Hardcore Review Time: A month with 10 bottles of SZ Vapor

Hello again!

I’m back with another installment of Hardcore Reviews, where I spend roughly a month solely vaping ONE line of juice.

And this time around, I’ve spent 25 days (and counting) with SZVapor

The CRAZY thing is – SZ Vapor is known for their pastry-inspired flavors, and as you’ll see in my background below – I HATE pastries, lol. I do realize I sound like a masochist right now. So… how did we do? See below!


(I will include this background in all my reviews) I think it’s important that we get context on the type of reviewer I am. I was a half a pack smoker for over 20 years. A couple of years ago, I switched to vape and have not turned back. While I was a smoker, I was a light menthol smoker (i.e. Vogue Menthols / Matinee Slim Menthol Lights).

I’m generally not a fan of cream/pastry flavors, and until recently, I ALWAYS mixed menthol into any vape flavors. I’m also a huge fan of fruity flavors, but not flavors that would over power my taste buds.

A close friend of mine owns one of Toronto’s premium vape stores (he was the one who helped me quit smoking), so I have my fair exposure to all of the ultra-high-end mod gear and premium juices. That said, I find myself vaping with 6 Crown I / III devices on a variety of mods.

Hopefully this background helps you have an idea of my flavor palate as well as preferences – which will bias my review.


The reason I chose to do these immersive and lengthy reviews is because I’m guilty of going into a store, trying a juice and thinking I LOVED it… only to return home to realize I didn’t really enjoy the flavor and got sick of it after the first day. This pretty much happens to me EVERY SINGLE TIME and which has led to my massive shelf of nearly full bottles.

So, what I have decided going forward is that I will vape the juices regardless if I like them on first try, and will try to do so extensively and let the juices that I truly love grow on me. And let me tell you, it’s worked tremendously well.

For this review, I used 7 separate devices for the 10 bottles – a bunch of Crown I and IIIs and as well as an Aspire Speeder kit.

For the past 25 days (and for the next few) I have solely vaped SZ Vapor juices. Aside from looking at the names on the labels of the bottles, I did not do any research on what was in the flavors – I figured I’d just let my tastebuds get to work (kinda like a blind taste test).

So, as I’m typing up this review, it will be the first time I know what’s really in the juice flavors (this should be exciting for me, lol)


As I mentioned, I truly do not enjoy pastry flavors. In fact, the very first juice I ever tried (three years ago) was SZ Vapor, and it worked like a charm. I quit smoking off of SZ Vapor (and a couple other brands). But since then, I never vaped SZ again – their juices just weren’t in my flavor profile. However, this time around, I gave it a try one more time… and I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED! I never thought I’d enjoy pastry flavors again – and they’ve really opened my eyes on how pastry flavors don’t have to be overdone.

SZ Vapor has a very distinct taste among its pastry flavors – you just know after a while that they’re the same brand – and that’s a good thing – because these are quality juices.

Pastries still aren’t my thing, but I still thoroughly enjoyed their juices – and I loved several of the flavors enough to order them again.

The TL:DR – I will be ordering bottles of the following juices

  • Lemonlight
  • Soda Verde
  • Hyperdrive
  • Pubber
  • Whistlecake


Flavor: Soda Verde

Link: https://szvapor.com/eliquid/soda-verde

Description: Key lime cream soda with added notes of pear and kiwi.

Review: Keep in mind that I don’t read the descriptions before I vape the juices so that I can truly TASTE the flavor.

But when I saw the NAME of this juice, I knew I had to try it… it’s some kind of GREEN SODA – Lime perhaps? Honeydew? Kiwi? Cucumber? Either way, this was the first bottle I tasted – and HOT DAMN was it green!

The lime was evident when I vaped this and so was the soda – very, very tasty. The other greenness wasn’t so pronounced, but absolutely delicious. It tasted like taking a big refreshing gulp of lime (and other green fruits) soda – and it was pure bliss. Kinda reminded me of the feeling (not necessarily the same taste) of the Cool Lime Refresher from Starbucks – one of my fave drinks.

This was the first bottle of juice I finished within the lineup – and it went fast.

My rating: 9/10 Hit me baby, again and again.

Flavor: Lemonlight

Link: https://szvapor.com/eliquid/lemonlight

Description: Creamy cheesecake with a light graham crust, topped with a helping of lemon curd and citrus zest.

Review: This was such a pleasure to vape! Very lemony and sweet with a nice twist of cheesecake. It’s truly a pleasure to vape this (and I can go all day with this one). In fact, while I was vaping this one of my good friends wanted to take the bottle from me after he tried it. And of course I couldn’t let him have it – I needed to spend good time with this flavor 😉

Needless to say, I finished this bottle very quickly (keep in mind I have 9 other bottles to vape – so finishing a bottle says a lot about the flavor).

Overall, this is exactly what a Lemon Cheesecake should taste like. So good, I’d eat the whole damned cake.

My rating: 9/10 Phenomenal – and added to rotation.

Absolute buy

Flavor: Vitriol

Link: https://szvapor.com/eliquid/vitriol

Description: A very creamy ice-cream float, made with grape ice cream and a smooth cream soda. Tastes of a rich concord grape with a heft of cream.

Review: So here’s a flavor I was REALLY looking forward to. As I really only went by the pictures on the small bottles – I assumed this would be a fruit-punchy-type flavor (which is absolutely within my flavor profile).

Regrettably, the flavor wasn’t my cup of tea (or grape juice). It’s certainly very creamy and the grape flavor is quite pronounced – however, I’m just not a fan of grape and cream I think.

That said, if you’d like a grape drink float – this might just be the flavor for you.

My rating: 6.5/10 Solid grape soda float – not my thing.

Flavor: Cerious

Link: https://szvapor.com/eliquid/cerious

Description: Sweet granola cereal with a touch of milk. Mixed in is the faintest hint of blueberries.

Review: Alright – the good ol’ cereal flavor that most brands carry one version or another of. And frankly, never been my thing. But of course, I needed to give this bottle its due time…

And I finished the bottle! No, really. I was quite surprised myself. It’s not over-bearing, quite tasty without being too sweet, and the blueberry is subtle enough that you can vape all day with it. Which is PRECISELY what happened with me.

One day on a patio over some drinks, I just kept refilling and refilling my vape with this flavor and didn’t realize that I’d finished the whole bottle. That’s a sign of a well made flavor.

This is a cereal flavor for those of us who don’t like cereal flavors – worth a try!

My rating: 8/10 Good all day vape

Flavor: Bramble Bunch

Link: https://szvapor.com/eliquid/bramble-bunch

Description: Sour cheesecake topped with a berry jam spread, and adorned with blackberries and cranberries.

Review: This flavor took me a while to taste. On first vape, it’s not spectacular nor offensive. It’s decent – but the flavor profile wasn’t obvious to me. I had to vape this for 3-4 days before I realized that I enjoyed the berry profile of this flavor.

I think what threw me off was the “sour cheesecake”, which, in retrospect makes a lot of sense.

Overall, if you’re looking for a twist on the traditional creamy, fruity flavor – this may be for you.

My rating: 7/10

Flavor: Pubber

Link: https://szvapor.com/eliquid/pubber

Description: Lightly toasted peanut-butter and jelly sandwich using a strawberry banana jam.

Review: The picture for this flavor is a banana, strawberry, and what looks like a whole wheat sandwich (which I assumed was peanut butter).

And that’s when I knew, I just HAD to try it, lol.

What’s truly amazing about this flavor is that you taste BOTH the peanut-butter sandwich AND the banana-strawberries… it’s INCREDIBLE.

Over the past week, I’ve always carried Pubber with me in my murse (er, gadget bag) as I knew I would always be delighted to drop this into my vape in the middle of the day.

Overall – a great balance of peanut butter and jam – and highly recommended.

My rating: 8.5/10 You’ve probably never had anything like it

Flavor: Whistlecake

Link: https://szvapor.com/eliquid/whistlecake

Description: Light cheesecake with a heavier crust, topped with a heavy helping of lemon and strawberry jams.

Review: OK – the picture said it all – lemon, strawberry cheesecake – and frankly, I wasn’t excited to try this flavor.

I mean, how much pastry can one man have?

And you know what? Surprised yet again. Whistlecake somehow makes cheesecake refreshing – to someone who doesn’t enjoy pastries nonetheless!

The lemon and strawberry are tasty with just enough cheesecake to make it interesting.

The flavor profile was simple, tasty, and truly refreshing. Highly recommended if you like citrus, berries, AND cakes.

My rating: 8.5/10 It feels like I’m repeating myself – but I’m constantly getting surprised by how much I’m enjoying these pastry flavors.

Flavor: Harvester

Link: https://szvapor.com/eliquid/harvester

Description: A smooth and fresh tobacco combined with a light dash of cinnamon and sweet lemon aroma. Notes of plum linger.

Review: Alright, a flavor I was pretty sure I would not enjoy and I was right.

The tobacco and cinnamon are quite apparent on this flavor – which are two flavors I do not like vaping (weird for an ex-smoker to not like tabacco?). And thus having them combined just make it horribad for me.

Overall, the tobacco and cinnamon are quite prevalent in the flavor – and thus if you like these flavors, this is a perfect fit for you – it’s just not for me.

My rating: 6/10 – UNFAIR RATING as this is just not for me. But if you like tobacco and cinnamon, I’d highly recommend this flavor.

Flavor: Crumbler

Link: https://szvapor.com/eliquid/crumbler

Description: Sweet donut covered with a peanut butter crumble and then drizzled with a raspberry jam.

Review: The Pubber roots for this flavor are quite apparent – and that’s a great thing. Pubber was tasty, and this new version is also quite yummy as well.

When you vape this, the donut is front and centre followed by the jam notes. If you’re into pastries – and donuts in particular, this one’s for you.

For me, it’s just a little too much pastry (as I mentioned, I’m not a pastry guy).

That said, I still vaped the majority of this bottle – and find it quite tasty, especially as a dessert vape.

My rating: 7/10 Perfect for those who are looking for a healthy dozen of donuts / pastries.

Flavor: Hyperdrive

Link: https://szvapor.com/eliquid/hyperdrive

Description: A mishmash of fruits including blue raspberry, blueberry, red apple, and lemon.

Review: I literally just opened the bottle and took a nice big whiff of this juice as I’m writing this. It’s both pleasant and lucious – while being quite refreshing. You may notice I use refreshing a lot to describe flavors I love – because I just love taking in a deep inhale of a flavor and feeling invigorated by it. And this juice absolutely does that for me.

It’s so tasty I had to save some for my last day.

Typically speaking, brands don’t like to describe a flavor as a “mish mash” as in insinuates complicated but not complex. But in this case it’s quite appropriate – but in a good way. The melange of fruits works quite well for my flavor profile, and I always look forward to a good session with this juice to start off my day.

It’s just so damned refreshing!

My rating: 9/10 Love waking up to this flavor to start off my day.


I will forever be indebted to SZ Vapor for being the first brand of vape I ever tried – and helped me quit smoking. Not only is Rob / SZ Vapor a class act and true professional, I know many people whose lives have been forever changed (improved) because of the amazing contributions Rob has made to the vaping community.

As many of us know, the vape vendor community is quite close and everyone always has great things to say about Rob / SZ Vapor.

But personal bias aside, I really have not vaped their lines in three years (give or take). And really, I never thought I’d enjoy vaping the line – I just don’t do pastries.

So how shocked was I when I truly loved SO MANY of the flavors!

Beyond that, Rob was a real professional to deal with – great communication and just straight-up pleasant.

Although we’ve never met in person, I look forward to dropping by someday and thanking him with a handshake for helping me quit smoking.


How was your experience with SZVapor? Let us know by leaving a review here.