Honest review time: Clown from Bad Drip Labs c/o Cloudshack

Here’s a look at another set that was sent over from Tyson from Cloudshack.ca. If you’re not familiar Cloudshack is a new online shop run by a fellow redditor that just launched a few weeks back. This new set is also from the US and is made by Bad Drip Labs the same company that produced the Bad Drip line I reviewed last time for Cloudshack. This set seems centered around classic candy flavours with a sort of creepy clown motif which I supposed goes along with the original Bad Drip line quite well. Here are my honest thoughts on Clown from Bad Drip Labs c/o Cloudshack.ca.


The juices come in clear 60ml glass bottles with dropper top lids. As I mentioned they all have a sort of creepy clown motif so if clowns aren’t your thing you might not get the appeal of this set. The labels are all varied but share a similar theme with the name Clown scrawled across the front just above the name of each flavour. The background colours are all different to sort of match up with the flavour which helps figure out at a glance which one is which since the flavour profiles aren’t listed on the bottles themselves. The juices are all 70vg blends with the set I got being in 3mg. Here’s a shot of the creepy clown inspired bottles I was sent:



Testing was done mostly in a Hadaly clone with a three core alien(3×28/36ni80) build from the Canadian Coil makers SaddleHorse Blues, 4/5 wraps on a 2.5mm coming out to 0.28 ohms and running between 35-45w. Using Puff cotton, rda rinsed and rewicked in between. Here’s a shot of a fresh build:

Remember taste is subjective and results will vary! Click the titles for links to the products!!


Site description: Sticky, icky, stringy, blueberry taffy strands, doused with gooey grape rubber chicken blood.

My Thoughts: With Laffy I get a very light taste of candy but not actually a taffy taste, more like a hard candy sort of taste and not the sticky stretchy taste of taffy. It’s a touch on the artificial side and it has a very slight dry taste to it but it’s not overbearing like some flavours can be. For a candy flavour it’s pretty light on sweetness and I really don’t pick up any of the blueberry mentioned in the description. What I do get however is more like a grape blow pop, a hard candy with a light grape taste to it. The grape essentially overshadows the blueberry and even the taffy a bit making this flavour taste more like a grape candy flavour then a blueberry taffy with grape. I’m not sure what rubber chicken blood is supposed to taste like but I get that Bad Drip likes to use fanciful descriptions for their juice. This one is a bit too light for me to enjoy it as a regular vape but it’s not really unpleasant in anyway, just not quite enough for me. Fans of grape flavours will likely appreciate this one but anyone looking for a taffy flavour might be a bit dissapointed.


Site description: Stomped strawberry clown snouts, twisted with pulverized watermelon guts, injected inside baby bubblegum balloon animals.

My Thoughts: Much as I was a Stephen King fan Pennywise ended up being my least favorite from the bunch. Somewhat like Laffy, Pennywise is light, artificial tasting and generally sort of thin feeling. The only real element I pick up from it is the strawberry which is a bit of a surprise considering how strong watermelon tends to be in most flavours it’s in. For a candy flavour it’s not very sweet and I hardly get a sense of bubblegum from it. To me it’s mostly dry, a bit bland and definitely artificial tasting. This one is really not my kind of thing but maybe fans of strawberry flavours will appreciate it more than I did.

Sweet Tooth

Site description: The ringmaster’s addiction… circus spun cotton candy floss, spattered with candied razzberry nightmare nectar.

My Thoughts: This one sort of threw me off a bit as I was really expecting more of a cotton candy flavour but it ended up being my dreaded nemesis blue raspberry. Admittedly the blue raspberry in this is light but it’s still the main flavour with the cotton candy acting more as a sweetener that finishes off the flavour. Like I mainly get the blue raspberry but it ends with a hint of cotton candy, sort of like a cotton candy aftertaste but it’s not super distinct on it’s own. Of course if you follow my reviews you know how I feel about blue raspberry but despite my distaste for the flavouring this flavour wasn’t actually too bad. It could be that the blue raspberry comes off very light or maybe it’s that I like the cotton candy finish but this blue raspberry definitely isn’t the worst one I’ve tried. Fans of blue ras or cotton candy will probably appreciate this one more than I did!!


Site description: Gilly wagon silly slobbered gobstoppers, chomped, chewed, and drooled into a grape-berry face paint pool.

My Thoughts: I was just about to give up on this set when I finally cracked open Drooly. It’s almost as though this one was cut from an entirely different cloth. It’s much more flavourful and quite a bit sweeter then the other three and considering they are all candy flavours it’s more like what I expected from the set. With Drooly I’m hit right up front with a nice punch of grape candy, it’s not quite like the grape blow pop from Laffy and comes off more like a powdered candy but it’s not what makes this one stand out. There’s something about it that really tastes like a Gobstopper, that odd layered hard candy taste with just a touch of citric acid for kick. I’m not really sure what the berry is in the ‘grape-berry’ from the description but it does have a slight fruity taste beyond just grape but it’s not like a fresh fruit more like an artificial candy flavouring. Gobstoppers were one of my favorite candies growing up and I’ll still snatch one from my kids when they get em so finding a flavour that actually manages to mimic that unusual hard candy flavour was a treat. I should mention however that little citric acid kick that gives it a hint of sour also gives it just a slight throat hit especially compared to the other three. It wasn’t enough to bother me but compared to the other three it does have considerably more throat hit so it should be mentioned.


So I wasn’t overly impressed by the line but I did find one among them that I really appreciated. There aren’t many grape flavours that make the list but I’d now consider Drooly to be among them. I thought for a candy line they were awfully light on sweetness, of course we all know that taste is subjective so even though this set left me a bit wanting I’m sure there are those out there who will appreciate their light clean nature. I should also mention that they are a bit on the pricey side but Tyson was kind enough to setup a ‘reddit10’ code for 10% off. He also setup another code ‘2for50’ for Bad Drip which may or may not work for Clown that you can use to get two bottles for $50 but please note it’s not stackable with the ‘Reddit10’ code!! So huge thanks to Tyson for sending these over for review and be sure to check out his site and help support a fellow redditor with his new shop!!