Honest review time: The Wotofo Profile M

It seems the industry lately has been all pods and disposables but there are some companies out there still fighting the good fight and producing quality atomizers for us DIY’ers. Wotofo probably best known for their Profile series just a dropped a new mesh based RTA in the series called the Profile M. I’m guessing the M stands for mini as it’s a low profile tank with guts similar to their Profile RDA or the Profile RDTA and all the performance of it’s bigger counterparts. Here are my honest thoughts on the Profile M from Wotofo.

Package contents:

1 xProfile M RTA
1 xExtra 810 Drip Tip
1 xPCTG Bubble Tube 4ml
1 xClapton Mesh A1+Ni80 0.15Ω
1 xClassic Wotofo Mesh A1 0.18Ω
1 xnexMESH A1 0.13Ω
1 xUser Manual
1 xBending Tool
1 xAccessory Bag
1 xCross Head Screwdriver
3 x6mm Thick Cotton Strip

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:27.8 x 24.5mm
Deck diameter:24.5mm
Drip tip:810 Resin drip tip
E-liquid capacity:3.1ml(4ml bubble tube included)
Filling method:Top filling
Airflow type:Top airflow
Coil type:Mesh coil
Insulator material:German PEEK
Threading:510 thread

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a black and green box with a clear plastic sleeve for the top. All the usual information is found on the sides with some company info and basic warnings on the back. In the kit you get the Profile M tank, a PCTG bubble tank, a user manual, a coil bending tool, a philips head screwdriver, a bag of three agleted cotton sticks, a bag conataining a full set of o-rings, two spare screws and an alternate 810 drip tip, in the last bag you get three types of mesh coil a Classic Wotofo M A1 0.18ohm (50-60W), a nexM A1 0.13ohm 60-70W and a nexM Clapton S 0.15ohm 55-65W. Wotofo is one company that never seems to skimp on the extras and the Profile M is no exception. Available in several colours including Black, SS, Blue metal, Blue, Gold and Rainbow, I got the Blue version to review.

The tank:

The tank is fairly low pro with a height of just 27.8mm and an overall diameter of 24.5 and holds 3.1ml of liquid but also comes with a PCTG tank that adds an additional 0.9ml of capacity. It’s bubble tank doesn’t bubble out like a typical ones does and only really increases the diameter by a millimeter or so. At the top it comes equipped with a super low profile colourful 810 drip tip but also includes what looks like a PCTG 810 tip that matches the replacement tank. Just below the drip tip is the slide to open top fill. Sliding it open reveals a diaphragmed fill hole and one handy feature of their implementation is the top cap is threaded and can be removed for cleaning underneath the sliding cap.

Working down the tank and just below the slide to fill is the top airflow adjustment ring which is comprised of two cyclops style slots that can be opened or closed to your preference. Because it’s dual hole it’s not exactly ideal for mouth to lung but considering it’s a mesh based tank I think it’s safe to say this is meant for direct lung vapers. I’ve been running it with the airflow about halfway open for a slightly restricted direct lung hit and it’s been perfect for my tastes.

Unscrewing the base from the tank reveals the build deck which as mentioned above is a mesh based build deck and a chimney perforated with a series of holes that leads to the top airflow. It’s similar to the Profile RDA, the 1.5, the Unity or or the Profile RDTA with two vise style clamps surrounding a spring loaded ceramic block. This block helps prevent cotton collapse, an issue mesh users often encounter where the cotton pulls away slightly from the mesh coil creating hot spots and a burnt taste. The vise style clamps use Philips head screws and on either side of the push block are some fairly large channels for your cotton wicks. One thing I will mention is around the base it’s got little lines cut in as texture. I get that they probably added it for grip but I feel it doesn’t really match with the rest of the tank.

Build, wick and Performance:

Building on the Profile M is as simple as it was with the original Profile and subsequent versions. Basically you loosen the vise style clamps, stick one end of the mesh coil in one side and tighten it down, bend it over and clamp down the other side. You can then use the included coil shaping tool to ensure the coil is nicely rounded. Also included in the kit are some agleted cotton sticks, I like to push the ceramic block down with one finger and slide the cotton stick through. You might have to wiggle it a bit to get it into place but once it is I just cut the wick almost parallel to the side of the deck and pick the wick up and drop them in the channels. Normally I’d thin the wicks out a bit but the channels are pretty wide and had no issue accommodating the thick agleted cotton wicks. After saturating everything with juice I pop the tank on, fill it up and it’s ready to go.

The flavour and vapour coming out of this thing is fantastic, it’s pretty much the same performance you get from the other Profile series atomizers depending on the mesh foil you are using. Full thick clouds and plenty of flavour. The kit comes with three different mesh foils two being pretty traditional perforated metal meshes while the third is actually a series of clapton coils in parallel made to form a sort of coil. I won’t get into the minute differences between the three but I will say the clapton coil works surprisingly well and also seems far less likely to ever get a dry hit at least from my experience. Speaking of dry hits, I’ve been using this thing for nearly two weeks steady and have yet to get anything close to a dry hit or any leaking thanks to the top airflow.


I’m a fan of mesh coils and tanks and the Profile M has checked off a lot of boxes for me. It’s compact, easy to build, has great flavour and good airflow and from my time with it I have pretty much nothing to complain about. The included mesh foils and the clapton coil that come with the kit are fantastic with my favorite again being the parallel clapton coil. I also appreciate the move to top airflow which helps protect against leaks and being so short and compact you really don’t lose any flavour or anything. For me this is a solid addition to the Profile lineup and an easy recommendation for any fans of mesh RTAs!

How it adds up
CompactBuild qualityAestheticsTop fillTop airflowLow profileEasy to buildSpring loaded ceramic blockFlavour and performance of Mesh foils and Clapton coilWell stocked kit
Texturing on baseDrinks a lot of juice
Build Quality8.5