Honest review time: The Geekbar disposable pod system

Here’s a look at a new disposable pod system called the Geekbar. It’s made by the same folks who released the Elfbar disposable pod system and looks to be a new and improved version of it’s predecessor. I know a lot of people take issue with disposable products and their impact on our environment but some things can’t be argued about disposable products and that’s their convenience and more often than not their efficacy. Whether it’s fast-food, medicine, one time use products or simply disposable packaging we’ve all come to accept the convenience items like these bring to our lives. Personal feelings aside I’m just here to check out the latest, so here’s a quick run down of what I think of the Geekbar disposable pod system. I got mine from the good folks at Heavengifts.com, one of my go to online vape retailers.

Package contents:

1 xGeekbar disposable device

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:23.2 x 14.3 x 105mm
Battery:500mAh built-in
Pod capacity:2.4ml pre-filled
Puffs:≥575 puffs
Nicotine content:5% or 2% nic salt
Material:PCTG, organic cotton
Main material:PC+ABS two-colour injection
Max power:9W
Output: Constant 3.6V

Packaging and contents:

I received a whole retail package of these which includes 10 disposable units. Each unit is individually packaged in a smaller box meant for individual sale and the pods inside are contained within blister packs. They also have little rubber plugs on either end to keep the dust out. The retail package contains one each of 10 different flavours which includes Menthol, Tobacco, Banana Ice, Watermelon Ice, Peach Ice, Lychee Ice, Blueberry Ice, Mango Ice, Sweet Strawberry and Sour Apple. A good bit of variety with quite a few having a touch of ice to them. The colours of the units match up with the flavours which makes it pretty easy to distinguish one from the other. Nothing else really included but there’s nothing else really needed.

The Geekbar Pod:

The Geekbar disposable pod system is a slick looking device for a disposable. Mostly made of PCTG plastic each one of them is brightly coloured to match the flavour it contains. On one side it’s got the brand Geekbar sort of printed under the plastic while on the other side is a logo and the flavour it contains. The disposable pods contain a 500mAh internal battery and once you’re done with it you just pitch it in the garbage. The device is roughly 105mm tall and about as thick as a Bic lighter so it’s very pocket friendly. With that 500mAh internal battery you can more or less get 575 puffs out of it before you need to chuck it. The units are filled with either 2 or 5% salt nic and though I don’t see it listed on the product page I was told they use mesh coils. This is unverified so take that with a grain of salt. If you happened to have tried the ElfBar the Geekbars earlier predecessor you’ll know the flavour from those units was quite good but with the new Geekbar I’m happy to say the flavour is really fantastic.

The Geekbar if you haven’t realized already is a draw to activate device and one of the standout features of these disposable units is their regulated output. The units each contain 2.4ml of liquid and a coil rated around 1.4 or 1.5ohms with a max output of 9W and a constant voltage of 3.6V. That means each and every puff you get from this thing will be consistent, at least until the battery dies or it runs out of liquid but so far it’s always been the former. I realize it’s a simple circuit but the fact they manage to keep it affordable enough to be disposable is pretty mind blowing. A little LED light hidden in a hole on the end of the device lights up to indicate when it’s firing but will also help figure out when it’s dead. A bit hard to see but if you hold it up to a reflective surface you’ll get the idea.

The Flavours:

Menthol: Probably one of the more basic flavours from the bunch it’s a pretty straightforward peppermint flavour sort of thing. It reminds me of a white tic tac with a fairly strong menthol kick. Not bad by any means and folks who like minty flavours will likely dig this.

Tobacco: This one was a surprise favorite. It’s a nice clean tasting tobacco flavour with a hint of something extra in there. Maybe a touch of chocolate or a hint of coconut it’s hard to put my finger on it but it’s got a light sweetness and I totally dig it!

Banana Ice: I guess I must like banana flavours more than I realized as this was one of my favorites from the bunch. A nice smooth, slightly creamy banana flavour with a good punch of ice. It’s not too artificial tasting but definitely not a fresh sliced banana. Banana cream lovers who don’t mind a kick will appreciate this one.

Watermelon Ice: I found all of the Iced flavours in the set quite tasty with just a different focus for the main flavour. This one obviously watermelon was nice and sweet but not cloying with fairly close to real fresh watermelon taste.

Peach Ice: Peach is a nice blend of sweet punchy peach with a nice cool finish. The peach is pretty natural tasting with a bit of zing to it and it works well with the hit of ice on the end.

Lychee Ice: This was another favorite from the set and was one of the first to go. I’m half-Asian so of course a Lychee flavour will do well by me especially a nice full flavoured punchy one like this. Very real tasting with a nice light sweetness, this one was fantastic!

Blueberry Ice: I didn’t really love this one, it’s pretty sweet and though it’s listed as blueberry I really get more of a blue raspberry sort of vibe from it. Not really my thing and the only one I didn’t really care for but still not a bad flavour.

Mango Ice: Mango I find is pretty hard to mess up and this one was a nice punchy, cool refreshing take on a classic. If you like mango flavours this one won’t disappoint!

Sweet Strawberry: Normally I don’t like strawberry, it’s one of those hard to do flavours but somehow this one doesn’t really bother me. It’s a lightly sweet simple strawberry flavour and that’s it. It’s not super fresh but also not really fake tasting, sort of in the middle and I really didn’t mind it!

Sour Apple: This one was a bit of a surprise and I ended up quite enjoying it. Even the wife mentioned she enjoys the smell of this one. It’s basically a crisp green apple sort of flavour and although they call it sour, it’s really only got a hint of it. It really is like that sour taste you get from a fresh apple though and I got to say, it’s pretty tasty!!


So I know these won’t be for everyone but for someone just starting out who can barely tell which end of a device to vape, something like the Geekbar would be hard to get wrong. Aside from that, just think of all the many use cases, like travelling where regulations are unsure, new users, prisons, hospitals and I personally keep a couple of disposables in my desk at the office just in case whatever I’m carrying happens to die or I run out of juice. If you’re familiar with the original Elfbars the new Geekbars basically are a lot more of what you got with the original. A lot more power, more clouds and more flavour and more importantly a nice consistent vape thanks to the regulated output. I tend to get at least two full days out of one of these things but that may vary depending on how much you vape. And while I can’t really advocate for the disposable nature of these I can get behind the performance. If you absolutely need a disposable, these would be the ones to get!

How it adds up
CompactDraw activatedRegulated outputGreat flavoursGood vapour productionLooks niceGood battery life for a disposable 500mahEase of use and convenience
DisposableCan't really tell remaining battery or liquid
Build Quality8.5