Honest review time: The Vapeonly Mind

Here’s a look at a new pod system from a company that I’m really not all that familiar with. They’re called Vapeonly and until now they’ve mostly been known for their e-pipe offerings. This latest release seems a considerable update from their previous and in my few weeks working with it I have to say I’ve been quite impressed. I got mine from Heavengifts.com one of my favorite Chinese retailers of vape products. Here are my honest thoughts on the Mind from Vapeonly.

Package contents:

1 xMind battery body
1 xMind Pod(Pre-installed 1.2ohm coil)
1 xSpare coil(0.6ohm)
1 xType-C charge cable
1 xUser manual
1 xWarranty card

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:45.5 x 16 x 96.6mm
Power range:5-36W
Support resistance:0.4/0.6-1.2ohm
Tank capacity:3ml
Voltage output:0.2-3.8V
Battery capacity:1500mAh
Charge current:5V/2A
Materials:Zinc Alloy/PCTG/RGB LED

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a nice white and clear plastic jewel case type of box. You can clearly see the product through the front window and there’s a paper band that wraps around the outside with the name Mind stamped through it. On the back it lists the specs, some features as well as some company info but no real warning like we usually see. In the kit you get the Vapeonly Mind mod with a pod already installed which has a 1.2ohm coil already inserted. You also get a spare 0.6ohm coil, a USB Type-C charge cable, a user manual and a warranty card. I also got a pack of the 0.4ohm mesh coils which come in blister packs of five. It’s a lightly stocked kit but you get what you need to get started.

The Vapeonly Mind:

The Vapeonly Mind is one unique looking pod device. It sort of follows the boxpod design of many others with a pod inserting at the top and a fairly rectangular body below it. With the Mind however everything is rounded and all the corners, edges and sides have a nice rounded feel to them. It does make it a bit wobbly if you like to stand your devices up but with the charge port on the bottom this thing will be spending a lot of time lying down. The body of the device is made of zinc alloy so it feels solid in hand but still remains light and compact weighing in at just 86g. Unlike most other boxpods out there however it doesn’t attach a pod in the usual manner like with a clip or magnet, instead it uses a spring loaded locking mechanism to hold it into the top of the device. Just a little press down on the top of the pod makes a clicking noise which sort of ejects the pod out of the top. Don’t worry it doesn’t go flying but it is super convenient to swap pods in comparison to many others out there. A small window on either side of the device allows you to see the remaining liquid in the pod. So far it works great but I can imagine the spring mechanism giving out eventually.

The vapeonly mind,device has an internal 1500mAh battery which tends to last me all day long and then some but it also has 5v/2A quick charging so even if I’m caught out I can quickly charge the device up, usually in under 45mins. Running down the face of the mod it’s got some basic branding with the name MIND stamped on the face in white and Vapeonly on the other side. Also on the face of the device is a small black and white OLED screen. It shows resistance, power, battery and the mode of which it has three. It’s got a basic Power mode which acts like variable wattage, a variable voltage mode and a Simple mode which offers three settings Low, Mid and High. It makes operating the device really simple. It also has smart features which limits power based on the coil you have installed so you won’t accidentally be firing the 1.2ohm coil at 36W as it automatically sets the peak to 12W. It’s handy that it won’t allow new users to accidentally use too much power but seasoned vapers may find the cutoffs a bit limiting.

On the side of the vapeonly mind, device are the controls which include a round fire button and two small oblong adjustment buttons. The fire button is marked with the universal power symbol and the adjustment buttons with + and -. Absolutely zero rattles from any of the buttons and they all have a decent click to them. To turn the device on and off it uses the usual five clicks while switching modes require three clicks of the fire button. To adjust the power or change the sub-settings you can use the +/- adjustment buttons. It’s also got the usual safety features built-in like short circuit protection, under and over current protection and a 10 second cutoff so it’ll remain safe in most any condition. On the side opposite the controls there are some slots cut out to allow for airflow to the coil and near the bottom there’s what looks like a serial number. It’s possible to cover the slots accidentally with your finger when using the device which may hinder airflow but in my natural position holding it, it almost never happens.

The Mind Pod and coils:

The pod that comes with the kit is refillable and uses replaceable coils. I would really like to see kits like this come with two pods and not just two coils but it is what it is. The pod is made of PCTG so it should hold up to most liquids without cracking and it holds a max of 3mls. It’s not the biggest but not the smallest out there either and when paired with a high nic liquid and the appropriate coil it tends to give me a full day of use before needing a refill. At the top of the pod, it comes with a 510 style drip tip but I noticed it’s short so the pod won’t accept a lot of 510 tips that have long bases. I managed to find a couple in my collection that will fit but ended up sticking with the one it came with as it matched up the best. Right next to the mouthpiece is the fill port. It uses a familiar threaded cap with a bit of knurling on it for grip which is easy to use but there’s always that fear of losing the cap in the process.

Flipping the pod over we see where you insert the replaceable coils. It uses a threaded base which also doubles as the airflow control similar to a number of other devices out there. Once the threaded base is attached to a coil it plugs into the base of the pod similar to plug and play coils. I noticed you only need to drain the tank about a third before swapping coils so long as you keep the pod on its side or it will leak out the mouthpiece. Now perhaps one of the best features on the pod is the airflow control ring which unlike so many others out there only has a single slot so when closing it down to a pinhole you actually get a tight draw unlike the dual airflow control on so many other premium pod systems on the market. It makes for a much better mouth to lung experience but it does restrict it a bit more for direct lung.

In the vapeonly mind kit, it comes equipped with a 1.2ohm mtl coil and a 0.6ohm direct lung mesh coil. However, because the device has a smart chip the 1.2ohm coil is limited to 12W while the 0.6ohm coil is limited to 24W. If you get your hands on their 0.4ohm coils they can take advantage of the full 36W the device is capable of outputting. Again this is very handy for new vapers but seasoned vapers may find it a bit odd not being able to bump up the power past the recommended wattage. Performance from all three coils was surprisingly good. The 1.2ohm coils worked really well with some 20mg salt based juice while the 0.4 and 0.6ohm coils worked fantastically with some standard 3mg freebase liquids. Obviously depending on your coil choice and power settings battery and juice capacity are greatly impacted but it’s nice to have options. Flavour and vapour were on par with some of the top selection of coils on the market and break in time was minimal if anything. Longevity of course will always depend on what liquids you are vaping on, the settings you use as well as QC on the coils but from my experience with it so far I’ve been getting pretty average life out of them with most lasting about a week and a half.


This little vapeonly mind kit was a bit of a surprise for me. Though I’m not a huge fan of the spring loaded pod system almost everything else about this little device is spot on and I’m not even listing the spring-lock as a con as so far it works flawlessly. User swappable 510 tips (a bit limited), replaceable coils, adjustable airflow with a focus on mtl, 1500mAh battery, 5V/2A quick charge with Type-C, easy to manage interface and generally great performance from the coils. This vapeonly mind is a little gem. I’ve not had a single leak from it and in the weeks I’ve been testing it out I’ve hardly had a complaint with it. I’d say this one would be well suited to both new and seasoned vapers alike looking for a solid yet affordable option for a pod device that can handle both mtl and direct lung decently that’s packed with premium features that almost anyone could appreciate.

How it adds up
CompactAestheticsBuild qualityReplaceable 510 tip1500mAh capacityReplaceable coils with three optionsSmart interfaceAdjustable airflow(good mtl)5V/2A quick chargeSpring loaded pod systemType-C charge port
Shallow 510 drip tip socketSmallish juice capacityPower settings essentially locked to specific coilsRefill cap
Build Quality8.5