Honest review time: The Aspire Cloudflask

Here’s a look at a new all in one kit from Aspire that is specifically targeted at direct lung vapers. It comes in a rather uncommon shape but it’s a shape that has definitely been spotted around the vape world before. It’s called the Aspire Cloudflask which pretty much says it all about it’s form but lets take a closer look at what this new flask on the block has to offer.

Package contents:

1 xCloudflask Battery Unit (2000 mAh)
1 xCloudflask Pod (5.5 ml)
2 xMesh Coil: 0.25Ω
1 xType-C Cable
1 xUser Manual
1 xSet of O-rings

Listed features and specs:

Tank Capacity:5.5ml(TPD 2ml)
Drip tip:810 resin
Coil:Replaceable 0.25ohm Mesh coil(40-50W)
Charging:5V/2A Type-C
Output mode:Bypass
Product type:Entry level restricted direct lung pod system for big vapour
Dimensions:92 x 54 x 25mm(including drip tip)
Weight:136g(without case)
147.8g(with case)
Battery Capacity:2000mAh

Packaging and contents:

The Cloudflask comes packed in a nice white and orange box with an image of the device on the front and plenty of information on the back. In the kit you get the Cloudflask with a pod already installed, two mesh coils, a usb Type-C cable, a bag containing a few spare o-rings, a user manual and a sort of leather sleeve for the mod. Everything you’d need to get started and the microfiber leather case is a nice added touch.

The Aspire Cloudflask:

The Cloudflask if you haven’t guessed it already is shaped like a small whiskey flask and at a glance you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for one. It’s mostly made of metal and has a shiny reflective finish, which can be a bit of a fingerprint magnet but with the included sleeve in place it’s not really an issue. The device has a hefty built-in 2000mAh battery that charges via USB C care of the port on the left hand side. It charges at a rate of 5V/2A so top ups are relatively quick. On the working face of the mod there’s a single oval button that lights up to indicate when it’s firing, when it’s charging and any statuses the battery needs to indicate. Just above the button is a sort of flame pattern cut into the metal which allows for airflow to the pod. You can’t really set the airflow on the Cloudflask but covering up these vents with your thumb does restrict the airflow providing a somewhat rudimentary airflow control.

On either side of the device are two buttons which you press in unison to release the pod. It’s held securely in place at the top of the flask by two durable looking metal prongs. It’s really easy to squeeze the two buttons to release the pod and popping it back in is just as simple. On my unit I always find I need to press one side in a bit harder to make it click into place but having metal prongs should help with the longevity of the clip in pod system. On the very bottom of the device there are some vent holes should anything go awry with the battery but as usual the Cloudflask powered by Aspires ASP chipset has all of the expected safety features built-in like a 10 second cutoff, short circuit protection, low voltage, overcharge, over heat and over discharge protections.

To operate the device you turn it on or off with the usual five clicks and simple press the button to fire it. It doesn’t have any other modes or functions making it super simple to operate. The device uses a bypass output meaning it works just like a mechanical mod drawing directly from the battery but with the added benefit of those safety features we mentioned above. What this means is the coil draws directly from the battery but as the battery declines so too will the power the coils gets and potentially the experience. However with a 2000mAh battery it tends to last quite a while before you’d notice any sort of decline and any mechanical or bypass users will already be familiar with how it works.

The Cloudflask Pod and Coils:

The pod that comes with the kit is made of clear plastic and holds a very comfortable 5.5ml of liquid. It comes equipped with a low profile 810 drip tip and it uses plug and play mesh coils. Unfortunately they don’t specify the material that the pod is made of so be careful if you’re using any tank cracking liquids. On the underside of the pod is a silicone plug for refilling which makes top ups a breeze and right next to it is where you insert the coils. While there is a short chimney inside the tank to assist with coil changes you can also tip the tank to one side and replace the coil when the tank is about half empty. To replace a coil you just slide the old one out and pop a new one in, super simple!

The kit comes with two 0.25ohm mesh coils which I think are pretty well suited to the device. Being there isn’t any sort of regulation and with a max output of 50W you’ll want to keep power consumption relatively low and these mesh coils rated from 40-50W suit the Cloudflask perfectly. Cloud production is what you’d expect from a mesh coil but since there isn’t really any airflow control I’m going to say that the flavour can at times feel a touch muted. I’d suggest you use strong flavoured liquids like fruits with this to really get the most out of it but as always tastes and expectations vary. Coil life should be on par with most others in their range but always depend on what you’re vaping, how much and personal vaping habits.


There is quite a lot to like about the Cloudflask and even though it’s unregulated and has no real airflow control I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit. Maybe it’s the shape, or the ergonomic grip or just the simple grab and go functionality of the device that’s drawing me in but I’m actually enjoying this thing quite a bit. Even the wife has made comments on how ‘cute’ it is. While being a dedicated restricted direct lung device may limit the audience just a bit I know plenty of direct lung vapers who will appreciate a handy little kit like this one.

How it adds up
Ergonomic flask shapeCompact all in oneBuild qualityPlug and play mesh coils810 drip tip5v/2A quick chargeGood battery life(2000mAh)Sharp looksMicrofiber leather sleeveNo leaking(yet)Ease of useGood capacity 5.5ml
UnregulatedNo airflow controlFlavour can be a bit muted
Build Quality8
Reader Rating 17 Votes