Honest review time: Professor Pibblesworth from Barrie Vape Co.

Here’s a look at a wonderful set of tobacco flavours from a company called Barrie Vape Co. formerly SOAK e-liquids out of northern Ontario. I’m a big fan of tobacco flavours and there are all kinds available on the market but it should be noted that there are essentially two major ‘types’ of tobacco flavours out there, the realistic ones and the dessert based ones. Being a former 26 year smoker I definitely appreciate the taste of real tobacco but as a vaper I can also appreciate the tobaccos that are fortified with yummy dessert elements like caramel, chocolate and things like that. With Professor Pibblesworth I get exactly that, a set of lovely rich dessert inspired tobacco blends and my gawd are they good. Here are my honest thoughts on Professor Pibblesworth from Barrie Vape Co.


The juices come in clear 60ml Chubby Gorilla style bottles with very cool black labels featuring an image of Professor Pibblesworth with the name of the flavour dead center and all of the usual good stuff we like to see in fine print around the bottom and sides. While it’s usually a pet peeve of mine when companies use generic names for their flavours that are unrelated to what’s inside and don’t include a general description on the bottle I found what Barrie Vape Co. did to be quite clever. Each of the names is actually an abbreviation of the flavour so Hacuto for instance is a Hazelnut Custard Tobacco which makes it really easy to remember which one is which. The flavours are all 70vg blends and the set I got was in 3mg. Here’s a shot of the very cool looking bottles I got:



Testing was done mostly in a Hadaly clone with a three core alien(3×28/36ni80) build from the Canadian Coil makers SaddleHorse Blues, 4/5 wraps on a 2.5mm coming out to 0.28 ohms and running between 35-45w. Using Puff cotton, rda rinsed and rewicked in between. Here’s a shot of a fresh build:

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Site description: Hazelnuts and creamy custard blended with an exotic tobacco.

My thoughts: As I mentioned above Hacuto is a lovely mix of Hazelnut, Custard and Tobacco, which is where it gets it’s name from. For me the sweet creamy custard comes first with a very light hazelnut mixed in and a sweet Burley sort of tobacco on the finish. It’s a darker sweeter tobacco, almost like a cigar leaf type of taste for me which balances nicely with the hazelnut and custard. The whole thing is smooth and sweet, creamy and rich but light enough to still be an all day vape, at least for me. It’s an absolutely beautiful mix and exactly the kind of thing I gravitate to. The tobacco is quite gentle with the sweet creamy custard often taking the lead which might make it an ideal introduction to folks who are still dipping their toes in the water with tobacco flavours. With all three of these flavours I find the tobacco acts almost like a spice note, adding a touch of depth and complexity to each one without completely stealing the spotlight. I’d say even if you’re not sure about tobaccos if you like nutty custards this one would be the one to try.


Site description: Middle eastern style tobacco blended with sesame and exotic creams.

My thoughts: Similar to how Hacuto was named, Secuto is a mix of Sesame, Custard and Tobacco. It’s one of the most complex yet approachable tobacco blends I’ve tried yet. I know SOAK dabbled with a sesame based flavour in the past which I believe may have led to the development of this beauty and thankfully they did cause it’s incredible. The sesame comes off with an almost toasted taste to it, giving it a really unique depth I haven’t tasted with any other mix before. It’s a touch sweet, a touch creamy and sort of reminds me of a cereal flavour the way it’s mixed with the cream and tobacco. The tobacco in it is more of a dry tobacco which works absolutely perfect with the sesame in the mix sort of boosting up that toasted taste. It reminds me of a Turkish sort of tobacco, sweet, deep and flavourful. There is sweet cream or custard in the mix as well but to me it’s just adding a sort of creaminess to it while the sesame and tobacco are the real stars of the show. That sesame is so different, so unique but somehow it works incredibly well with the smooth dry tobacco back notes and rich creamy custard that it seems like it was meant to be. This one was a real standout in the line and one that any tobacco fans should appreciate.


Site description: Fresh brewed dark roast coffee, warm toasted pecans and the professors special tobacco blend.

My thoughts: For some reason I can’t find links to this one anywhere online. Maybe they’ve discontinued it or maybe it’s only available in their shop for the moment. Regardless it just happens to be one of my favorites from the line. Ok so I really enjoyed all three of them but this one is definitely my style. Pecoto is a super rich mix of toasted Pecans, a dark roast Coffee and a special Tobacco blend. Like the others it’s lightly sweet but with a nice dark coffee note and little hints of buttery pecan. It’s not quite as nutty tasting as the others but almost more savory with the smooth dry tobacco that this one includes. I pick up something like a Virginia blend or maybe a mild Canadian blend which will be welcoming and familiar to most former cigarette smokers. The coffee is nice and dark but not overbearing and pairs nicely with the tobacco giving it an almost savory spicy finishing note. Probably the darkest of the three this mix is a coffee and cigarette lovers dream.


I must admit I was very impressed by the line. Yes I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to good tobacco flavours but each one of these was so beautifully crafted that it’d be hard not to boast when talking about them. Sergei and Brett the gentlemen behind Barrie Vape Co. have done an incredible job with this set and my hat’s off to them and their dedication to the craft. If you’re a fan of tobacco flavours like I am then these are an absolute must to check out and even if you’re not I’d still say they’re well worth a try for anyone curious about tobacco flavours. So huge thanks to Sergei and Brett, you guys rocked this one!!