Hosehead Hat Trick – Fogged Out Vapes Signature Series

Hosehead Vapes Hat trick Review!

Good day, Eh!


Well today I decided I wanted to write a little bit about one of my favourite juice manufacturers currently. Fogged Out Vapes.  Now my first order from Fogged Out Vapes dates back to the way back time of March 2017.  I ordered the sample pack as is customary whenever I can, So I can get a taste of all the vendor offerings and reorder what I like if I liked anything specifically.  I even got a coupon code for 15 dollars off from the online launch!  Well I enjoyed the line so much I sent a second EMT with the 15 dollars back, It was so good I felt I had to pay that money for the quality I recieved. It impressed me that much.

I’m not going to go into the classic and anchored line however. There’s been some changes since I got that sample pack last year. The new line Signature Series, has been out for a minute now, and I finally had the chance to recently dig into it over the last few months.  There’s four flavors in total, I chose to focus on only 3 however. So poor old Lust wont be covered in my review today. Basically if you like cinnamon vapes, Lust will be your bag, if your not a big fan of cinnamon, you will hate it.

Fogged Out Vapes Serenity

Rich and creamy vanilla gelato enveloped with smooth and silky limoncello. Serenity at its finest.

Limoncello Gelato is pretty fancy wording. I prefer to call it Lemony Ice cream.  Very slight hint of vanilla on the inhale, and the very very smooth lemon on the exhale with a cream undertone throughout.  Absolutely stunning creamy vape, that even people who hate creams should try as its not the primary note. It simply adds to the experience and compliments the blend so well. Nothing in Serenity feels out of place, or overdone.  Easily an ADV for most vapers out in the world, and should really be on everyones list to try at least once.


Fogged Out Vapes Bliss

This is a fruit cocktail like no other. With its light and creamy whipped cream base and fruit mash-up, it’s sure to bring Bliss to any vaper. Apple, strawberry, mango and cantaloupe will for sure please your tastebuds.

Lets get this out there right now, I hate melon vapes. Honeydew and cantaloupe is my arch nemesis. I’ve tried time and again and it just does not generally work with me. So many watermelon vapes have sent me into dry heaves. Which is strange because I love melon fruit, I love watermelon flavoring in candy and sweets. Now in Bliss, I don’t get the cantaloupe until the exhale, and even then only as an undertone. This is the perfect spot for it in my opinion. I am absolutely getting the mango strawberry on the inhale, then the creamy notes and then the apple cantaloupe exhale again. Another easy to ADV flavor for the majority of people  as the cream isn’t as heavy as something like a custard, or milk vape. I know this will be the top on many peoples lists and it is certainly high up on my own, however my favourite is the next one.


Fogged Out Vapes Sinful

A perfect blend of grape soda and Mountain Dew. This has a perfectly balanced cola base and is so good it’s Sinful!

Oh boy, Sinful. I havn’t had the greatest experiences with cola vapes in the past. I had some of ol’ Jugheads cola way back when and found it thoroughly disgusting. then I had some Vango’s cherry cola last year, and really wasn’t impressed by it at all. However grape vapes are some of my favourites, so I already knew this was going to be a love or hate flavor for me. Well I love it. I love it so much its my top favourite juice currently. Ive put it in squonks, Ive dripped it, Ive put it into RTA’s and subohm tanks. Its never been bad for me. Charles and crew over at Fogged Out Vapes nailed it out of the park. I get the Citrus hint on the inhale along with the effervescence, then the light grape on the exhale. I can taste the grape on my lips as well but for some reason whenever I vape sinful, I have to exhale it through my nose. I seem to get slightly more flavor pop that way and it’s oh so satisfying. The cola seems to be purely supporting the grape exhale. Its only an undertone note with the grape as the overtone, which is why I think this works as well as it does. Previous cola juices I’ve ran into have made the mistake of making cola the primary note, which just makes them way too harsh in my opinion.  This is my ADV. The one I always come back to, and the one I would pick if I was stuck on an episode of survivor and could only bring one juice with me.


A couple final words about the line. The nicotine is super super smooth. Like Salt nicotine smooth, However I have confirmed the nicotine is still freebase. Coils wise, I’ve ran through lots and lots of juice through multitudes of coils, Serenity and Bliss are some of the easiest I’ve seen on coils among all the different juices I run, Very friendly for tank and prebuilt users who want to make those expensive coils last as long as they can. The Sinful is not as easy, However its the best grape for coils I’ve ever used. On average, I can run almost 30ml through my single coil RDA’s before I need to dryburn and rewick,  That is phenomenal life for any grape based ejuice. I could not be happier with the latest offerings from Fogged Out Vapes.


Great Canadian company, making Great Canadian Juice, run by Great Canadian people.


Also, Fogged Out Vapes have given us an Exclusive 20% off code for all customers to use one time. So if your a returning customer (like me) you can take advantage of a pretty kicking deal, or If you were tentative to try them out, This will hopefully give you the confidence of diving into some great juice. Use the code “gocanada” on https://foggedoutvapes.com/ 


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