Honest review time: The Yocan Uni

Here’s a look at a bit of a crossover product. As anyone living in Canada knows marijuana recently became legal and with that we’ve see a slew of new products hitting the market, things like CBD infused liquids, distillates, extracts and concentrates. Yocan who’ve been in the herbal vaporizer game for many years now recently reached out about a new device of theirs aimed specifically at these types of products. I’m actually no stranger to Yocan and have done some work for them in the past as well as a review or two so I was happy to oblige especially now that the climate has changed. Here are my honest thoughts on the Uni from Yocan.

Package contents:

  • 1 x Yocan Uni
  • 1 x Magnetic 510 adapter
  • 1 x micro USB cable
  • 1 x User manual

Listed features and specs:

  • Battery: 650mAh
  • Height: 74.5mm
  • Width: 33.9mm
  • Diameter: 25.3mm
  • 10 second preheat
  • 3 power levels
  • Magnetic 510
  • Colours: Black, silver, black w/silver, red, blue

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in very simple packaging with a window on the front so you can see the device inside. On the box it lists some of the handy features the devices sports and inside it comes packed with the Yocan Uni, a micro USB cable for charging, a magnetic 510 adapter and a user manual. It’s a lightweight kit but it comes with almost everything you’d need to get started. When it arrived I didn’t actually have any atomizers that would fit the device so I had to order some which unfortunately added a bit of a delay to the review.

The Uni mod:

The Yocan Uni is a neat looking device and despite being mostly made of plastic it feels pretty solid in hand. Available in several different colours it has a sort of smooth matte finish which feels really good to grip. Being plastic it doesn’t really make it feel premium but it doesn’t exactly feel cheap either. It’s nice and compact too and comes in just a bit shorter than a Bic lighter but a little bit thicker and wider.

At the top you’ll find one of it’s proprietary features with the device sporting a camera like aperture where you insert your atomizer. It basically allows the device to fit several sizes of atomizers without any kind of rattle. Around the outside of the device there’s a knurled wheel you can turn to adjust the size of the aperture to eliminate any wiggle left by any space between the atomizer and the body of the device. While it doesn’t exactly put a death grip on the atomizer it does a pretty good job in eliminating any excess wiggle and therefor rattle. With the size of the aperture it should accommodate nearly any atomizer up to 12mm in diameter and it also works in conjunction with a little sliding switch on the back side of the device which can raise or lower the atomizer when it’s sitting inside. So not only can you accommodate several diameters of atomizers but it also accommodates the various heights/capacities of the atomizers you might use with it. A little window on the side of the device just above the sliding switch lets you see what’s remaining in your tank. However it’s kind of rendered useless on really short tanks or when the slider is fully extended.

You actually connect your atomizer to the device via a magnetic connection and the kit comes with a little 510 threaded magnetic connector which you screw on to your atomizer and just pop in to the mod. It holds it in really well and so far hasn’t caused any connection issues. I kind of wished they included at least one more of the little magnetic connectors in the kit so you could quickly and easily swap between tanks without also swapping the magnetic adapter. Also if you lose it you’re pretty much out of luck unless you can source another one.

Down the face of the mod is the fire button which is round and metallic with a decent clicky feel to it. Using the device is simple and intuitive and it uses the usual five clicks to turn it on and off but it also includes three different power levels, a low, medium and high. They don’t actually specify the power but you can cycle through the three levels by clicking the button quickly three times. Three little LED indicators above the button will show the level it’s at. Being that the device is mainly for CBD liquids and oils it also includes a handy pre-heat feature to warm up your thicker liquids. To activate it you click the fire button quickly two times and it will pre-heat for up to 10 seconds or deactivate it at any time with another two clicks. However I don’t recommend using this feature with any cotton based atomizers and it should probably only be used with silica or ceramic based coils to avoid burning.

It has a 650mAh internal battery and when tested charged at a rate of 0.6A so it tops up pretty quickly. There’s a micro USB port on the side for charging and it also supports pass-through which means you can still use it while it charges. For a fairly small capacity battery it lasts a surprisingly long time but a lot of that will depend on the resistance of the atomizers you are pairing it with and what power setting you are using it at, also how much you use it obviously. That also goes for performance as much of that will depend on the atomizer you pair it with and what you’ve got inside. It is a fairly low power device and with the 1.8-2ohm cartridges I was using it with it seems to last a really long time. I’m not going to comment on flavour or vapour production as that will again depend on what you’re pairing it with. On the safety end of things it has the usual protections built in like low battery, short circuit protection and a 15 second cutoff which it indicates using the those three lights.


The Yocan Uni is a handy little device and if you’re the type to have several sizes of atomizer laying about this would be the ideal setup to manage nearly any size or shape. Now it is limited to the smaller pen style atomizers 12mm and under but with the ability to both grip and extend it should handle most atomizers in that range. Packed with several handy features this little unit is definitely more capable than most basic push to fire concentrate mods and I wouldn’t have any trouble recommending it to someone looking for an easy to use device with plenty of handy features in a discreet and well put together device. Great job Yocan!!

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Honest review time: The Yocan Uni
CompactHandles multiple sizes of atomizerBuild qualityEase of usePre-heat and power levels
Only one magnetic adapterLiquid window with short tanks or when extended
7.7Overall Score
Build Quality7.5
Reader Rating 2 Votes