Honest review time: The Egg Man from LookBusyDistro

I needed to pick up some things from my favorite local shop TheVaporBar recently and noticed a couple new lines had dropped from LookBusyDistro. LookBusy is actually their own distribution company that also produces all of their house lines and one of my favorite Canadian producers out there. One of the new lines in particular caught my eye as it’s quite obviously based on a favorite profile of mine, the classic vanilla custard. Here’s a look at The Egg Man from LookBusy Distro.


The liquids come in 100ML Chubby Gorilla bottles with clean white labels and the name “The Egg Man” in a bold font across the front. The flavour is listed on each bottle just below but the labels overall have a very modest feel. The liquids are available in either a 70/30 standard blend or a 50/50 salt nic blend. I got the complete set in 3mg for testing purposes.


Testing was done in a variety of new subohm tanks with fresh mesh coils including two Vaporesso FORZ 25 tanks, a Vaporesso XIRON and a Wotofo Manik.

Remember taste is subjective and results will vary! Click the titles for links to the products!!


Site description: For all you custard lovers out there we present The Egg Man! This is our original blend with vanilla custards and a touch of butterscotch.

My thoughts: I am a huge custard lover, I have been since I first started vaping. In fact TheVaporBar were the ones to introduce me not only to vaping but also to my all time favorite custard, OMC. It has and probably always will remain my all time go to favorite but over the years I’ve added many, many others to the list. Well that list got a little bit bigger with the inclusion of The Egg Man and it’s even managed to shift some of my favorites down, easily taking a top three spot in my list of iconic custards.

Vanilla as simple as the description is, hits all the spots for me. It’s rich, creamy, custardy and lightly sweet. It’s fills my mouth with flavour but doesn’t overwhelm. The eggy custard aspect is fairly mild but very much present and I get more of a creamy, almost vanilla icing or vanilla cake like taste from it than I do straight custard. It’s like they took all of my favorite things vanilla and combined them into one of the most wonderful, spot on creamy custard flavours I have tried recently. While I don’t really get much butterscotch from it, I do get a light buttery sweetness on the tongue and aftertaste. It’s exactly the profile I’ve been searching for and it’s definitely going to make my ADV list.


Site description: For all you custard lovers out there we present The Egg Man! Our original blend mixed with smooth blueberry jam!

My thoughts: These next two flavours just take the original and add a touch of fruitiness. With Blueberry it’s obviously a touch of blue that’s been added, a nice dollop of thick sweet blueberry jam. It’s not cloying or anything like that but it definitely adds a thicker jam like feel to the flavour. It doesn’t bump up the sweetness either as it’s about the same as the straight Vanilla just a little more complex.

The blueberry has a sweet compote sort of taste to it, like a thick homemade blueberry jam plopped on top of a big bowl of custard. It does kind of overtake the custard at times but with that rich vanilla base it gives it a very creamy sort of profile. I personally am a custard purist so I normally don’t love these sorts of custard blends but these I have to say are pretty darn tasty, most likely on account of the delectable base they are made from but I wouldn’t lift my nose to any of these.


Site description: For all you custard lovers out there we present The Egg Man! Our original blend mixed with smooth Strawberry jam!

My thoughts: Strawberry as I’m sure you’ve guessed is pretty much the same idea as Blueberry but replacing the blueberry jam with strawberry. I’m not sure why but this one comes across more like a strawberry milkshake to me and less of a custard with strawberry jam. Like the others it’s somewhat thick, rich, lightly sweet and creamy but with a much creamier milkshake sort of vibe than the other two.

I might even venture to say it’s slightly more fruity than the blueberry one or at least the way the strawberry and custard interact makes it seem so. Despite the similarity I found myself reaching for the strawberry one more so than the blueberry which is odd considering I’m generally not a fan of strawberry cream flavours and usually enjoy more blueberry type profiles. Regardless whether you’re team blueberry or team strawberry, I think either one are a nice little change from just the plain custard, not that there’s anything plain about this one!

Final thoughts:

So if you haven’t guessed it already, I’m a huge fan of The Egg Man. My favorite is easily the plain vanilla one but I still enjoyed both of the fruity additions to the line and will likely finish all three. If you’re a custard lover like I am, I highly, highly recommend you go and check these beauties, you won’t be disappointed. Also, if you happen to live in the Hamilton/Dundas area make sure to check out the VaporBar, they are an awesome business run by some truly awesome people!!

How they add up
Flavour Accuracy9.5
Overall quality of product9.5