Honest review time: The Wotofo STNG RDA

I’ve been a fan of Wotofo for a really long time now, probably going all the way back to the original Freakshow RDA and later the Serpent series of tanks. In my experience they’re one of the few companies to consistently produce top performing tanks and rdas with many of their releases landing in my regular rotation or top choice list. One of the latest to come my way is the Wotofo STNG RDA, a dedicated mouth to lung RDA that’s right up my alley. I’ve been enjoying it immensely since it arrived and it’s quickly become one of my favorite new bottom feed MTL RDAs.

Package contents:

1 xDual Core Fused Clapton Coil
1 xSingle-Strand Coil
1 xUser Manual
1 xExtra Drip Tip
1 xCross Head Screwdriver
1 xAllen Key
1 xCotton Strip
1 BagO-rings

Listed features and specs:

Build Deck Diameter:22mm
Coil Configuration:Single Coil
Wattage Range:5-30W
Recommended Ohm Value:0.4-1.8ohm
Overall Height:43.15mm (with drip tip and 510 pin)
Threading:510 Thread
Body Material:Stainless Steel
Juice Feeding Method:Drip / Squonk
Insulator Material:German PEEK

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a very small cardboard box with a clear plastic cover. The packaging uses Wotofos classic green colour which definitely stands out but is a nightmare for my camera to capture. In the kit you get the STNG RDA, a user manual, and several accessory bags containing a variety of extras. In one bag you get a small Philips head screwdriver and an Allan key, in another you get some agleted cotton, while in the other one you get an alternate 510 drip tip, a 510 BF pin, a set of replacement screws, a set of o-rings as well as a couple of extra springs for the spring loaded posts. You also get one 30×2+38G ni80 fused clapton(0.8ohm) as well as a 28g Ni80 straight wire coil(1.2ohm) in separate bags. I love the way Wotofo packages their stuff and really appreciate the details they include like the coil stats marked clearly on the bags. All in all a very well stocked kit for a rather simple atomizer.

The RDA:

The STNG RDA is a sharp looking little atty that was apparently co-designed by a YouTuber named Vapor Place aka Uncle Stas. He’s a Russian Youtuber so I’m not familiar with him myself but I’m sure others out there will have heard of him. The RDA is 22mm in diameter and roughly 43mm tall. Made of stainless steel it’s a very compact little dripper. At the top it comes equipped with a nice narrow 510 mouth to lung drip tip but the kit also includes a slightly thicker one if you find the default too narrow. Both have the same 3mm bore so it’s just the size and appearance that changes. The top cap of the RDA is made of stainless steel and on one side it has the STNG logo nicely engraved while on the other side is a tear drop shaped hole for adjusting the airflow. The inside of the cap is concave for helping to concentrate the flavour but to be fair it’s a bit open for an MTL RDA. Aside from these little details that’s about it for the cap. On the very bottom there’s a bit of branding with Uncle Stas’ name slapped on there as well. A gold plated 510 center pin comes equipped as standard but the kit also includes a BF ready 510 pin if you prefer to squonk with it.

Popping off the cap we’re treated to a gorgeous looking deck that uses two posts and a central bottom airflow. The airflow to the deck comes in via a single hole on the side but is split into two smaller holes right below the coil. The STNG doesn’t use any kind of airflow restrictors and relies solely on the cap to make any airflow adjustments. Perhaps one of the nicer features of the deck are the T-shaped spring loaded clamps. It makes building on this thing a breeze. Just loosen off the Philips head screws a bit, slide your coil in, tighten the clamps back down and snip your leads. Two fairly deep juice wells shoulder the raised airflow in the center and provide plenty of room for cotton. At the very bottom of the deck on either side of the airflow riser are two little holes where the liquid will flow from when using it as a squonker. A few minor details like the little space behind the posts makes trimming your leads a cinch and shows off Wotofos attention to detail.

Build, wick and Performance:

As mentioned building on this thing couldn’t get much easier and with the coils that Wotofo included in the kit you’ll be off and running in no time. I started with the fused clapton and after loosening off the screws a bit I could slide the coil in on both sides, line it up a bit and tighten it down. I then trimmed off the leads, pulsed the coil, made a few minor adjustment with a driver and I was ready to wick. Wicking it is as easy as building and you just need your cotton long enough to reach the bottom of the deck, tuck it in on both sides and she’s ready to go.

Flavour and vapour production will obviously depend on how you build it but even using the included coils I was getting some really solid performance. Flavour is well defined and with the fused clapton I was getting some very decent vapour even with the airflow mostly closed off. I do find even with the airflow adjustment that it’s slightly better suited to a looser mouth to lung as when I tighten it up it doesn’t give that tight compressed feeling which I imagine is from the size of the chamber or perhaps the diameter of the bottom airflow. It’s still a solid choice for MTL but if you’re seeking that super tight feeling you might not get quite what you want with the STNG. For me, it’s pretty much ideal and I’ve already started using it for some flavour testing.


The STNG is a sharp looking well made MTL RDA and although the airflow might not be the tightest, it suits my personal tastes quite well. It’s convenient easy to build deck, ample wick channels, adjustable airflow and polished looks would make it a pretty solid choice for most mouth to lung vapers especially those who appreciate an MTL RDA that also works as a bottom feed atomizer. I’ve paired it up with a compact squonk box and it’s been a real treat with my higher nic and salt based liquids.

How it adds up
Well stocked kitBuild qualityAppearanceEase of useDedicated MTLCompact sizeFlavour production
Slightly loose MTL draw
Build Quality9