Honest review time: Tabacci from Cyrus Vapors and Fat Panda

Here’s a look at a set that was recently sent over for review from the incredible folks at Cyrus Vapors out of Burnaby BC. They recently released a new Tobacco line called Tabacci which is as far as I can figure a line of dessert inspired tobacco flavours. I’m a huge fan of tobaccos and especially tobacco blends so I was quite eager to check them out and considering my history with Cyrus Vapors I knew I was in for a treat. It also happens to be a collaboration project with the folks at Fat Panda another fantastic company from out west so I knew I was in for something good. Here are my honest thoughts on Tabacci from Cyrus Vapors and Fat Panda.


The juices come in dark amber bottles with either a gold or brown label with an image of a tree in the opposite colour so if the label is gold it’s got a brown logo and vice versa. The bottles have a really elegant look to them with the name Tabacci printed under the logo but also in the background sort of like the Gucci pattern or something like that. The juices are a 70vg blend and the ones I got were in 3mg. Here’s a shot of the lovely bottles I was sent:



Testing was done mostly in a Hadaly clone with a three core alien(3×28/36ni80) build from the Canadian Coil makers SaddleHorse Blues, 4/5 wraps on a 2.5mm coming out to 0.28 ohms and running between 35-45w. Using Puff cotton, rda rinsed and rewicked in between. Here’s a shot of a fresh build:

Remember taste is subjective and results will vary! Click the titles for links to the products!!

Tabacci Nº 21 The Godfather Tobacco

Site description: The king of every castle deserves to indulge in this manly mix of barrel-aged bourbon and smooth pipe tobacco.

My thoughts: No 21 The Godfather Tobacco is a mature blend of bold bourbon and a light pipe tobacco. From it I get an interesting mix of a sweet woody bourbon and a fresh cut pipe tobacco. The bourbon is upfront and bold but not sharp for an alcohol based flavour. The pipe tobacco is sweet and dark and pairs nicely with the distinct notes of wood from the bourbon. I should say though that the tobacco itself is subtle and almost overwhelmed by that strong taste of bourbon but it does still come through just mostly on the tail end. The tobacco in it that I do get is a fresher one but without any sharpness or bite as fresher tobaccos often have. Really this one is almost more about the bourbon then it is the tobacco with the bourbon coming out first and foremost and the tobacco more or less complimenting it as opposed to equally pairing with it. It does remind me of a sweet fresh rolled cigar but I really have to stretch to ‘taste’ it in the mix. This one is definitely a manly mix as the description suggests so those who don’t appreciate a mature flavour will want to pass on this one. But for anyone who enjoys a nice cigar and a glass of bourbon this will be the one to check out!!!


Site description: Cigar bar meets sugar shack with this syrupy treat that marries a favorite maple flavor to a complex tobacco with satisfying spice, nut, cocoa and caramel notes that keep you coming back for more.

My thoughts: This one for me was hands down my favorite among the four with it’s unique blend of sweet and savoury. From No 6 I get a sweet and spicy tobacco blend but one that’s super soft and smooth. I get notes of maple syrup and caramel, a light dry cured tobacco, hints of nuts and cocoa but also a very slight soapy quality. Ok that’s probably not making it sound all that good but I assure you it is fantastic. It’s light, fragrant, soft and delicious and one of the most unique tobacco blends I’ve tried. There’s something leathery and mature about this one and it reminds me of the smell of a dapper old man smoking a cigar while wearing Old Spice or something like that. The tobacco in this mix is light as well, like a dry cured sweet tobacco and not a fresher sharper flavour. It’s beautifully soft but complex, layered and mature. It comes off almost creamy it’s so soft and smooth. The maple and the caramel are probably the most forward of the blended flavours with the cocoa and nuts being the mildest. It might be a touch on the sweet side from the syrup and caramel but not like a sugary sweet, just a nice pleasant blend of tobacco with some of the most classic flavours to pair it with. This one would be for the dessert lovers and a fairly mild introduction to the world of blended tobaccos.


Site description: What could be more American than apple pie? Apple pie and tobacco, of course. This slice of New World dessert tobacco combines warm spiced apple, sweet flaky crust and a woodsy leaf.

My thoughts: These last two are hardly tobacco flavours but I enjoyed them none the less and I suppose they do incorporate a tiny bit of tobacco in them so they still fit in with the set. With No 7 as soon as I crack the bottle I smell apple pie. It’s a nice warm cinnamon and apple flavour with a real cooked down taste to it. A light hint of crust is pumped up with just the slightest hint of a dry tobacco leaf. The tobacco adds a more savoury depth to it but you can hardly call this one a tobacco as I can barely taste it on it’s own. Really if you didn’t know it was there you might not even notice it and just assume it’s part of the spice blend that it incorporates. It tends to leave a light sweetness on the back of the tongue but despite the focus on the pie I still wouldn’t really consider this a sweet flavour. The cinnamon is nicely rounded with no sharpness to it and it doesn’t come off dry like a potpourri cinnamon. It actually works surprisingly well with the touch of tobacco they’ve added which only seems to intensify the ‘spice’ factor of this flavour giving it a hint more depth. The apple is a touch tart and to me leans a bit more towards a tart green then a sweet red apple flavour but like I said it tastes cooked down and softened and paired up with the cinnamon and tobacco it’s absolutely lovely.


Site description: Soothing mint and sweet chocolate meet rich, bold tobacco to create a fresh and unique flavor sensation.

My thoughts: This was the other one in the set that can hardly be considered a tobacco flavour. With No 8 I get a really nice warm mint chocolate flavour with just a touch, and I mean a touch of a tobacco flavour on the tail end. It really reminds me of those After Eight dinner mints with their combination of rich dark chocolate and smooth minty cream. I’ve got an issue where I can’t actually eat mint without getting a headache but for some reason I can vape it and vape it I did. The chocolate and mint flavour is familiar as I’m sure it’s a flavouring I’ve tried in other blends but this is the first one I’ve tried with a touch of tobacco in it. Surprisingly it doesn’t throw the whole thing off and instead just sort of deepens the flavour of the chocolate. Like it somehow makes it more complex and rich but without tasting like chocolate mixed with tobacco which I’m sure would be an odd combination. I find I mostly taste the tobacco on the first hit after I’ve left it sitting for a bit but just a quickly as I taste it it’s gone again and I’m left with that rich chocolate and creamy mint that I enjoy so much.


I’ve been a fan of Cyrus Vapors since I first tried them. They make some incredible and really refined liquids and so far everything I’ve tried from them has been fantastic, this new set included. As much as this is a tobacco line I really feel like they’re all mild enough that people who are still on the fence about tobaccos would find these a good introduction to the world of blended tobacco flavours. They would also be ideal for fans of dessert flavours looking for something a bit different from the usual, that little touch of tobacco really transforms them in to something new. So huge thanks to Frank and Cyrus Vapors for sending these tabacci line over, absolutely beautiful stuff!!!