vape mint without the undesirable consequences. Since then I’ve relished in a flavour I once loved but somehow became adverse to. With Nebula I get a lovely mix of sweet iced limeade with just the lightest hint of mint on the tail end.

The limeade is bright and refreshing and blends a nice bright lemon with a touch of lime. None of that odd waxy taste I tend to get from lime flavours just a nice refreshing blend of the two classic citrus fruits. The thing that sets this apart from so many other lime/lemonade type flavours is the addition of some real lemon zest. You know that bright tart twang you get from the rind of a lemon or like the spray that hits the air when you peel an orange well they’ve added a touch of that to Nebula and it really helps it pop. It gives the citrus in it a much more realistic flavour but without being too zesty. A little touch of cool in the mix brightens the whole thing up and kicks the refreshing factor up yet another notch. Then it’s finished off with the lightest touch of cool clean mint, like a lemonade that’s been garnished with a sprig of freshly pick mint. Just a really refreshing take on a classic summer time drink and one that any fans of lemonade type flavours should check out!


I’ll admit I was really taken by surprise with this set. Every single one of them is beautifully crafted and tastes delicious. Not only are they fantastic juices but the prices on them are just insane!! With $10 for 60mls and only $15 for 180ml they’ll be hard to beat especially considering the quality of the juice. But wait there’s more!! The incredible guys behind Warped Vapors also want to do a giveaway for 10 packs of their complete line up. That’s 240ml of juice for ten people! To enter you can use the Gleam link below. If you’re a fan of delicious fruity flavours you’ll want to enter this contest and even if you don’t win for the price they offer you’ll definitely want to check these guys out.

The contest will run from today October 9th, 2018 until Wednesday October 17th around midnight at which time 10 random winners will be selected. The contest is open to Canadian residents only and you must be of legal smoking/vaping age in your province to qualify. Please see any additional terms and conditions on the Gleam giveaway!!
Warped Vapors Giveaway