Honest review time: The OFRF nexMini

Here’s a look at a new pod system from the company OFRF, a company well known for their mesh based coils and and atomizers. Some of you may recall they were recently acquired by Wotofo but rather than completely absorb them it seems they’ve made them a sister company who continue to produce new and innovative mesh products. The latest is called the OFRF nexMini and here is what I make of it so far.

Package contents:

1 xNEXMINI Pod System
1 xM22 nexMESH Coil
1 xM21 Parallel Coil
1 xType-C Charging Cable
1 xUser manual

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:110.5 x 19.5 x 19.5mm (with pod installed)
Coils & Resistance:M22 nexMESH Coil 0.6Ω / M21 Parallel Coil 0.6Ω
Pod Capacity:2.5ml (Standard Edition) / 2ml (TPD Edition)
Main Material:Aluminum Alloy + PCTG
Battery Capacity: 0.69’’ OLED Screen
Filling Method:Side Filling
Airflow Type:Adjustable Airflow
Battery Type:800mAh Built-in Lithium-ion Battery
Pass-through Charging:Supported
Output Power:1-30W
Output Voltage:0.5-4.0V
Charging Port:USB Type-C
Charging Current:DC 5V/1.2A
Charging Time:50 minutes

Packaging and contents:

OFRF nexMini

The kit comes packed in a black and white box with a clear plastic cover, all of the details are listed on the sides and back. In the kit you get the nexMini, a USB Type-C cable, a spare coil and a user manual. A very lightweight kit with no notable extras but it’s still enough to get you started.

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TheOFRF nexMini mod:

The nexMini is a relatively slim little device, it’s about as tall as most other pod systems like the new Caliburn G but it’s considerably thicker. It’s still extremely pocket friendly but compared to most other stick style pod systems this one is about twice as thick. It’s basically a square shaped tube with a slot in the top to insert the pod. The pod is held in place via four small sets of magnets but also a little bit of friction. It can be a bit tricky pulling it out if your hands are at all slippery but that also means it won’t just fall out by accident. The body of the nexMini is made of aluminum and feels nice and solid in the hand but not heavy or cumbersome. A bit of branding around the sides while on the face there is a fire button, a small 0.69″ black and white screen as well as two little adjustment buttons. That’s right, this thing is regulated and adjustable with a 30W limit. An 800mAh battery powers it and with a USB Type-C port located on the bottom of the device, you can charge it at a rate of 5V/1.2A which ends up being fairly quick.

Using the device is also super simple and like most others it uses the usual five clicks to turn it on and off. It doesn’t have any draw to fire capability and relies on the user pressing the button to fire it so there’s less to go wrong. Three clicks will lock the device and pressing fire and + clears the puff count. There are no other modes or functions, just regular wattage mode which makes the device really easy to pick up and use. Powered by their proprietary nexChip the nexMini also has all the usual safety features built-in so in any circumstance you should remain safe.

The OFRF nexMini Pod:

The pod that comes with the kit holds 2.5ml of liquid and is made of PCTG plastic. Like most others the mouthpiece is integrated into the pod and it uses a silicone plug on the side to fill it up. On the bottom of the pod, there’s a hole to insert one of OFRFs M21 or M22 coils and the pod is plug and play meaning you just slide them in and away you go. Unlike most coils however they have an adjustable airflow collar on the bottom so you can adjust the airflow to your liking by exposing up to five little holes, but since it’s dual intake no matter what you are always exposing twice as many holes as you select. You also have to remove the pod to adjust the airflow but once you find your sweet spot you don’t need to take it on and off so it’s not really a big deal. I’ve been setting it with about one hole open and it gives a pretty decent MTL hit. Not the tightest as it still exposes those two little holes but it’s not bad compared to many others.

Now the two coils that come with the kit have quite a difference between them. One is an M21 parallel coil and the other is an M22 nexMesh coil. The M21 has parallel straight wires inside while the M22 has one of nexMeshes iconic mesh coils in it. They both clock in at 0.6ohm but the M21 has a range of 15-25w with a recommended range of 18-22W while the M22 surprisingly has a range of 13-20W with a recommended range of 15-18W. I imagine it’s for heat purposes but I’d usually expect the mesh coil to be a bit hungrier. Both are ideal for mouth to lung and paired with the airflow control ring you can pretty much adjust the airflow to your liking. I’ve been using the M21 parallel coil with some higher nic salts and the mesh coil with lower and both have been pretty much spot on. Flavour is fairly well defined but obviously much more so with the mesh coil. Clouds are about what you’d expect and longevity as far as I can tell is up there with other MTL coils in their range, roughly a week to two depending on what you’re using.


I’ve got to say I’ve found very little to complain about with the nexMini. It works really well, the performance from the two included coils was more than respectable, I like the adjustable airflow and regulated output as well as the USB Type-C charging. I also haven’t experienced any leaking so far. For it’s size I kind of expected a slightly bigger battery but with the low power requirements of the coils it ships with, it tends to last me the majority of the day. I think this one would be ideal for out and about but it would also be suitable for new vapers who lean towards a MTL draw, not the tightest but still decent enough.

How it adds up
Build qualityEase of useRegulated outputUSB Type-C chargingAdjustable airflowPerformance from M21 and M22 coilsSide fillPlug and play coilsNo leaking
No single hole airflow optionPod can be a bit hard to remove
Build Quality8
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