Honest review time: The Smoant Pasito

Here’s a look at the latest pod device released from Smoant. It seems every company out there has been creating pod devices in this new style which I don’t believe has a name as of yet. I’d like to call them boxpods since they’re essentially pod devices but with a sort of box mod design. We’ve seen similar released from Lostvape, Geekvape, Smok and Orchid with the majority of them sharing similar features as well as very similar designs. Smoant has stepped things up a bit and have included more features than we’ve seen on any other device in it’s class so far. Here are my honest thoughts on the Pasito mod from Smoant.

Package contents:

1 x Pasito mod
1 x Pasito Cartridge(DTL 0.6ohm mesh coil installed)
1 xMTL 1.4Ohm Ni-80 coil
1 xType-C charging cable
1 xCoil warning card
1 x Certificate card
1 x Warranty card
1 xUser manual

Listed features and specs:

Innovative rebuildable pod system (RBA coil sold separately)
ANT chip: Constant output, Quick hit, Low voltage protection/ Short-circuit protection/ 10s Over-time protection/ Over-heating protection
Adjustable 5 wattage levels (10W 13W 16W 20W 25W)
Be made of CPR and Aluminum alloy material, no finger print and portable.
Replaceable resin drip tip
Easy top refilling & prevent leaking
Type C quick charging
Top Adjustable airflow control system
Three types of coil heads available,
MTL: 1.4ohm Ni-80 coil,
DTL: 0.6ohm DTL mesh coil,
RBA single coil
Max wattage:10-25W
Battery capacity:1100mAh
Resistance range:0.3-3Ohm
Device size:102 x 38 x 18mm
Pod size:45 x 36 x 18mm
Voltage range:3.2-4.2V
Material:Space aluminum
Conversion rate:95%
Pod material:Food grade PCTG
Colours:Classical red, Bronze blue, carbon black and Gun-metal

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a fairly thin square box with a big image of the kit on the front while on the back it lists the contents, some basic company info as well as an authenticity check sticker in the corner. It’s a very slick looking package and the front actually opens up like a book to a beautifully designed layout that mimics the pattern on the device. You then open a couple of flaps to reveal the device as well as a bevy of information about using the device on the left as well as a full listing of specs and features on the right. The Pasito mod is beautifully displayed in the center and in the kit you get the Pasito mod with a cartridge already installed along with a 0.6ohm DTL Mesh coil, you also get a spare 1.4ohm Ni-80 MTL coil, a Type-C charging cable, a coil warning card, a QC certificate card, a warranty card and a user manual. Because the one I received was a sample it also include separately a rebuildable atomizer head or RBA which I’m not sure will come as standard in the kit. It’s a modestly packed kit but it does include what you’d need to get started.

The mod:

The mod at this point has a familiar look. It shares the same rectangular shape as previous boxpods but when standing side by side it’s considerably bigger than most others. It stands roughly 102mm tall including the drip tip, it’s 38mm wide and about 18mm thick which puts it just a bit taller and a bit thicker than say the Lostvape Orion Q. Basically it shares the same rectangular shape with the pods being inserted in to the top of the device just like the others. On the Pasito the pods are held in place by two sets of strong magnets and in my time with it not once has it popped out or given me any trouble.

Working down the mod it’s got a solid CPR plastic panel on one side and on the other side it has two panels, one for decoration and one to hide a set of indicator lights. The indicator lights are used to display remaining battery, the output wattage level as well as when it’s charging. The lights are sort of hidden under the plastic but are still clearly visible even when it’s not lit up. The CPR plastic they are using is supposed to be fingerprint resistant but it definitely collects prints and if you ask me they don’t exactly give the device a premium feel, hardly a con but something to be mentioned. On the face with the two smaller panels it has ‘Smoant’ printed near the top and ‘Pasito’ in the plastic of the lower panel. Overall very modest branding and it looks nice and clean. On the bottom there are a series of small holes for venting and they also stamped it with Ant Chip the regulatory chip that the device uses as well as the usual CE markings.

Down the working face of the mod are the Fire button, the wattage adjustment button and the Type-C USB port for charging. The fire button and wattage adjustment button are both metal and round with a decent click to them but if you touch them they have a slight jiggle, not enough to bother me and I don’t notice it when shaking the device but I know loose buttons can bother some people. The USB port charges the device at a rate of 5V/1A and despite using Type-C it does not include 2A quick charging. It does however support pass through vaping so you can still vape while you charge.

When it comes to features this thing is packed and will be hard to beat. Not only does it beat most other pod devices for capacity with it’s 1100mAh internal battery but it also has regulated output with five different wattage increments 10, 13, 16, 20 and 25w. It’s got top fill as well as top adjustable airflow and it’s the first boxpod system I’ve seen with an available RBA. It also includes all the usual safety features like low voltage, short circuit, over-heat and over-time protection(10 second cutoff) so it should remain safe in nearly any situation. To turn it on and off it uses the usual five clicks. Once it’s on you can cycle through the five levels of power by clicking the adjustment button which is indicated by the five LEDs, a single click of the fire button will display remaining battery life again via the five LEDS.

The Pod and coils:

The Pod that comes with the Pasito is made of PCTG, a durable plastic with high heat resistance that’s more resistant to chemicals such as ejuice. It measures roughly 45mm tall, 36mm wide and 18mm thick. It’s made with a smoked plastic which lets you see how much liquid is remaining but like most smoked pods it can make it a bit of a challenge in low light conditions. It comes with a proprietary drip tip which is more like a sleeve that Smoant says is replaceable. Unfortunately it doesn’t accept regular 510 drip tips which would have been awesome. It’s comfortable enough though so no real complaints with the tip.

The top fill is actually hidden under the drip tip and you unscrew a little collar at the base of the tip to expose the fill port. It also exposes the top of the coil and if you don’t have anything underneath you could accidentally push the coil through if you’re not careful. It works well enough and they even tapered the sides of the collar so it’ll let pressure out when closing the tank. Also located on the top of the pod is the top adjustable airflow. In a bit of a twist it uses a sliding switch to open and close the airflow. It’s not the tightest seal and when fully closed it still lets some air through. It lets you go from a fairly loose MTL hit to a fairly tight DL hit depending on the coil you’re using it with. I wouldn’t have minded a tighter seal around the airflow but at least it’s adjustable.

The kit comes with two different coils, the one pre-installed is a 0.6ohm DTL mesh coil but they don’t specify the material used for the mesh. I’d assume it’s KA1 but can’t say for sure. The performance I got from the mesh coil was solid. The flavour was full and I got a really decent amount of vapour from it however I noticed on really long pulls I’d occasionally get a slight hint of plastic from it. I only really noticed towards the end of the coils life but thought it should be mentioned. The other coil that comes with the kit is a 1.4ohm Ni-80 MTL coil which provides a really different experience from the mesh coil. It’s a much tighter vape and is probably more suited to nic salt liquids and mouth to lung vaping. Flavour was also good and the vapour production about what you’d expect from it.

Now the real gem with this kit is the fact that there is an RBA head available for it. Though it doesn’t look like it’ll be included in the kit I did get one to test. For an RBA it’s tiny and it reminds me of an RBA that was released years back for the Atlantis tank. It has to fit inside the pod so of course it’s going to be small which might make it a challenge to build on for newer users but for a seasoned vaper it’s going to feel pretty standard, just small. I wrapped it up with a 2.5mm straight wire coil using 28g Ni-80 which came out to about 1.2ohm. The RBA includes a threaded 510 base so you can build it on whatever device you have handy. I popped it in to the pod and was rewarded with a pretty solid MTL vape. The flavour was good and vapour production decent but a lot of that will depend on your ability to build.


Despite having a few minor quirks the Smoant Pasito definitely wins when it comes to the sheer number of features it packs in. I personally have been enjoying it’s capacity and performance with both the replaceable coils and the RBA. I’m also pretty stoked that I won’t have to buy anymore coils for it. It’s available for a very reasonable price with most places I’ve seen selling for about $35 US or about $40 CAD. Really I didn’t have much to complain about with this one and considering the features it includes and the price it’s going for The Pasito will be hard to beat!! Des,,, Pasito!!

How it adds up
LooksRegulated output5 wattage levels1100mAh capacityType-C chargingRBA availableTop fillAdjustable airflowPerformance from coils
Proprietary drip tipAir flow adjustment looseOdd taste with mesh coil(end of life)RBA not included in kit
Build Quality8.5