Vaping 2020 and Covid-19. What impact has it had on you?

Vaping 2020. The vaping landscape has changed this year. Covid-19 forced shops to change the way retailers do business.

Governments closed shops as non-essential, only letting online retailers earn a buck. And yes, we saw a lot of vapers switch back to cigarettes due to availability.

China was at a standstill at one point and things “suddenly” became hard to find as plants and shipping closed… and forget about new mass-produced hardware.

Things like Caliburn pods and many replacement coils were in short supply for more than a few weeks.

@majorvapes was one of the few people that was receiving any items for review as products were not being released. Even the big-name reviewers have lacked new hardware.

Where I am, it went quickly from curbside availability to mailorder only. This week sees the re-opening of curbside pickup – stores with a low presence online have a chance to open shop.

Did you make any Vaping 2020 changes? Here are a few I saw made:

  • 1)Stocking up on tried and true replacement coils for devices you already have. For me – this meant Nautilus coils, SMOK RPM and Nord coils, Caliburn pods, etc
  • 2)Stocking up on favorite e-liquids. The removal of most testing stations or stores not open – many vapers aren’t about to risk money. That meant more CBO, Jazzy Boba, and a few of my BB Vapes favorites for me.
  • 3)Rebuilding more. Yup. Covid-19 meant a lot of people became conscious of every penny and for some – that meant not buying stock coils. Drippers and RTA’s got to see a little bump in use.
  • 4)Waiting to build up a bigger order. For those penny-pinching – waiting to make a big order saved a bit on shipping costs.
  • 5)Switching daily setups to consume less juice. Higher ohm builds, high nic juices, and pod devices were all good at keeping the consumption lower.

Vaping 2020. When the pandemic is over, how will things change for you?

Will you shop online only because you realized it was more convenient?

Will you be more likely to stockpile coils, juice and things?

Are you considering altering some of your buying or vaping habits?

Hit us up in the comments below about your Vaping 2020 experience. We’d love to know your best post-Covid-19 Vaping 2020 tips!