Honest review time: The Galaxies MTL Starter Kit from Vapefly

Here’s a look at a new starter kit from Vapefly. If you’re not familiar with them Vapefly are a company out of Shenzen that’s been producing some pretty stellar equipment since they launched in 2017. They make one of my all time favorite MTL tanks the Nicolas as well as the Galaxies MTL RDA which I often use for testing nic salts. Needless to say they make some great MTL gear and this new kit is a fantastic addtion to the lineup. I got mine from Sourcemore a great company from China similar to Fasttech that specializes in vape gear. Here are my honest thoughts on the Vapefly Galaxies MTL Starter kit.

Package contents:

1 xGalaxies MTL Tank (0.6ohm)
1 xBattery Mod
1 xGalaxies Mesh Coil Head (0.5ohm)
1 xReplacement Glass Tube (1.8ml)
1 xMicro USB cable
1 xUser Manual
1 xOrings

Listed features and specs:

Mod size:80 x 19mm
Tank size:46.4 x 19mm
Tank capacity:1.8ml
Battery capacity:1400mAh
Output power ≤30W
Voltage range:3.2V-4.2V
Standby current:≤10μA
Charging current:≤800ma
Coil resistance range:0.5-3.0Ω
Colours:Rainbow,Black,Gunmetal,Stainless steel

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes in a nice blue and white cardboard box with an almost angelic image of the kit on the front and a listing of the features, contents and some basic warnings on the back along with a scratch and check authenticity sticker. In the kit you get the Galaxies MTL tank, the battery/mod, a micro USB cable, a spare 1.8ml plastic tank, a spare coil, a user manual and a bag of spare o-rings. The kit includes everything you’d need to get started as well as a few useful spares.

The MTL mod:

The mod that comes with the kit is incredibly simple. It’s a 1400mAh internal battery device that stands about 80mm tall with a 19mm diameter. At the top it’s got a basic 510 connection with some decent stainless steel threads with what looks like a gold plated spring loaded 510 pin. So far I’ve only tried it with a couple of tanks including the Galaxies MTL tank that it comes with and they both sit flush with no gaps or anything in between. Just below the 510 connection on the working face of the mod is an oval shaped plastic button with a little plastic accent around it. That accent lights up to indicate when it’s firing, charging and any statuses it might need to display. On the opposite side to the button is the micro USB port for charging which it does at 5V 800mA.

At first glance it looks like a pretty standard starter kit battery and when I started using I thought so as well. However it has at least one hidden but very much appreciated feature, it’s regulated. Not only is it regulated but it has three levels of output which you can switch between using three clicks of the fire button. When the light shines blue it indicates a constant output voltage of 3.7V, purple means a constant output of 3.3V while green is a sort of bypass mode meaning whatever remains in the battery will be thrown at the coil. When the light shines red it indicates the device is low on power and it’s time for a recharge. Of course it uses the usual five clicks to turn it on and off and should anything go amiss it also includes all the usual safety features like low power, short circuit and overtime protection.

The tank:

The tank that comes with the kit is the Galaxies MTL tank and it’s the fourth device from Vapefly to bear the Galaxies name. If I’m not mistaken the entire line is built around mouth to lung vaping with the Galaxies MTL tank being the latest to join the pack. It holds a modest 1.8ml of liquid and follows a very similar design and layout to the Nicolas tank. It includes all of the usual features we come to expect in a modern tank such as top fill, plug and play coils and bottom adjustable airflow.

At the top it comes equipped with a delrin 510 drip tip that’s tapered with a base that spreads out to cover a good portion of the top of the tank. It’s nice and comfortable on the lips and is pretty well suited to mouth to lung or a fairly tight direct lung hit. Just below it is the top fill cap which unscrews like most any tank allowing you to top it up with little to no hassle. It’s pretty hard to make a mess unless you overfill it so I’d say it’s essentially mess free. The main tank unscrews from the base to reveal the plug and play coils which make coil swaps a breeze. I found you don’t need to completely drain the tank to swap coils, just as long as the liquid level is below the bottom of the chimney when turned upside down. Also around the base is the 9 level airflow which is comprised of a set of five holes graduating from small to large and a single dedicated hole with the outer ring bearing a single hole as well as a cyclops style slot. Turning the airflow control ring will allow you to chose up to 9 combinations of these holes to really dial in your preference. For me I’ve been using all five holes open for a rather tight direct lung with the mesh coil and a single mid sized hole for mouth to lung.

Coils and Performance:

The kit comes with two different coils. One is the same 0.6ohm ni80 coil that we saw ship with the Nicolas tank while the other coil is a 0.5ohm mesh coil for a fuller more flavourful experience. I’m no stranger to the 0.6ohm coil which I find produces some pretty fantastic flavour but with fairly modest clouds. It’s pretty much ideal for mouth to lung vaping and works well with stronger nic salt based liquids. The star of this show however has to be the mesh coil. I found it produced significantly more vapour and better flavour all around which is what I’d expect from a mesh coil. The 0.6ohm coil is probably better suited to higher nic liquids while I’d really recommend toning it down before switching to the mesh coil or risk knocking your socks off. In my experience with the 0.6ohm coils from before I found they tended to last a really long time but ultimately that will depend on liquids used and personal vaping habits but I was easily able to get over two weeks out of a coil before swapping. As for the mesh coil, it’s not likely to last quite as long but again that will depend on a number of factors.

With the multiple power levels available through the mod I found I didn’t notice much difference in performance while using the 0.6ohm coil and stepping through the various power levels but when using the mesh coil I definitely preferred using the blue 3.7V power level or the green bypass mode to get the most of out of the coil. Of course with the Green bypass mode selected the experience will decline as the battery does but with a fresh battery it lasts quite a while before you’ll notice any drop. Having the ability to really dial in your airflow preference along with the coil also was a treat and for me this new Galaxies MTL tank is like a mini Nicolas tank which as far as I’m concerned is still one of the best!!


I kind of expected to enjoy this one. Being that I’m still a fan of the original Nicolas tank and this device can use the same coils it was pretty much a given. The performance from the Galaxies tank is basically on par with that of the Nicolas, add a handy regulated yet compact battery and it’s a solid little starter kit. I really had almost nothing to complain about with this kit and I think it would be well suited to both new and seasoned vapers alike looking for a pocket friendly mouth to lung kit that just works really well.

How it adds up
Build qualityLightweightEase of useRegulated outputGreat airflow/Tight MTL drawFlavour and vapour from mesh coilFlavour from 0.6ohm coil
Liquid capacity a bit low
8.5Killer kit
Build Quality8.5