Suorin Edge Kit Review
Suorin Edge Kit Review
Pros:Innovative Modular DesignUSB-C Charging
Cons:No Pod in "Kit"1.5 mL Pod Empties FasterGurgle / SpitbackLimited Pod LifePods Can Get Hard To FIll Due To Air Bubbles
7.1Can it even be called a "kit" without containing a pod?
FIt and Finish7.3
Vape Quality7.5
Pod Life7.1
Reader Rating 1 Vote

Suorin comes back with another draw-activated pod offering. The Edge has an interesting feature, it’s modular and features changeable batteries. 1.4 ohm pods make this useable for nic salts or high mg traditional nic liquids (though I would probably suggest 50/50 ratio) – let’s take a closer look:

***Before we get any further – please note the “kit” does NOT come with any pods. Remember to purchase these if you plan on purchasing this unit. Can it really be called a “kit” without the pod?

Suorin Edge Vape Kit Details:

Suorin edge kit
  • Super slim and portable design
  • Removable battery with 230mAh capacity
  • Draw activated firing design, no buttons
  • Type-C charging interface for fast charging
  • Constructed by Aluminum Alloy and PC
  • Available colorways: Black, Silver, Red, Living Coral, Blue, Gold

Disclosure: None – product purchased for review.

Fit and Finish: The body is lightweight aluminum and has almost a plastic feel to it. The main body features a lock button on the side that uses the standard five clicks on and off. The battery “pack” and the pod plug magnetically into the main body. The magnets hold decently well and you shouldn’t have any issue with pieces accidently falling out – but as others have noted, I have a little bit of play between the battery and the body.  The paint finish is good and relatively scratch resistant.

Pods: Pods are 1.4 ohms resistance. A silicon seal covers the fill port and the port itself is large enough to accomodate a glass dropper. Look at the pod and you will notice two holes on the mouthpiece. I’ve tried to research as to why but can find an answer as to what the hole on the side does. It appears to add air and the flavor comes from the main center chimney. My guess is that it’s the draw activator and you should make sure to cover both holes with your mouth when vaping. Note that the pods are only 1.5mL and will need more frequent filling. Also note that the design of the pod often cause air to bubble and that bubble will make filling difficult.

The USB C charging is a big bonus – it’s 2019 hardware makers – catch up!
USB C should be the standard. Interestingly, you can charge the batteries directly with USB C without needing to have the battery connected to the body. Suorin claims charging the battery should only take 30 minutes though mine seemed to take a bit longer. Each battery included is only 230 mAh. Small capacity was used to keep the size small – but honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing a longer battery that extends the size and has a longer vape time. You’ll probably only get a couple of hours vape time if you’re hitting it constantly.

Usage: The draw on the Edge is smooth and fairly quiet. Draw just hard enough to activate the vape for best flavor. Like most pod systems – if you draw to hard, you’ll probably flood the coil. I did get some gurgling/spitback and needless to say I hate that when using nic salts! The coil also imparts a weird taste during break-in, plus it has really muted flavor at the beginning of a pod. The dual battery system is more a novelty as the reduced capacity means you’ll probably be charging them more – and small batteries usually don’t have the same total charge cycles as the larger ones do.

Verdict: The possibility exists that Suorin can work out issues with the pods and possibly come out with larger capacity battery. If that prospect is enough or if you love Suorin – then purchase. USB C and changeable batteries aren’t enough to sway me right now. Inconsistent hits and retail sites stating to change pods after 2 or 3 uses after initial filling keep this from being a recommended device. Wait for a V2…

Package Contents:

● 1 x Suorin Edge Case

● 2 x Suorin Edge Battery

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