This is the Point of Vaping

The following is a video explaining the point of vaping by VAEP – Vaping Advocay and Education Project Inc. headed by Kellie Ann RN. It is a creative video that compares vaping with other harm reduction tools in our lives – and is very well done.

This video should be one of the first things we share with others when engaged in a vaping vs smoking discussion – as its simple yet factual approach is hard to deny.

“Every shift, I care for patients suffering with smoking-related diseases; from acute presentations to chronic disease management.
Through many hours of research, I acquired a strong knowledge base in smoking addiction and tobacco harm reduction.
I formed VAEP to assist the public and healthcare professionals with learning about vaping as a harm reduction strategy.”

Kellie Ann, RN – VAEP

VAEP provides medical-journal-backed scientific data to support the benefits of vaping for harm reduction. The project has useful videos, downloads, and shareables.

Now, they are crowdfunding for a Learning Centre that will contain a plethora of sourced scientific data supported by healthcare professionals showing why vaping is an effective means to harm reduction.

Check them out!