Hosehead Ultimate Hat Trick – BB Vapes Salt Line

Hosehead Vapes Ultimate Hat trick Review!

Good day, Eh!

Welcome everyone, The title of this review is a little bit different as some of you may noticed. Thats because today I’m going to be looking at 5 juices from BB Vapes, making it the Ultimate Hat Trick (as made famous by the great Mario Lemieux on December 31, 1988).  BB Vapes, who I absolutely adored for their wonderful B2K atomiser has a premium ejuice line as well. I’ve been vaping on it all year in his very strange 2.75mg nic strength. However Now I have some 50mg nic salts to play with, and a new pod toy as well to test with.

BB Vapes



Right into a custard based vape we go. I really enjoy it. I get that slight chocolate undertone with the coffee up front, and the cream just seems to smooth it all out throughout. At a surprising 50mg this is an incredibly smooth vape. I’m even able to restricted lung hit it. However lung hitting (in any form) 50mg is most certainly not recommended. Quite enjoyable, and completely satisfying for me.



Ok, honeydew. My arch nemesis when it comes to eliquid. Probably my least liked flavouring of all time. Very few juices with any melon in it at all have been even remotely enjoyable to me. Which really sucks because I love eating fresh melons.  So how much do I dislike TABU?  I don’t.  I really don’t.  Maybe because of the very low vapor production with a pod device running at that 50mg salts is allowing my senses to not be absolutely ruined by the flavoring. But I’m actually enjoying a melon heavy vape. I’m certainly getting a cantaloupe base with a honeydew finish. The papaya Im not specifically picking out, but I’m pretty sure it’s being used as a supporting note for both the cantaloupe and honeydew. Probably the most impressive out of all the juices I’ve tried from BB Vapes.



So the second of the custards, I don’t know what oriental tobacco is supposed to taste like.  However, I get a deep custard base with a light tobacco finish. Its a flavor that compliments coffee extremely well, especially in the morning.  The profile doesn’t seem very complex to my palette. A dry tobacco exhale with a light sweet custard base overtone. Its a very neutral flavor that I think most people could get on board with. Since the tobacco flavor isn’t overpowering the blend, I would say this is a safe choice for anyone trying out salt nic devices, especially in the higher bracket (50mg).



A heavy contrast from the previous juices so far. A very light and refreshing style vape, in the same vein as Tabu. Except #187 is a heavy mango overtone with a lime undertone. However don’t get this mixed with a key lime pie vape, because it is definitely not, there is no bakery, or crust, or meringue. However that’s perfectly ok because this vape is not meant to be a bakery vape. Its a pure fruity vape.  And it really shines in salt nic form.  If you want a light flavorful salt nic vape, as far away from any sort of tobacco you can find. This should absolutely be on your radar.



And the final custard, and final juice in the review appears.  XOXO has a great sounding profile. Coconut! Bourbon! Bavarian Cream! I love all those things! Unfortunately, this is my least liked juice from BB Vapes.  The high nicotine content appears to have made this juice extremely hard on the throat hit. So hard it makes me think I’m vaping 32mg freebase out of a CE4 again. For me its unvapeable all together. The throat hit is simply too much to get through.

However All is not lost! I also have a bottle of 25mg XOXO here. so I loaded it up instead and here is my opinion. The coconut is a nice overtone throughout, without being overpowering, the bourbon comes across as a finish that’s pretty well done, and the cream is an undertone from start to finish. 25mg is absolutely vapeable though, and pretty enjoyable at that. So would I recommend XOXO? in 25mg yes, however in 50mg you would have to derive some kind of masochistic delight in the throat hit.

So overall, how did BB Vapes fare on the salt nicotine front?  Well, Pretty dang good.  BB vapes only uses Salt Nix brand nicotine in their salt line, which is benzoic acid free. 4 out of 5 were easily vapeable on a pod system at 50mg, and the fifth was great at 25mg.  I would have liked to see a slightly less custard heavy line, as the two fruit blends in the line were so good.  So trading one of the custards out for another fruit would have been ideal. But all in all, its a great line to pick up if the profiles call out to you. While the naming scheme from BB Vapes is mildly irritating, its a minor price to pay for the quality you recieve. Also BB Vapes branding is some of the best looking labels on the market, I think that’s pretty undeniable.  Now all we need is for Albert Lee to bring out an MTL RTA as good (and as customizable) as his B2K is.