Honest review time: The Zeus X Mesh RTA from Geekvape

A little while back Geekvape released a tank called the Zeus X RTA, a notable successor to their original release the Zeus RTA. The Zeus X RTA was a dual coil top airflow RTA that was quite well received, at least I enjoyed using it. A little later on they released a subohm version of the tank that came with mesh coils which I also quite enjoyed. Now they’ve combined the two and released the Zeus X Mesh RTA, or rather an updated single coil mesh build deck that’s compatible with the original Zeus X RTA. Here are my honest thoughts on the new Zeus X Mesh RTA from Geekvape.

Package contents:

1 xZeus X Mesh RTA
1 xSpare 3.5ml straight glass tube
1 xUser manual
1 xPromotion card
1 x Spare Ultem 810 drip tip
1 xSpare parts bag (full set o-rings, replacement 510 pin, replacement deck spring and pin, replacement philips head screws, replacement push block, 510 rip tip adapter, mesh coil wrapping tool and T-shaped tri-wing multi tool)
2 xKA1 Mesh 0.2Ohm (18x6.2x0.1mm)
2 xN80 Mesh 0.17 (18x6.2x0.1mm)

Listed features and specs:

Material:Stainless steel
Dimensions:25 x 47.8mm
Drip tip:810(includes 510 adapter)

Packaging and contents:

The tank comes packed in a small black and orange box. I’m not sure that what I received is final packaging but considering packaging standards these days it’s pretty non descript. In the box you get the Zeus X Mesh RTA, a spare 3.5ml straight glass tube, an alternate ultem 810 drip tip, a package containing two Ni80 0.17Ohm mesh foils as well as some agleted cotton, another package containing two KA1 0.2Ohm mesh foils again with some agleted cotton and a bag of accessories and spare parts. In the little accessory bag you get one of Geekvapes handy dandy t-shaped multi-tools, a plastic coil wrapping tool, a full suite of o-rings in various colours and sizes, a 510 drip tip adapter, a couple of spare Philips head screws, a spare spring, a spare spring block, a spare gold plated 510 pin and a spare gold plated spring block pin. I didn’t get any manual or anything so again it might not be final but with Geekvape you always get a full compliment of extra parts and accessories so never anything to complain about there.

The tank:

The tank is made of stainless steel, stands 47.8mm tall with a base diameter of 25mm but bulges out to about 28mm if you’re using the bubble glass it comes installed with. At the top it comes equipped with a very low profile delrin 810 drip tip but also includes what looks like an Ultem also low profile drip tip but it stands just a little bit taller. Just bellow the drip tip is the easy twist off top fill cap. It uses about about a quarter twist to unscrew it which makes it super convenient for top ups. Under the top cap are two fairly recessed kidney shaped fill holes and so far I’ve had no issues filling it and any juice that doesn’t quite go in the holes stays under the cap.

Just below the top fill cap are the top airflow inlets. They’re controlled by a rotating ring that allows you to open or close off two fairly large cyclops style slots. This thing isn’t really geared towards mouth to lung with it’s dual inlets but does work great for mouth to lung. I like to close it about two thirds of the way for a bit of restriction on the draw. Below the airflow control is the 4.5ml bubble glass tank or 3.5 if you choose to use the straight glass tube instead. Either way you get a decent bit of capacity but if you’re not a fan of topping up I’d stick with the slightly larger bubble glass.

To access the deck you simple unscrew the tank from the base. There’s a nice deep chimney so you can take the tank off without draining it at all. The chimney also helps direct the airflow from top down to side airflow hitting the mesh coil from either side and slightly from above. Once unscrewed you can see the modular dual post mesh based build deck. It can be completely removed and used in the original Zeus X RTA as it’s essentially the same body design. Similar to the Wotofo Profile it uses a spring loaded push block under the deck which ensures your cotton always stays pressed against the mesh coil avoiding what many vapers refer to as cotton collapse, where the cotton pulls away from the coil after repeated heating and cooling which can potentially lead to hot spots. This tiny ceramic push block pretty much eliminates that issue making mesh vaping a little more consistent. Aside from the deck being different it’s essentially the same as the original Zeus X.

Build, wick and Performance:

Building and wicking this thing is pretty simple. To build it you simply take one of the included mesh foils and wrap it around the coil wrapping tool. You want it in a sort of U-shape. Then you just tuck one end in to the little vise style clamps and tighten it down. Then you have two choices, you can clamp the other side down or you can run you wicks through before clamping the other side. Both methods work but sliding cotton through after the fact can sometimes be tricky with the cotton sticking to the mesh or other things. I found the included agleted cotton sticks to be extremely thick and dense and they needed to be chopped down quite a bit after running them through the coil. As with any RTA mesh or not building and using a rebuildable atomizer takes a certain level of understanding and practice. Geekvape makes it pretty simple but I’d still recommend having a basic understanding of ohms law and battery safety before attempting to use any rebuildable.

Performance wise, this thing is no slouch and with either of the two foils I was enjoying some nice rich clouds with some incredible flavour. I hardly notice a difference between the two so it almost ends up coming down to power savings for me opting to go with the ever so slightly less power hungry 0.2ohm KA1 foils. Also I just tend to find KA1 mesh just the tiniest bit more stable than N80 and other meshes. So really no complaints with this one since after all it’s the Zeus X but with mesh!!


This one obviously won’t be for everyone but if you’re a direct lung vaper who enjoys mesh RTAs and appreciate the little details like the cotton push block you’re going to dig the Zeus X Mesh RTA. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s officially available quite yet and it isn’t even posted on Geekvapes site but I have seen it up for pre-sale on a number of other sites. I also haven’t seen the decks available on their own yet but if you already own the Zeus X RTA and don’t want another you may opt for just the deck if/when it becomes available. I personally have been enjoying this one and found it a nice little upgrade for the original Zeus X. Can I say Zeus X one more time in this review!?

How it adds up
Solid build qualityEase of usePacked with extrasGood capacitySelection of drip tipsTwo tank optionsTwo kinds of meshTop airflowGreat flavour
No complaints yet
Build Quality9