Hosehead Hat Trick – Small Town Vapes

Hosehead Vapes Hat trick Review!

Good day, Eh!

The first company I’m going to review is a company relatively local to me here in Alberta, called Small Town Vapes.  I first heard of Small Town Vapes Juice from CVE Edmonton this year, and boy am I glad I did.  Jeremy Guenette is as passionate as he is talented when it comes to these blends.

Canturbury Mists

Cactus & Cucumber

This refreshing vape is so relaxing you feel like you just had a day at the spa!

A very Light and refreshing hit of cucumber with a kiss of cactus. Certainly ADV material for most people.  Being so unobtrusive and light, It could very easily fall into a morning vape for some to wake up to, or a summer vape while driving.  I would definitely like the cactus to be a more prominent note, as right now I’m getting a hint of it on the exhale, and definitely getting the cucumber on the inhale. But overall a very light and easy going vape.

Black Battles

Cola Gummie Bottle

Those chewy gummy cola bottles we all loved as kids are back. With a twist! Cola Gummy is a flavor as simple as its name. The flavor is unmistakable like you just popped the top on a can of soda. This is not simply a flavor … This is an experience!

True to its description, This juice tastes exactly like those cola penny candies you would find at the local grocery store.  Now I find the flavor tapers off rather quickly, almost like its exclusively an inhale type of flavor.   I find it would be hard to ADV this juice, mostly because its not as smooth as his other offerings as I find a slight harshness on the back of the throat  Overall its a strictly OK flavor, but I would opt for another offering over Black Battles.

Small Town Vapes Mongo

Mango Dragon Fruit

As with Canturbury Mists, this is a very light juice as well. Im getting more of the dragon fruit on the inhale, and mango on the exhale. Its definitely light enough for an ADV for most people, as well as not having the overpowered flavor of mango take over, that so many juices make the mistake of. Not as refreshing as Canturbury mists but definitely a nice smooth vape for those who like light fruits type vape.

small town vapes

Overall These are very competent juices, well defined for their profiles, and ADV material.  Definitely worth a checkout for any vapers looking for a light all day vape. However if you really like heavy and strong flavoring, Then these will be severely lackluster for you.