SMOK -Trinity Alpha Pod System Review
The SMOK Trinity Alpha Pod System Kit Review
Pros:Uses Replaceable Nord Coils1000 mAh BatteryDecent Initial QualitySliding Fill PortYou Can Use Any 510 Drip Tip
Cons:5 Grams Heavier and 2 mm Thicker Than The QLimited Color Selection At Time Of WritingExtra Pods Not Currently Available
8.6A review on the SMOK Trinity Alpha Pod Kit
Fit and Finish8.1
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SMOK releases its newest product – The Smok Trinity Alpha. SMOK aimed squarely at the MiPod with the release of the Mico and now, SMOK takes a shot at The Lost Vape Orion series with the release of the Trinity Alpha Pod system.

Featuring a 1000 mAh battery, the button activated Smok Trinity Alpha fires between 10 to 25W and uses the interchangeable SMOK Nord coils. The SMOK Trinity Alpha allows you to use traditional ejuice or nicotine salt. Let’s take a look at the Prism Chrome I received:  

Size: 91 x 38x 16mm

Weight: 90 grams
Capacity: 2ml/2.8ml
Coil: Nord Replacement Coils
Power: 10-25W [ SOFT / NORMAL / HARD MODE ]
Battery Type: Built-in 1000mAh
Standby Current: <250uA
Input Voltage: 3.3V-4.2V
Output Voltage: 2.4V-6V
Charging Current: 10.7A
Charging Voltage: DC 5V 1A
Resistance Range: 0.4-1.4ohm

Disclosure: None, item was purchased for review.

Fit and Finish: The Smok Trinity Alpha has a metal body with resin plates on both sides, the Smok Trinity Alpha copies the mini-box form of the Orion, except the protruding portion of the pod has an angled cut. The pod fits fairly snugly and I have a lot less play than pods on the Orion Q.

The chrome frame gets marked up with finger prints pretty quick. The other colorway choices won’t have the same problem. The controls run down one side. You have the Fire Button on top, next – 3 power level LED’s, a Battery Level LED, the Power Selection Button and finally on the bottom – the micro USB Port. On top, there is a release switch for the pod and the pod is removed by pulling straight out. The opposite side is metal. Side resin panels are firmly attached and they aren’t bad – although a plainer carbon fibre or matte finish choice would be nice. The panels sit flush and come covered with a protective plastic film. By the way, the panels patterns are not unique – if you were wondering.

The battery life indicator has three light settings: Green for over70%, Orange shows between  70% – 30%, and Red is 30% – 0%. The indicator does light up when the mod is fired.  

Pods: The pods are rectangular – not oddly shaped like they look attached to the body. The pod has a removable drip tip and you can use your own 510 tip. The tip included is a wide bore so you might want to change it for a smaller diameter for MTL. SMOK uses a sliding fill port. Hold the body with the controls on the right and push the sliding cap forward to open. The cap is fairly rigid and I haven’t experienced any leaks. The port is large enough to accommodate a glass dropper for old school bottles. I would still be careful about using tank cracking juice like citrus.

The Trinity uses the now popular Nord coils. Nord Mesh-MTL, Nord Mesh, Nord regular, or Nord Ceramic can all be used. The coils don’t have any threading – they just push into the bottom of the pod.

Usage: The Trinity feels solid in your hands. The buttons and LED’s are well placed and the mod itself is easy to use. Buttons have a nice clicky feel and there is  no draw activator to wear out.

The Trinity Alpha has a large capacity 1000mAh battery that charges via the micro USB port. The capacity is large enough to vape all day, but can also be vaped while charging. The power selector can be used to adjust your output. The final wattage will depend on the coil resistance used but it allows you to adjust from cool to fairly warm.

Trinity Alpha pod capacity is 2.8mL. I’ve been able to use 70/30 juice through it without issue with the .6 – and nic salt using the .8 MTL. The .8 is considerably tighter than the .6. You can blow decent clouds as there are two airflow channels using the .6 – I won’t use ceramic, but I have enjoyed both the .6 and .8 mesh coils included. Nord coils were typically lasting 12+mL if the juice isn’t loaded with sweetener – longer with clean juice. Remember to use the usual “fill and sit for 10 minutes” to allow the cotton wicks to saturate

The Trinity Alpha has auto pod/resistance detection and features Short Circuit Protection, Low Voltage Protection and 8 second cutoff.

Final Thoughts: The Trinity Alpha gives you a decent vape. The adjustable power settings let you adjust to generate enough heat to render good flavor.

It is about 2mm thicker than the Orion Q and only 5 grams heavier. Replacing coils will be cheaper than replacing full pods and the unit should be available at a lower price to begin with. The 1000 mAh battery can last all day and given the history of the Nord coils, they should continue to last a decent time. They actually did a good job on this one and yet another device using the Nord coil will probably help keep the coil QC up for a longer period of time.

Admittedly, I haven’t been a huge fan of SMOK, generally because coil QC seems to drop as the product life goes on. I have no issue recommending the Trinity Alpha as long as the quality of the coils continues.

PS – I’ll continue my warning not to use high mg nic salts with subohm devices.


  • One Trinity Alpha Pod System
  • One Empty Pod
  • One Nord Mesh 0.6 ohm Coil Head
  • One Nord Mesh-MTL 0.8 ohm Coil Head
  • User Manual
  • Micro USB Cable
smok trinity alpha kit

The SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit is configured depending on your retail location.

2 general versions and 2 EU versions are currently available.

Yes, I saw your eyes roll – another pod system… Pod systems are lower cost and maybe the easiest and most affordable way for the common vaper to try something different.