Honest review time: Confections by Coastal Clouds

During CVE Edmonton I met a lot of wonderful people and one of the nicest bunch I met were from a company called Vapor Brewhouse. They’re an eliquid manufacturer located in Western Canada who produces and distributes a number of liquid lines here in Canada most of which I believe originate from down south in the States. They were kind enough to set me up with a whole bunch of their products and one line in particular stood out while I was visiting their booth. Mostly for a particular flavour in the line but all three were quite tasty. Here are my honest thoughts on Confections from Coastal Clouds care of Vapor Brewhouse.


The juice comes in clear 60ml chubby gorilla style bottles packed in bright colourful boxes with motifs matching the labels on the bottles themselves. They have a quaint sort of old timey look to them with each bearing a stylized image of the flavour it contained along with all of the usual good stuff we like to see in fine print around the sides. I spoke with the company and while they’re not currently compliant with the new incoming regs they have new labels all set and ready to go once the regulations are put in place.  All three in the set come in a 70vg blend and the ones I got were in 3mg.


Testing was done mostly in a Hadaly clone with a three core alien(3×28/36ni80) build from the Canadian Coil makers SaddleHorse Blues, 4/5 wraps on a 2.5mm coming out to 0.28 ohms and running between 35-45w. Using Puff cotton, rda rinsed and rewicked in between. Here’s a shot of a fresh build:

Confections Mango Berries

Confections mango berries

Site description: Tropical and refreshing mango and kiwi flavors infused with fresh strawberries then frozen into a gourmet popsicle blend. The perfect combination of sweet and juicy.

My thoughts: Mango Berries is a nice sweet somewhat tropical blend with an almost lemonade kind of of vibe yet it’s not really a citrus flavour but instead a sort of sweet and tart blend of mango, strawberry and kiwi. It kind of coats my mouth with a light sweetness that isn’t cloying just pleasant. The description mentions a popsicle blend and I suppose it could be but to me it would be more like one of those Dole fruit pops with it’s bright vibrant fruity flavours.

The strawberry and the mango are pretty evenly balanced with the kiwi adding just a touch more tartness to the mix. The mango which often is a dominating flavour in these sort of blends is actually quite mild and mostly comes out on the lower end. It’s almost like the strawberry and mango are competing for attention and sort of flip flops between the two flavours. It has some body to it as well, most likely from the often thick tasting mango which I appreciate as some fruity flavours can often have a thin artificial quality to them. I don’t get any of that with Mango Berries, just a nice refreshing fruity blend!

Confections Iced Mango Berries

Site description: An ice cold version of our best seller. Tropical and refreshing mango and kiwi flavors infused with fresh strawberries then frozen into a gourmet Popsicle blend. The Perfect combination of sweet and juicy with an icy blast.

My thoughts: This one starts with a fairly strong menthol kick, like most stronger menthol flavours though it calms down after a few pulls as your mouth adjusts and underneath as you’d guess it’s the same flavour as Mango Berries. Normally I’d say there isn’t much to distinguish the two but for some reason I find with the Iced version the mango seems to come out and shine a bit more than the strawberry. I personally enjoy a nice hit of menthol or koolada in my vapes so Iced Mango Berries came out slightly ahead of the regular Mango Berries for me. Another bright refreshing tropical blend that should do well by most menthol fans.

Confections Maple Butter

Site description: Why go to the candy store when you can get all the rich and creamy buttery flavor in this premium e-liquid? This confectioner’s blend of straight-from-the-spout maple syrup and buttery goodness is the perfect combination of salty and sweet and it’s all yours to enjoy.

My thoughts: This was the one that stood out in the crowd. I’ve tried plenty of maple based flavours but never a maple butter flavour and to find out it was made by an American company was a bit of a knock to the ol Canadian pride. I actually tried looking in to the origins of maple butter and according to wikipedia at least it’s origins are between Canada and Vermont so I suppose I can accept it.

Tucking in to Maple Butter I get a rich thick sweet maple syrup sort of flavour. It’s thick and sort of creamy but not really in a sweet cream or vanilla cream sort of way, more of a buttery thickness but without having that fake butyric buttery taste. The description mentions salty and while it doesn’t really taste like salt it has a quality to it that reminds me of  salted butter. I’ve tasted salted caramel but a salty buttery maple butter flavour is definitely new territory for me.

It too leaves a nice lingering sweetness in the mouth but with a light maple syrup sort of sweetness that’s really pleasant. I have to admit though I do occasionally pick up just the faintest of boozy notes which I know often accompanies maple based flavours but it’s so minute and fleeting it’s barely worth mentioning. As rich and sweet as it is it’s not cloying and I was able to carry on with it for quite a while but it might not be an all day type of flavour for everyone being a bit on the sweet side. Still plenty of people enjoy a sweeter flavour and those who like the taste of maple would do well to check this one out!!


I’ve got to say I’m quite impressed by the line. All three flavours are popping with flavour and are very nicely composed. From my experience I found all three to be quite tasty and seem to be made with care from quality ingredients. As they do come from a distributor you might have to look around to find a vendor who carries them, I found them available at online through Vape Horizon so provided links in the review for them. I’d say if any of these sound appealing to you they’d probably be worth looking in to, especially the Maple Butter for me! So huge thanks to the crew from Vapor Brewhouse, this was a very nice first experience and I’m looking forward to trying out the rest of the stuff you were kind enough to set me up with!