Honest review time: The Wotofo nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank

Here’s a look at a new sub-ohm mesh tank that was originally released from a company called OFRF but more recently were acquired by Wotofo. OFRF was a fairly new company having just launched last year but they’ve been getting quite a bit of attention lately with their Gear RTA that launched at the end of 2018 as well as seeing their nexMesh coils ship with the popular Profile Unity RTA from Wotofo in recent months who now also own the company. Their latest development is a new sub-ohm tank that uses what else but mesh coils. From my experience with their products I’m guessing they know what they are doing when it comes to mesh. Here are my honest thoughts on the Wotofo nexMesh Sub-ohm tank.

Package contents:

1 xnexMESH Sub Ohm Tank
1 xA1 nexMESH Conical Mesh Coil(Pre-Installed)
1 xSS 316L Conical Mesh Coil
1 xPCTG Tube 4ml(Pre-Installed)
1 xBubble Glass Tube 5.5ml
1 xUser Manual
1 xReplacement O-rings

Listed features and specs:

Liquid capacity:4/5.5ml
Material:Stainless steel
Colours:Black/Stainless steel/Gun metal/Rainbow/Gold/Blue

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a solid white and blue cardboard box. It uses a fairly understated design with the front bearing the company name and the name of the tank in a cheeky internet search sort of design while on the back it lists the contents some warnings and some company info. An authenticity check sticker along with a UPC code is located on the side which also indicates the colour of the tank. In the kit you get the OFRF Nexmesh tank as well as some basic extras like a 5.5ml glass bubble tank, a spare coil, a packet containing a replacement set of o-rings, a user manual, an info sheet and a sheet of OFRF brand stickers. I wouldn’t have minded seeing an alternate drip tip or possibly a 510 drip tip adapter but it’s hardly a complaint, the kit is well stocked.

The tank:

The nexMesh tank is a rather modest looking tank, standing roughly 40.5mm tall not including the drip tip or 510 with a diameter of 25mm. It’s mainly made of stainless steel and comes in a variety of colours including black, stainless steel, gun metal, rainbow, gold and blue. It does have some gold printed branding on the coil housing within the tank that’s again rather modest but looks sharp and clean. I really like how almost understated it looks as I don’t tend to rock flashy colourful overly styled atomizers. At the top it comes equipped with a chunky black delrin 810 goon style tip. It’s got a slight taper at the top and bottom and matches up nicely with the tank. Just below the tip is the slide to open top fill and pretty much my only complaint with this tank. When I first got it the top fill was almost impossible to open, the silicone lining made it extremely tight, I thought I was going to break the tank trying to open it. It did loosen up a bit once I got it open and got some juice on it but even weeks later it’s still extremely tight. The silicone lining uses that diaphragm design where it’s just a slit in the silicone and you stick the tip of your bottle through it to fill it up. A hidden air hole opens up under the drip tip to allow air to escape when filling. It keeps things tidy and juice from leaking out even if it were to tip over while filling.

The tank comes equipped with a straight PCTG plastic tank pre-installed. It holds 4ml of liquid and is supposed to be more resistant to impacts and chemical corrosion to reduce the chances of cracking the tank. The kit also includes a 5.5ml bubble glass tank if you feel you need the extra capacity or just aren’t a fan of plastic tanks. I tend to prefer straight glass tanks so I’ve been running it with the PCTG one and so far it’s been holding up really well although it has picked up a few micro scratches. The tank section can break down in to three pieces for cleaning or changing the glass with the top piece threading in to the bottom. There’s a short chimney in the tank before it opens up for the coil so you can technically change coils without completely draining the tank.

To access the coil you unscrew the bottom portion of the tank from the tank section where you’re presented with a plug and pull coil system. The bottom of the tank portion is also finely knurled to make it easier to remove. It makes changing coils really simple, just pull the old one out and push in a new one. We’ve seen this sort of coil system on other tanks like the Crown III from UWell and for the most part it’s super convenient and works well. With the nexMesh tank I’ve not had a single leak and even the bottom section catch cup has stayed dry. For some reason I hardly even get any condensation build up. It could be because of a dual compression system which OFRF claims “a secondary vapor condensation chamber hidden inside the top cap that maximizes vapor compression to deliver an incredible flavor hit” that’s been helping to keep things dry. Whatever it is I’ve been enjoying how clean this tank has stayed.

Airflow to the coils comes via the base which has three large cyclops style slots which can be adjusted by turning the airflow control ring. It’s nice and firm so once you’ve set your airflow how you like it should stay in place. It also has stops at either end so it won’t endlessly spin around and around. I’ve been rocking it wide open for a fairly loose direct lung hit and considering it’s power requirements it also helps keep it cool. Closing it off has a pretty noticeable affect on the vape making it a lot warmer and denser but it also seems to affect the flavour as well. This tank is definitely not for mouth to lung vaping.

The coils:

Now the majority of the ground breaking new features of this tank live in the coils. It comes with two brand new plug and play conical mesh coils, the first conical mesh coils according to OFRF. When I first read that I was expecting coils that had a conical shaped body but with the OFRF coils it’s actually the shape of the mesh coil within the body that’s conically shaped. Basically it’s a little more narrow at the top than it is at the bottom and is meant to help condense the vapour for better flavour. They also claim to use a triple density mesh weave for lightning fast ramp up and amazing flavour, I can’t really confirm that but the flavour is amazing. On top of the conical shape and triple density mesh the coils also incorporate what OFRF calls a twin absorption wicking system which uses two separate layers of cotton for fast and consistent cotton saturation, you can see a hole running through the outer layer of the cotton through the massive wicking slots. I’ve been using the tank for a couple weeks and it always keeps up and not once have either of the coils leaked on me. A bit of condensation buildup under the drip tip but other than that it’s been almost completely dry.

The kit comes with two different coils, the one that comes pre-installed is an A1 nexMesh 0.15ohm coil(read on device as 0.158ohm) and my preferred of the two. It uses kanthal and while they don’t supply the full wattage range of the coil they do provide their best recommended range which is from 75-85w. With the A1 coil I’ve been running it at the low end of the recommended just 75w and I’ve been getting really incredible flavour and copious amounts of vapour from it. The flavour is extremely well defined and comparable to the top performing mesh coils on the market, dare I say it, it even competes with if not slightly edges out the Falcon series of coils but I didn’t have a fresh Falcon coil on hand to do a side by side test.

With the nexMesh SS316L 0.2ohm coil(read on device as 0.191ohm) I also got a very good experience but a bit more subdued in comparison to the A1 coil which isn’t a surprise considering it’s recommended range is from 55-75w. I tested it with both it’s recommended wattage range as well as in temp control mode and found it gave a slightly softer experience especially in TC mode. Flavour and vapour were still incredible but it felt a bit less rowdy. Testing it in temp control it seemed to produce a stable output which has sometimes been a challenge using SS mesh. Personally I still preferred using this coil in power mode and I actually felt a tiny bit more comfortable being able to run it at just 65w while still getting a pretty similar experience. Longevity of coils will obviously depend on liquids used and personal vaping habits but I got a solid week out of the A1 before switching to the SS coil and I still felt I could have gotten a bit more from it before switching.


Call me thoroughly impressed with the Wotofo nexMesh sub-ohm tank, or more specifically the Wotof nexMesh coils. From my experience with them and from all the reports I’ve heard from others these coils are going to give Horizontech a run for their money. Not only that but the convenience of the plug and play coils is hard to beat. Sure the tank might look fairly run of the mill but it feels well made and includes all the modern features of a solid sub-ohm tank. The coils on the other hand are just incredible and produce some absolutely spectacular flavour and obviously plenty of clouds. This one will be for the direct lung crowd who enjoys big clouds but more importantly impeccable flavour.

How it adds up
Clean lookSolid build qualityPerformanceLeak free top fillPlug and pull coilsConical nexMesh coilsIncredible flavourVapour productionPCTG and Bubble glass tankTwin absorption wickingDual compression system
Tight top fill slider
9.2Incredible performer
Build Quality9